Dell does good with completion of a slew of 2020 Social Impact Goals ahead of schedule

Dell does good with completion of a slew of 2020 Social Impact Goals ahead of schedule

Dell Technologies has always put doing good for both the people and the planet first and foremost and to that end, they announced a 2020 Legacy of Good programme in 2013 where the company introduced initiatives to promote sustainability and social goals that do the most good for everyone on Earth. It is a year short of 2020 and Dell has completed over 75% of these goals in the plan ahead of schedule. Now, they’re planning the next wave of positive initiatives for 2030 dubbed Progress Made Real.


To wit, the goals accomplished by Dell ahead of the 2020 Legacy of Good deadline were:

-Recovered more than 2 billion pounds of used electronics via responsible recycling through programs such as Dell Reconnect, a partnership with Goodwill, and Dell’s Asset Resale and Recycling Services (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).

-Reused 100 million pounds of recycled content, plastic and other sustainable materials in Dell Technologies’ new products (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).

-Developed and maintained sustainability initiatives in 100% of Dell Technologies-operated buildings (achieved 2020 goal ahead of schedule).

-Reduced wastewater discharge in manufacturing by 4.56M cubic meters.

-Reduced 64% of product portfolio energy intensity footprint.

-Delivered 5 million service hours to communities globally through initiatives that focused on but were not limited to: Skills-based volunteering, mentoring students, and developing new nonprofit technology solutions (achieved 2020 goal of service hours).

-Enabled eligible team members to participate in flexible work options and increased global participation to 60% (surpassed 2020 goal of 50%).

-Achieved 89% or higher favorable responses in team member satisfaction globally (surpassed 2020 goal of 75%).

-Allocated more than $3 billion dollars annually to diverse suppliers within supply chain programs and continued to qualify for the Billion Dollar Roundtable.

-Rolled out company-wide foundational learning program focused on mitigating unconscious bias called Many Advocating Real Change (MARC) – with 100% participation from all executives globally.

-Recognised by LinkedIn as a 2019 Top Company, by FairyGodBoss as a Top 10 Tech Company according to women working at Dell Technologies, by the Human Rights Campaign’s 2019 Corporate Equality Index as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ Equality (15 consecutive years) and by Ethisphere Institute as a World’s Most Ethical Company (6 consecutive years).

Towards Progress Made Real for 2030

Dell Technologies isn’t resting on their laurels though and have set into motion their new 2030 social impact vision Progress Made real which focuses on three critical areas that will address the greatest challenges facing the planet and Dell Technologies across the course of the next decade. The Progress Made Real road map focuses on three critical areas – advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion and transforming lives with technology with a strong commitment to ethics and privacy.


In terms of advancing sustainability, Dell Technologies believes that business plays a role in protecting and enriching the planet mutually for customers, suppliers and communities alike. In order to do so, the company will champion the people who build their products, speed up the circular economy and support customer efforts to reduce environmental impact such as refining and addressing gaps in the downstream recycling process as well as more efficient techniques in using recycled material like repurposing rPVB from car windshields to put into Dell laptop bags and backpacks. 

2020 Legacy of Good

To cultivate inclusion, Dell Technologies is establishing several non-traditional hiring programmes to allow for more ways to join the company such as Dell Career Restart that allows individuals who have left the workforce to leverage their experience to get back in the saddle again, a neurodiversity programme in collaboration with HMEA and other organisations that allows for training and potential employment for those with autism spectrum disorder and reskilling programmes that allow students from other backgrounds to transition into a technology career.

Last but not least, Dell is aiming to apply its portfolio and partnerships to create a future capable of fully realising human potential. As part of that effort, Dell is teaming up with Computer Aid International to convert shipping containers into classrooms with PowerEdge servers and solar panels to generate electricity for deployment in remote locations. They have also donated US$30 million dollars to the Translational Genomics Research Institute to fight pediatric cancer. For more details on Progress Made Real swing by

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