Here’s why the HUAWEI nova 9 and Watch GT 3 are a perfect powerhouse combo

huawei style watch gt 3

Life is getting back to a semblance of normality but navigating the new normal needs the right tools for the job.  With our real lives increasingly overlapping with our digital ones, it’s now become necessary to have a sufficiently powerful smartphone in addition to a smartwatch with enough endurance for practical use, which is why…

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Dell Concept Luna takes the idea of a repairable laptop to new heights

Dell Concept Luna cover

In the present day, product design for laptops, PCs and other electronics by many major brands tend to discourage self repair or upgrade options and once they become obsolete, there’s few options to recycle or repurpose them short of dismantling them for valuable metals. Over the years, this concept of product design has resulted in…

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New Harmony OS 2 beta coming for the Huawei nova 9. Here’s how to get it early in Malaysia!

Harmony OS 2 beta in hong kong

Huawei is gradually rolling out their Harmony OS 2 beta for their smartphone range and one of the first to receive it are nova 9 users in Hong Kong this coming November 15th 2021. Fortunately, Malaysian users can still get access to the Harmony OS 2 beta for locally purchased units of the Huawei nova…

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Here’s 6 Amazing Galaxy Z Fold3 Tips and Settings for New Owners to Get You Started

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 tips and tricks cover 1

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is a flagship powerhouse foldable phone that features immense customisability via a massive array of settings, many of which aren’t immediately obvious to casual users. Here’s 8 amazing Galaxy Z Fold3 Tips and Tricks for new owners looking to harness the sheer power of this pocket behemoth. You can…

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Here’s 6 Artful Reasons Why Content Creators Absolutely Love The Elegant Power of The New MSI Creator Z16 Content Creator Laptop

MSI Creator Z16 Content Creator Laptop  cover

In today’s digital age, content creators have risen to the fore as the rock stars of our time, crafting creative works of art that inform, entertain and inspire in equal measure.  Ranging from professionally done movies and artful digital masterpieces gracing art galleries, all the way to aspiring game streamers sharing their latest gameplay walkthrough…

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GarageBand Remix Sessions from Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and Producer Packs from top acts yours in free update

Apple Garageband Remix and Soundpack update

Shakespeare had it right when he said that music is the food of love and Apple is looking to share the love, quite literally this time, as they’ve released a slew of free remix sessions and producer packs from several of the world’s greatest singers and producers for their GarageBand app for iOS and iPad…

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New Dyson Omni-glide in Malaysia at RM2,199 is a cordless vacuum with a killer feature to clean tight spaces

omni glide in Malaysia

The new Dyson Omni-glide in Malaysia is a new cordless vacuum that sports a unique redesigned linear in-line form factor somewhat akin to a broom and a special cleaning Omni-glide cleaning attachment that makes it absolutely ideal for the close quarters and low height furniture typically festooning homes in Malaysia. Cleaning is an onerous chore…

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What is the Dyson Omni-glide and why it’s perfect for cleaning homes in Malaysia

dyson omni glide cover

The new Dyson Omni-glide cordless vacuum has just arrived in Malaysia. In an online interview with Will Kerr Head of Product Development for Floorcare at Dyson, we find out more about what makes this ultra light, ultra maneuverable vacuum fantastic for cleaning homes in Malaysia. When it comes to floorcare, Dyson has pushed the envelope…

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Lazada launches cashless payments on delivery with DuitNow QR

lazada duitnow QR cover

Cash on delivery is an age-old concept – they pass you the stuff you pay up in cash. Of course, now that we’re in the new normal, things are different. To that end, Lazada has teamed up with DuitNow to offer cashless ‘cash on delivery’. What is Lazada and DuitNow QR Cash on Delivery payment?…

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ASUS BR1100F Student Laptop – 10 Reasons Why It’s the Best Laptop for Primary School 

ASUS BR1100F Student Laptop covers (2)

To quote Bob Dylan’s eponymous song, the Times They Are A-Changin’ . Laptops, once typically employed when you hit college or enter the working life, are now seeing increasing importance from as young as primary school since classes are going online and IT skills are becoming more important than ever before. Naturally, getting a child…

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