Dell UltraSharp webcam cover

Dell UltraSharp webcam now in Malaysia priced at RM1,112

Dell is best associated with their diverse laptops and desktops but they’re making a foray into one of the most sought after items of tech kit in the pandemic economy with their Dell Ultrasharp webcam.

The Dell UltraSharp webcam features a cylindrical form factor hewn of aluminium mounted on a stand that aims to serve up image quality akin to a DSLR.

The camera houses a 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS 8.3MP sensor and a multi-element lens that is capable of streaming up to 4K@30fps video with the ability to crop the field of view from a wide 90-degrees to a narrow 65-degrees.

Dell UltraSharp webcam close up tech

To accommodate less than ideal lighting conditions, the Dell UltraSharp webcam also has video noise reduction and it also features AI that’s smart enough to gently pan the feed to keep the user in frame.

Dell UltraSharp webcam talking

Other mod-cons in the Dell UltraSharp webcam include Windows Hello support and an IR sensor to securely login to a PC as well as an ExpressSign-in feature that works with other Dell laptops and PCs that logs you off if you step away from the frame and back in to ensure additional security.

Dell UltraSharp webcam HDR quality

Dell UltraSharp webcam price in Malaysia

The Dell UltraSharp webcam is now available in Malaysia priced at RM1,112 and features a magnetic mount and tripod adaptor to stand on its own or perch on even the slimmest of monitors. You can check it out here at