John Romero makes first level in years for classic Doom 1

The original Doom released back in 1993 was amazing for its time as first person shooters went. Any gamer worth their salt will likely have traipsed through its demon infested halls to the tune of the melodious racking of the game’s signature pump action shotgun at least once.


Unlike the travesty that was Doom 3 which was so laughably bad that most of the game consisted of a series of jack-in-the-box encounters, the first Doom was a nonstop, relentless firefight from the moment you stepped into a level to the minute you pop a rocket into the last boss. The game has aged surprisingly well and you’re still able to snag it on Steam. Now, after 21 years, John Romero, the co-creator of the original Doom has released a new level for the game as a free download. The level is Romero’s take on E1M8, a tougher version of the final level of “Knee Deep in the Dead”, the first episode of game that was released as a free shareware download.

Romero Doom

If you’re still reeling from the last Steam sales, you can still get the first episode of the game Knee Deep in the Dead from the Doomworld site here for free to play the new level here.