coocaa 55-inch 55Q5 4K Smart TV launches as a Lazada exclusive for just RM2,299

coocaa 55-inch 55Q5 4K Smart TV launches as a Lazada exclusive for just RM2,299

Most locals traditionally walk into an electronics store to buy a TV but newcomer coocaa aims to up-end that perception as they’re rolling out five new Android TV models in various sizes exclusively for online purchases on Lazada Malaysia. The five new coocaa TVs are the Explore 5SQ5, the Explore 50Q5, the Change 40S5G, the Innovate 40S3C and the Innovate 32S3C.

While the brand is a relative newcomer to Malaysia, coocaa has been making smart TVs for quite awhile. Based in Shenzhen, China, coocaa has won several Red Dot design awards for their tellies and the brand has a present in several Southeast Asia countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

If you’re worried on customer service, fret not as coocaa Malaysia is offering a one year, 1-to-1 exchange for all their products sold in Malaysia.

coocaa Explore 55Q5

The coocaa Explore 55Q5 has a 55-inch 4K panel and can run Netflix aand it also has Google Assistant Support too

coocaa remote

This coocaa remote control comes stock with all five of their tellies

coocaa guarantee

coocaa Malaysia is offering an impressive one-year 1-for-1 warranty for all their Smart TVs sold in Malaysia

coocaa Explore 55Q5

The biggest and most powerful model in their line-up is the coocaa Explore 55Q5 which has a 55-inch 60Hz panel that has 4K pixel resolution with 300 nits brightness, a 6.5ms response time and runs Android 8.0 under the hood on a MediaTek MT5596 1.2GHz quad-core processor paired with 2.5GB of DDR3 RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. The Explore 55Q5 also has Widevine DRM so it’s Netflix ready out of the box along with Google Assistant support. Other mod-cons include 10W stereo speakers with DTS TruSurround support, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi connectivity. The Explore 5SQ5 clocks in at RM2,999 but coocaa are offering a special promotional price at launch of RM2,299.

coocaa Explore 55Q5

The coocaa Explore 55Q5

coocaa Explore 50Q5

Slightly smaller but just as capable is the 50-inch coocaa Explore 50Q5 that has a smaller 50-inch but equally crisp 4K display 9.5ms response time, 300 and 300 nits brightness. It has a a similar processor running Android 8.0 with Netflix and Google Assistant support, RAM, storage, a stereo speaker setup with DTS TruSurround along with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The Explore 50Q5 retails for RM2,399 but coocaa is offering a promotional price at launch of RM1,799.

coocaa TVs

From left: the Explore 55Q5, the coocaa Explore 50Q5 and two examples of the Change 40S5G, 


coocaa Change 40S5G

The coocaa Change 40S5G has a 40-inch Full HD display, runs Android 8.0 under the hood on a MediaTek MT5660 processor with 1.25GB RAM and 8GB storage and it has Google Assistant Support but lacks Netflix playback. Complementing the TV are a pair of 6W DTS TruSurround speakers. The coocaa Change 40S5G RM1,499 but at launch they are offering a special promotional price of RM1,099.

coocaa Innovate 40S3C & Innovate 32S3C

Slightly lower down the range are the Innovate 40S3C and the Innovate 32S3C TVs, both of which run their own coocaa Lite firmware that offers a basic web browsing and apps out of the box and quaintly enough Amazon Prime. The coocaa Innovate 40S53C has a 40-inch 60Hz Full HD panel, has a 1.1GHz quad core CPU, built-in WiFi, Miracast support unlike its larger siblings and a pair of 8W stereo speakers. All this clocks in at RM1,699 but the special launch promotion will have it retailing for a low RM1,299.

The coocaa Innovate 32S3C is the most modestly specced of the bunch with a 32-inch 720P display with 240 nits brightness and a 6.5ms response time, similar Miracast support as the Innovate 40S3C and a pair of 6W speakers. The Innovate 32S3C retails for RM1,099 and will come at a special promotional price of RM899.

coocaa Innovate 32S3C

The coocaa Innovate 32S3C runs their own coocaa Lite firmware, and allows for basic web browsing and it even has, quaintly enough, Amazon Prime video baked in

In conjunction with their official Malaysia launch, coocaa and Lazada are offering a massive presale discount with up to 46% from 29 June to 11 July which factors in the above special promotional prices for all 5 of coocaa’s new Smart TVs. To get in on the action, swing by their official Lazada page here

coocaa promo

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