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Dell Technologies introduced their new PowerProtect DP series integrated appliances, software upgrades to their PowerProtect Data Manager suite and an update on their PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data vaulting solution – all of which offer organisations of all sizes and across multiple industries in Malaysia and Southeast Asia a scalable and effective means to protect, manage and restore the most critical asset of a modern company today – their data, and there’s more of it than ever before.

Based on the  Dell Technologies Global Protection Index released earlier this year that we covered, it was discovered that organisations in the Asia Pacific region are managing a whopping 6 times more data than they did on average a year ago which is a 64% increase.

What was equally troubling was that the majority of respondents (77%) who were decision makers in their organisations for IT reported that their data protection solutions will not meet their future business requirements.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series data usage

The critical importance of data to enterprises today was emphasised by KT Ong, Country Manager for Dell Technologies, Malaysia,”In a global economy increasingly driven by data, customers face the uphill task of having to manage and protect traditional and modern applications across traditional data centres, public cloud and edge environments, made more difficult by the unprecedented disruptions brought on by the pandemic.”

The vast majority of companies in Malaysia are SMEs with vastly differing stages of digital transformation and often different doctrines in protecting and securing data.

Many other organisations who have started their digital transformation journey are often halfway between public and private clouds and wrestling with differing standards and technologies for data protection from multiple vendors which complicates matters considerably. Enter Dell EMC PowerProtect appliances.

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Why data protection and how Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series fit into the picture

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To say that data is the lifeblood of the modern company today is an understatement of epic proportions. In many cases, no data, no business. Imagine, if you will a credit card or bank getting their customer data stolen or their systems taken down so that no transactions would go through- the fallout would be of biblical proportions.

Despite being of such monumental importance, many companies today don’t take data protection with the appropriate gravity that it deserves.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series choices

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect DP series data protection appliances is an all-in one solution that offers companies a complete backup, recovery, replication, deduplication, cloud readiness with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the public cloud solution that is scalable, easily deployable and which can cater to the needs of any organisation wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series front performance enhancements

That problem with companies tackling 6 times more data than they ever have before? The Dell EMC’s PowerProtect DP series are able to tackle the problem in a decisive fashion as they have:

High Performance – The PowerProtect DP series appliances can deliver 38% faster backups and 45% faster cloud restores while offering instant access and restore of up to 50% greater Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) compared to the prior generation for easy data recovery if things go pear-shaped.

High Storage Efficiency – The PowerProtectDP series has up to 1 petabyte of usable capacity with 30% more logical capacity with 65:1 data reduction so customers can store more data in the same space and thus save more out of the IT budget

High Energy Efficiency – Dell EMC’s solutions use 23% less power than the prior generation which goes back to energy and cost savings.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series front

What’s Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery?

Remember that example of financial data getting hacked or lost due to mishap or malice? Not just any data protection solution works for financial institutions as they are held to significantly higher standards.

Their Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution is an on-premises turnkey data vaulting solution that can protect customers from malicious cyber attacks from within and without ranging from insider attacks all the way to ransomware. 

This solution is prominent not just because of the fact that it offers machine learning capabilities and analytics to monitor data integrity but it’s the fact that it has received endorsement by the  Sheltered Harbor initiative.

The Sheltered Harbor initiative is a non-profit organisation that aims to protect public confidence, customers and financial institutions alike with a host of partners within the industry, all of which collaborate together to ensure the financial sector is secure and stable.

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series front cyber recovery

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager – Upgraded

Dell EMC’s PowerProtect Data Manager has had several upgrades. Now, it has the ability to protect in-cloud workloads in Microsoft Azure and AWS, support for the VMWare Tanzu portfolio and is the first solution to offer native vCenter Storage Policy Based Management integration for VM protection.

Other enhancements of note in PowerProtect Data Manager also include a VMWare-certified solution that protects the VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure layer, as well as protection for containerised modern applications with agentless, application-consistent protection of open source databases in Kubernetes environments including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series front data manager

Dell EMC PowerProtect DP and PowerProtect Data Manager Availability

According to Dell Technologies, the Dell EMC PowerProtect DP series appliances will be available globally from December 2020 onwards while the enhancements for Power Protect Data Manager are now available across the globe. For more details, check out Dell EMC’s expanded feature piece at

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