ooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C cove

If you’re looking to get a leg up on comfort in a literal fashion, you’ll likely appreciate what the new Cooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C chairs have to offer as they come with an array of thoughtful features that make them ideal for our typical hot and humid weather.

The Cooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C chairs are both capable of supporting users weighing up to 150kg and feature an ergonomic design that features a 90° to 180° reclining backrests. Both models also feature adjustable armrests with the X1C model featuring more adjustable 4D armrests and the R2C featuring more conventional 2D armrests as well as 8CM of height adjustability.

To make them ideal for our usual weather in Malaysia, Cooler Master has integrated their Cool-In Fabric which consists of a star-shaped yarn-design that enables their gaming chairs to have a moisture-absorbent, quick-drying and breathable fabric cover. The Cool-In Fabric used to sheath these new gaming chairs isn’t just for show, it’s also designed to be easy to clean, dust repellent and scratch resistant too.

ooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C angled view

The Cooler Master Caliber R2C chair in all its glory


That’s not all, they’ve also integrated what they refer to as ‘Jade Powder’ particles which apparently are able to improve heat dissipation too by up to 2°C compared to more conventional gaming chairs.

How much are the Cooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C chairs?

The Caliber X1C is available for RM1,499 while the Caliber R2C is available for RM1,199 and both chairs are now available nationwide in Malaysia. For more details, check out Cooler Master’s official Malaysia page here.

ooler Master Caliber X1C and R2C front view

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