Dell Mobile Connect app update now lets you control your iPhone from your PC

The Dell mobile Connect app has just enjoyed a new and free update that allows Apple iPhone users to pair up, mirror their iPhone display off their Dell notebook or desktop display akin to what Android users enjoy at present.

Originally launched in 2018, the Dell Mobile Connect app aims to bridge the divide between Dell notebooks and smartphones as it enables users to mirror the contents of their phone and fully interact with it straight off their notebook display to offer more seamless, better productivity rather than having to constantly swap between two devices.

Dell Mobile Connect image 2Originally, it worked best with Android phones but the latest update, which was announced earlier this year at CES 2020 now enables Apple iPhone users to now enjoy the same functionality. Once paired up, you’ll get a mirrored version of your phone display on your Dell PC or laptop home screen and can then drag and drop files and even make or take calls on the phone purely with your mouse and keyboard.

The latest updates to the app now enable iPhone users on iOS 11+ the ability to mirror their iPhone display on their display while also allowing for the ability to seamlessly transfer files back and forth. This used to be a royal pain in the posterior but the Dell Mobile Connect App makes it as easy as a drag-and-drop procedure on your Dell desktop.

You can effectively get notifications, texts, messages and whatnot and then respond to them on your Dell notebook or PC. For security reasons, you can only access data from your paired phone only when it’s within tethering range of your Dell PC.

The Dell Mobile Connect App is free to download off the Microsoft store and is pre-installed by default on all Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series PCs purchased after January 2018. For more details, check out Dell Malaysia’s official page

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