Dell Cinema Guide helps you search for all your streaming content for free

The rise of streaming content providers has resulted in the average user keeping an eye on not one but several platforms from the ubiquitous Netflix to local player iFlix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+, just to name a few. Just finding what you want to watch from all these platforms is a chore to say the least, which is where the new Dell Cinema Guide app comes into the picture.

Dell cinema guide

The Dell Cinema Guide app acts as content aggregator of sorts, allowing you to search all the streaming platforms that you’re subscribed to or which are free to find what you want to watch with over 200 such streaming services currently recognised by Dell Cinema Guide.

You’re able to search for content that you want to watch by a variety of parameters including genre, content type, actor or actress and more while also checking out the reviews for said content to see whether it’s a turkey or a box office hit.

There’s no exact list of what streaming services that the Dell Cinema Guide will support or interact with but it should cover all the major ones that we chunk out cash to on a regular basis as well as free streaming platforms.

Dell Cinema Guide launch date and price

There’s no exact date on when it will be available for download save that it will come out this year but new models of XPS, Inspiron or G series notebooks will have them preinstalled out of the box.

More importantly, the Dell Cinema Guide will be available for download for free on the Microsoft Store on release, which means that using it isn’t tied down to a Dell device which is an incredibly generous move that also potentially expands the brand name to users of other brands too.

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