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If you own both an iPhone and a Windows notebook and have been bemoaning the lack of integration with both devices, you now have reason to rejoice with the latest update for the Dell Mobile Connect app.

Dell has announced that an update rolling out for Dell Mobile Connect now enables support for iPhones on top of existing compatibility with Android smartphones on Dell’s XPS, Alienware, Inspiron and Vostro PCs and notebooks. What makes it  downright fantastic is that the app is apparently available for download and use not just on Dell notebooks but on virtually any Windows 10 notebook or PC. 

Now, let that sink in for a bit. Regardless of what flavour of notebook you have, though Dell’s would naturally have a smoother and more integrated experience, you’re able to use Dell Mobile Connect. I have lost count how many times transferring images out from a smartphone was a royal chore. With Dell’s app acting as a bridge of sorts between both devices, it’s simply a matter of drag and drop.

More often than not, users today are often performing a number of different tasks on both their notebook and PC. Most of the time, users are divided in attention between both devices. What the Dell Mobile Connect app offers is wireless integration between a smartphone and a PC or notebook.

Once you’ve installed the Dell Mobile Connect app on your iPhone or Android phone, you’re able to pair both devices up via a Bluetooth and WiFi direct connection to create an interactive, mirrored instance of your smartphone display on your Windows desktop. 

Dell Mobile Connect

This allows you to use and interact with your smartphone via your PC, drag and drop files – images, music, text, you name it –  between either device and even run apps native to the phone in that windowed instance with your keyboard and touchpad. 

There’s a number of tangible benefits with this setup via Dell Mobile Connect as it allows you more screen real estate to work with especially for documents and spreadsheets, on top of the more obvious benefits of having a larger screen for, how shall we say, off-site entertainment i.e – mobile games.

You’re even able to text and take calls off your PC (a Bluetooth headset is advisable unless you want everyone in the office to find out that you need to buy milk later and that the cat went missing again) which is as awesome as it sounds. All this happens without the need for onerous cables or chunky docks. 

The Dell Mobile Connect app is installed by default on all XPS, Alienware, Inspiron and Vostro series notebooks and PCs though you can  find it available for free download and use for any Windows 10 PC.

Naturally, you’ll have to download the corresponding app for free on the Google Play store and the Apple app store to get it to interact with your chosen phone. Usage and downloading it is free.

Dell Mobile Connect update release date

At present, Dell is slating the free update for Dell Mobile Connect to happen sometime in Spring 2020 which places it around February to March 2020 but after checking their official page, we found the links available for download already. For more details, visit their official page here.

To download Dell Mobile Connect on Windows, visit the Microsoft store here:

To download Dell Mobile Connect for iPhones visit the Apple App store  link here:

To download Dell Mobile Connect for Android smartphones visit their link here:

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