Dell EMC teams up with Adva Ensemble software to beef up Virtual Edge Platform services

Dell EMC teams up with Adva Ensemble software to beef up Virtual Edge Platform services

To stay on top of the game and thrive, companies have to adapt and respond to the massive influx of data that is becoming increasingly mission critical in order to support existing revenue streams and eventually form new ones. In order to do so, every organisation needs to be able to  harness the power of data and transform into a digital organisation. Not all organisations have the skillsets nor the infrastructure necessary to implement this change which is where outfits like Dell EMC come into the picture This time around, Dell EMC has enhanced their Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) by collaborating with ADVA Ensemble software to offer additional functionality with over 50 virtual network functions available for VEP adopters via their Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem.

The transformation into a digital organisation requires companies to embrace a paradigm change on an organisational level by embracing both the cloud and virtualisation which is where Dell EMC’s VEP comes into the picture as it is able to virtualise access to network functions on a common platform in lieu of fixed-function access hardware based on the idea of a universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) remotely manageable platform.

Dell VEP

By doing so, customers get the chance to leverage the cloud and fast track their digital transformation goals and are able to consolidate multiple proprietary physical devices into a single uCPE while allowing for scalability and modularity with the ability to upgrade and enhance services as needed.

The Dell EMC and Adva Ensemble collaboration means customers are able to gain access to over 50 virtual network functions including virtual firewalls, WAN optimisation, IoT and much more. Availability of Dell EMC’s enhanced VEP solution will be sometime by the end of June 2019. For more details swing by

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