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Cooler Master MM730 Review – RM189 Ultra Light Gaming Mouse Tested

The Cooler Master MM730 gaming mouse features the streamlined design and customary performance of their more popular gaming mouse form factors but implements a slew of additional measures to make it one of their lightest designs ever made at just 48g.

Here’s our Cooler Master MM730 review where we put one of their lightest gaming mouse designs to the test to see if it’s really worth your money!

Cooler Master MM730 Review angled

Cooler Master MM730 Review – Build and Design

The Cooler Master MM730 gaming mouse has a form factor optimised for a right-handed palm or claw grip with a rounded base that flares out in an hourglass shape to act as a palm rest. Our MM730 review sample comes in a shade of white with grey trimmed side panels though it’s also available in black. The base of the mouse itself features an RGB backlit Cooler Master logo on the base itself along with a similarly RGB backlit clickable scroll wheel. 

The left side of the mouse has a pair of customisable mouse buttons aligned within easy reach of the thumb. The underside of the mouse itself has a trio of PTFE coated feet, a high precision PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor and a DPI cycle button that lets you swap the mouse sensitivity in 7 increments from 400dpi all the way to a hair trigger 16,000dpi.

Permanently tethered to the mouse is an Ultraweave USB cable  that stretches about 1.8 metres sheathed in a protective Ultraweave fabric sleeve to provide extra protection against wear and tear which terminates in a USB-A connection.

Unfortunately, the Cooler Master MM730 lacks wireless connectivity nor does it have a USB-C enabled wired variant which affects its versatility somewhat for ultraportables and designs of more recent vintage that lack USB-A ports but it’s not a major deal breaker. 

The overall build quality of our MM730 review unit is excellent and belying its waifishly light 48g carry weight, it proves to be rather sturdy indeed without any creaking or give even when held firmly in hand.

Cooler Master MM730 Review front mouse

Its accompanying integrated fabric-sheathed cable is equally well made and feels sufficiently light to ensure minimal drag on the mouse when in use. There’s no way to customise the weight or heft of the mouse though you can, however, use a provided set of pre-cut stickers to further customise its tactility.

Cooler Master MM730 Review box items

Out of the box, you get the mouse itself, a set of pre-cut grip stickers to enhance the grippiness of the mouse along with a set of quick start instructions in the unlikely event you need guidance.

Cooler Master MM730 Review – Setup and Performance

Our Cooler Master MM730 review sample offered plug-and-play functionality and was recognised immediately the moment it was hooked up to a laptop via a USB-A port. While its initial foray was sensitive to the point that the mouse pointer was darting about onscreen like a manic cat following a laser pointer, a tap on the underside DPI switch which lets you switch to preset DPI increments on the fly was all it needed to dial it down to more reasonable levels.

The mouse is intended solely for use by right-handed users and is optimised primarily for a claw or palm grip and it’s unfortunately not intended for a fingertip  grip. In my case, the mouse was comfortable enough to be used primarily in a palm grip and is sized as such that users with small hands will still find it comfortable enough for use without having to stretch their fingers to reach the scroll wheel or side buttons.
Cooler Master MM730 Review left side
Gliding about was a relatively smooth affair on its PTFE-coated feet and the provided cable provided minimal drag for casual use though more discerning users may opt to get a mouse bungee to shave down the response time even further. 

There is also a modicum of customisability with the MM730 mouse. You’re able to apply the pre-cut stickers to offer some added grip and you’re able to assign button functions, adjust the mouse DPI to a more precise degree and tweak the RGB lighting patterns somewhat after installing the MasterPlus+ app on your PC. While using it straight out of the box is indeed possible, the app itself allows you to fully unlock its potential.

Cooler Master MM730 Review underside

The provided RGB lighting on the base and scroll wheel of our MM730 review sample is tastefully understated as opposed to the more ostentatious blinged up offerings from other brands though they really can only be appreciated when the mouse isn’t in use; when held you really can’t see much bar the slightest hint of colour from the scroll wheel’s lighting.

When put to the test over the course of several weeks as both a work mouse and with a side of gaming on the weekends, our Cooler Master MM730 review sample proved to be up to the task. 

Cooler Master MM730 Review grip

When used to churn through spreadsheets, browse the web and process some text, our Cooler Master MM730 review sample was precise with each click on target and the clicky scroll wheel offering sufficiently accurate feedback to scroll through reams of text and web pages onscreen. In Halo Infinite, it was comfortable and sufficiently accurate enough to confidently aim for headshots and to strafe hostile Banished targets without having to second-guess or fumble around. 

Even after several extended usage sessions spanning hours at a time, the mouse remained comfortable and the modest, muted clicking of its button and scroll wheel held it in good stead in quieter environments like libraries and for night owls working late in the night.

Should you buy the Cooler Master MM730?

The exceptional lightness and sturdy build quality combined with its accurate sensor makes the Cooler Master MM730 gaming mouse a very nimble device indeed that’s equally competent tackling paperwork as it is for gaming. 

Price RM189
Sensor Pixart 3389 Optical sensor
CPI/DPI 400-800-1,200 (default)-1,600,3,200-6,400-16,000
Mouse polling rate 125/250/500/1000Hz
Mouse butons 6
Cable length 1.8M Ultraweave cable
Size/Weight 122.3 x 69 x 39.1mm / 48g
Cooler Master MM730 Review – Specifications

Hitech Century Silver award

Cooler Master MM730 review sample courtesy of Cooler Master Malaysia. For more details please visit

Cooler Master MM730
  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Value

Cooler Master MM730

The Cooler Master MM730 gaming mouse is one of the lightest mousing devices that money can buy and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg while featuring excellent build quality, smooth tracking and accuracy too for both work and play.


Exceptionally light and sturdy build quality Accurate sensor


RGB-lit logo and scroll wheel obscured when in use Limited colour choices