Dell EMC Forum showcases innovative workstation technologies and more

Dell EMC Forum showcases innovative workstation technologies and more

The one-day Dell EMC Forum in downtown Kuala Lumpur this month saw movers and shakers in the IT industry gather to gain insight into the latest technologies and best practices to power their businesses. Amidst the hubbub of the busy morning on the EMC Forum convention floor, Dell showcased their 14th generation PowerEdge servers along with a host of other solutions for business organisations at every stage of the IT transformation maturity curve.

Taking pride of place at the Dell EMC Forum, the 14th incarnation of Dell’s titular PowerEdge servers are appropriately powerful affairs that are highly scalable, efficiently automated and exceptionally secure compute platforms with configurability for both traditional, virtualised and cloud-native applications along with robust security features that minimise potential breaches or malware. The new servers also have additional beefed up features that offer easier automation of deployment, updates, monitoring and maintenance while also offering helpful prompts for preventative maintenance of mission critical parts as needed throughout the lifecycle of the various components of the PowerEdge servers.


During the forum, KT Ong, Country Manager for Dell EMC shared a number of successes with invited guests in a short presentation.

KT Ong, Country Manager – Malaysia , Dell EMC sharing more about Dell EMC’s recent performance in a press conference

Of note was that Dell EMC enjoyed 17 consecutive quarters of growth in PC market share gain as of Q1 2017. According to IDC research, Dell EMC continues to be the leader of the converged systems market at 28.9% market share which is quite an achievement.

KT Ong also shared more about findings from the ESG 2017 IT Transformation Maturity Curve study. The study comprised of interviews with 1,000 senior IT leaders, managers and other personnel from a number of organisations from around the world. The key finding was that only 5% of organisations were at the apex at the final stage of IT transformation maturity where they fully embraced and complete the journey to become a digital business. The rest were still in (12%) at the legacy stage,41% were at an emerging stage and 42% were still at an evolving stage. The impetus to advance was necessary as one of the key benefits of IT transformation into a digital business, based on research, was a significant competitive advantage versus legacy organisations. For more details of DellEMC and their offerings swing by

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