Dell’s latest refresh of their premium XPS 13 laptop made a splash at CES 2018 with its posh looking rose gold finish along with several other additional interesting features that make it stand out from its more business-like siblings in the market. The good news is that it’s coming to Malaysia.

The refreshed Dell XPS 13 that comes in a rose gold finish brings an interesting array of features to the table. It incorporates new design materials in its chassis to make it lighter, slimmer and thinner; it’s actually just 3.4mm thin at its thinnest point while being 24% smaller compared to its immediate generational predecessor and weighs in at 1.21kg. While it’s slimmer, it’s also just as sturdy on account of being hewn from a single block of aluminium.

Externally, it’s finished in a stunning shade of rose gold on the top lip and underside. Pop the lid open and you’ll see where they shaved off the weight savings from as the palm rests and a good chunk of the rest of it is machined from a multi-layered, laminate of glass fibers that also handily repel fingerprints while also being exceptionally sturdy and light. If the rose gold finish doesn’t float your boat, you can also acquire it in the usual shade of silver.

Other additional refinements to the new XPS 13 include a pair of cooling fans as well as dual heat pipes . It also boasts of Gore thermal insulation tech that’s seen on NASA shuttles and other offworld hardware to shunt heat away from the CPU.

Design refinements aside, the revamped 2018 incarnation of the Dell XPS 13 comes with 8th generation Intel Core processors in i5 and i7 flavours, up to 16GB of RAM, up to a 512GB SSD, up to 13.3-inch 4K UHD Infinity Edge touch displays. Prices vary of course with the Dell US website showing prices ranging from US$1000 to US$1,450 (about RM3,957 to RM5,738) though this is usually not indicative of what configurations or what the final price will be when it lands in Malaysia though it is sometime soon. According to representatives from Dell, the new XPS 13 will be available on their website for sale in Malaysia on 26 January 2018.

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