Today is International Women in Engineering Day: Meet some of the world’s brilliant engineers and inventors

James Dyson Award

While it isn’t a universal day of celebration and typically shared by those within the industry, today marks International Women In Engineering Day. On this day, the contributions of women in engineering across are recognised and celebrated.

For 2020, the theme for International Women in Engineering Day is #ShapeTheWorld which represents a celebration of how engineers have shaped and continue to shape the world as we know it and their help in making our planet a better, safer and more innovative and exciting place to be. Check out this short video and see just how these engineers have made the world a better place.

Building the future – Words from James Dyson Award 2019 National Winner for Malaysia

Last year, Sara Moi, Malaysia’s national winner 2019 impressed the judges with her innovative yet simple invention dubbed the Eat. Easy that enabled the differently-abled or those suffering from injuries and unable to use both hands to effectively eat food on a plate one-handed. She shared a few words with us just in time with the commencement of the James Dyson Award 2020 competition.

James Dyson Award

Tell us about yourself and your invention…

I am graduate major in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Product Design, Universiti Sains Malaysia. As part of my final year project, I conducted a study on “What amputees use to achieve their daily tasks”. Through the research, I was inspired to invent Eat.Easy – a plate defender that helps those facing difficulties eating with one hand. Eat.Easy is made from food grade silicon and easily washable with a single hand. Aside from amputees, Eat.Easy could also be used by stroke sufferers, or multitasking mothers who are concurrently carrying a baby while eating with a single hand.

What advice would you give to future entrants currently working on their applications?

Be creative and keep trying. Design and invention is not a one-step success, but comprises many stages of iterative design and development. Never ignore advice, or ideas that come to mind; they could very well be a solution to solving a real world problem.

What do you think the future holds for invention?

With the ongoing pandemic, health will increasingly be an area of focus for inventors. We’ll see inventions that help improve health and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The environment is really important as well – so I believe more inventors will design products using environmentally friendly materials and methods.

James Dyson Award 2020 – Open for Entries for Malaysians

If you want to make a difference and have the engineering knowhow or an innovative idea that needs to be shared with the world, you’re in luck as the James Dyson Award is open for entries in Malaysia. To participate, you can check out this video and link here for more details on how to participate.

TNG Digital and Lazada investing RM6 million into #KitaBantuKita to support Malaysian SMEs

TNG Digital and Lazada Malaysia are teaming up to introduce a stunning RM6 million incentive programme to help the livelihoods of over 320,000 local SMEs and netpreneurs who make a living on Lazada.

Malaysians are able to enjoy up to RM36 in savings via #KitaBantuKita vouchers while shopping on Lazada from now until 31st July 2020. Basically, if you’re an existing customer, you get a free RM3 voucher in your Lazada wallet and your Touch ‘n Go eWallet. If you’re a new Lazada wallet customer, things get more interesting and you get an RM10 cashback, RM5 free credit to activate your Lazada wallet and more. To sum it up, these free vouchers are

-Instantly useable, no minimum spend, RM5 credit for new Lazada Wallet users
-Instantly collectable RM10 discount voucher for new Lazada users when activating account|
-Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Lazada Wallet users
-Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users on Lazada
-One-off RM5 cashback for the first purchase on Lazada by new Touch ‘n Go eWallet users
-One-off instant cashback of up to RM10 for the first top-up on Lazada Wallet

All added in, it’s quite an incentive to indulge in retail therapy and we definitely need some seeing our present circumstances. More details on the TNG DIgital and Lazada #Kitabantukita initiative can be found on their page at on:


Here’s how the MatePad Pro tablet’s MeeTime can save your social life and 5 reasons why it’s an absolute beast for working from home

As Malaysians, we’re now adjusting to a new normal as students and executives alike are now working (and studying) from home on account of the ongoing Movement Control order.

This new work paradigm also brings a host of new challenges. For many stuck at home for the past few weeks, perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome is that we are all missing the personal face-to-face social aspects of working in an office or studying at school. Yes, we even miss that one colleague who always asks what’s for lunch! On a more serious note, it’s only now that we’re discovering many of the challenges of working remotely especially when it comes to collaborating on work. How exactly do you share documents or a sketched idea to someone a hundred miles away anyway?

MatePad Pro series angled

Fortunately, Huawei’s spanking new MatePad Pro that’s just hit the market is capable of tackling those who need to work from home (which is most of us at this point in time) as it not only has the hardware and performance to tackle both work and play but also a unique feature that lets you interact, chat and collaborate with friends, colleagues and family just like the good old days called MeeTime but more on that later.

So, what is the MatePad Pro tablet?

As Huawei’s latest premium tablet, the MatePad Pro offers a cutting edge ensemble of features, technologies, design and accessories that take work and play to the next level while enabling exciting new ways to collaborate with their new MeeTime feature.

The MatePad Pro comes with a brilliant 10.8-inch 2K QHD touchscreen with the world’s thinnest bezels at just 4.9mm. In order to tackle the most demanding tasks, the tablet comes with the Kirin 990 processor paired with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. All this comes in a wonderfully portable and slim design that is just 7.9mm thin.

Matepad Pro top

To offer all-day productivity and gaming, the MatePad Pro comes with a massive 7,250mAh battery offering exceptional endurance. In a world first, the MatePad Pro is also the first tablet to support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging too to charge other devices like Huawei’s FreeBuds 3 wireless earbuds and their new P40 series smartphones. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.

Here’s 5 stunning reasons why the MatePad Pro is an absolute beast for both work and play and 1 reason why their new MeeTime feature can help you collaborate and socialise together yet apart.

#1 MatePad Pro – Powerful Performance Meets Chic Industrial Design

The Huawei MatePad Pro not only packs some of the best hardware possible into a tablet, it also boasts of chic yet practical industrial design makes it look good while ensuring a sleek chassis that makes it a delight to use in daily life.

With an elegant contemporary design, the MatePad Pro manages to shave the display bezels down to just 4.9mm, allowing users the comfort of a compact one-handed tablet form factor while enjoying a large viewing experience. This combination of a large display and super thin bezels means that the MatePad Pro has the world’s highest tablet screen-to-body ratio at 90%, topping anything the competition can field.

Matepad Pro Slim

To make the MatePad Pro light enough to hold comfortably one-handed, Huawei has used a unique material that’s usually seen in premium notebooks – magnesium alloy – to keep the weight down without sacrificing durability or performance. In Malaysia, you can get the MatePad Pro in your choice of either Pearl White or Midnight Grey.

#2 Beautifully Vibrant 10.8-inch QHD display with 4 Harman Kardon tuned speakers

The MatePad Pro’s large 10.8-inch QHD resolution display offers 540 nits brightness and a 1,500:1 contrast ratio on top of support for the DCI-P3 colour gamut. This potent combination ensures faithful colour reproduction for content played onscreen with beautifully deep blacks, lusciously rich colours and rich detail, making movies and gaming an exciting experience on the MatePad Pro.

To alleviate eye strain, the display has also been certified for low blue light emission by the renowned TUV Rheinland authority to ensure long and comfortable hours of viewing, working and gaming on the MatePad Pro.

MatePad Pro screen

Beautiful imagery is just part of the picture though and the Matepad Pro also has 4 Harman Kardon tuned speakers to offer an immersive soundstage for music, entertainment and more. With a screen this large and speakers this beefy, the MatePad Pro makes for a viscerally immersive experience when watching movies and playing games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile.

#3 Work and Play Better, Faster, Smarter

The MatePad Pro has an array of unique features that make it a productivity powerhouse. The tablet supports a Multi-Window mode, allowing you to work on multiple apps onscreen much like a PC desktop while Floating Windows let you get notifications that you can respond to without having to tab out of whatever you were doing or viewing.

Huawei MatePad Pro share

That’s not all, the MatePad Pro also has sophisticated integration with other Huawei devices like their latest smartphones such as the new P40 series with their Huawei Share mode, allowing you to mirror your Huawei phone display onscreen and seamlessly interact with it on top of being able to transfer content like pictures, movies and other files back and forth. It’s a new way to work!

#4 Powerful Performance with the Kirin 990 octacore processor

Work and the latest games can be pretty demanding on a mobile platform. Fortunately, the MatePad Pro’s potent Kirin 990 octacore processor is up to the task.

Built on a 7nm process, the Kirin 990 processor is capable of efficiently handling tasks with 14% better single-core performance and up to 18% better multi-core performance than its predecessor, the Kirin 980. Better yet, the Kirin 990 also hosts a dual neural processing unit (NPU) that allows for more efficient performance across a host of tasks by harnessing the power of AI. The MatePad Pro also integrates 8GB LPDDR4 RAM along with a generous 256GB of built-in fast UFS 3.0 storage.

MatePad Pro Kirin 990 CPU

Combined, this potent combination of flagship-grade hardware is capable of tackling web browsing, intensive gaming, word processing and even light video editing too in order to offer serious productivity on the go.


#5 A Smart Magnetic Keyboard and M-Pencil stylus accessories that are absolute productivity  

The Huawei MatePad Pro comes with two game-changing accessories that change it from being a solid tablet into a powerful portable productivity powerhouse. The Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard (RM499) magnetically attaches to the MatePad Pro and offers the advantage of a comfortable keyboard that makes typing long e-mails, texts and novels a cinch while the new M-Pencil (RM299) is an artist’s delight.

MatePad Pro keyboard and stylus

Weighing a mere 14g, the Huawei M-Pencil has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and can accurately mimic the feel and sensation of using a real pen, allowing users writing on the MatePad Pro’s display to have an experience akin to writing on paper.

#6 The MatePad Pro’s killer feature – MEETime or how you can be socially close yet apart

Collaborating with fellow students or colleagues online is much more than a mere videocall these days as you need to see the content that you’re working on together – a proposal for that big pitch, that class project due next week or whatnot – and sending as well as sharing documents to get this done is a major annoyance. Another pet peeve with videocalls these days is that you often end up with a blurred smudge on the other side of the call on account of poor image optimisation or a poor connection. That’s where Huawei’s new MeeTime collaboration app comes into the picture.

MatePad Pro Meetime

While it basically lets you videocall your associates, MeeTime goes one better as it’s capable of offering Full HD video calling between Huawei devices. Even if the network quality is dodgy, MeeTime sports what Huawei calls as super-resolution technology to compensate for this to ensure a consistently smooth and sharp image on both sides of the videocall.

Remember that challenge about trying to collaborate remotely? MeeTime has a two-way screen sharing function so you can demonstrate exactly what you’re doing on your display on their phone. The practical applications are endless – presentations, real-time brainstorming on a diagram and more. The new MeeTime is available on all Huawei devices with EMUI 10.1 and up like the new Huawei P40 series smartphones.

Sweet, so where can I get the MatePad Pro now?

The MatePad Pro is now available nationwide in Malaysia at a retail price of RM2,399 for the WiFi only variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. You can optionally purchase the Smart Magnetic Keyboard for RM499 and the M-Pencil stylus (RM299) to further enhance the potential of the MatePad Pro.

If you’re savvy, you can opt for the deluxe package where you can get the MatePad Pro with the Smart Magnetic Keyboard and the M-pencil for just RM2,898 which is steal seeing as buying them all separately will cost RM3,197.
According to Huawei, a MatePad Pro 5G variant is also coming in the near future so stay tuned!

To peruse the Matepad Pro and acquire it for yourself, swing by Huawei’s official store at 

MatePad Pro rear

The Nova 7 series is coming with the Huawei AppGallery and all the tried and tested apps that Malaysians need

Huawei Malaysia has announced that the Nova 7 series is coming to Malaysia in a matter of weeks. It recently made its global debut in China and is intended as a stylish yet powerful midrange phone powered by Huawei’s own EMUI user interface, their AppGallery app store and their SmartLife ecosystem of devices.

To date, Huawei’s AppGallery has grown to become the world’s third largest app store behind the Apple app store and the Google Play store; quite an achievement since their debut last year.

Huawei App Gallery Nova 7 series

While it doesn’t have Google’s suite of applications like Google Docs, Maps and the like , the Nova 7 series is still capably equipped with a variety of viable solutions from Huawei’s own AppGallery app store. 

Several of Google’s staples have direct alternatives already baked into the Nova 7 series such as their MeeTime video call feature that replaces Google Hangouts, the Huawei Cloud that replaces Google Drive and ups the ante with 50GB of free storage and more. For emails, Huawei’s own Email app acts as a powerful option over the stock Gmail app that can also parse email from other service providers including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

Ahead of the launch of the Nova 7 series, we took a look at how the Huawei AppGallery has grown and how to get your favourite apps on the Nova 7 series smartphones.


What’s new with the Huawei AppGallery on the Nova 7 series

Since its official inception last year, the Huawei AppGallery now has a pleasantly diverse and growing variety of apps that cater to the vast majority of use-cases that a Malaysian would require in their day to day life from banking to e-commerce all the way to entertainment.

HUawei Nova 7 series AppGallery
Almost all major banks and loyalty apps are available on the App Gallery including a few off-shore ones too for good measure. For retail therapy, all the major e-commerce platforms including Lazada and Shopee are available and accessible so you’re able to cash in on the latest deals and bargains.

If you don’t or more likely can’t cook, you’ll need to order takeout. Fortunately you have access to the usual lifelines for the culinarily challenged like FoodPanda on the Nova 7 series though the Grab app, which relies in part on Google services, is not available yet.

For social media and chat applications, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok , WeChat and a slew of other apps are all present and correct on either the AppGallery or downloadable via the official developer sites and other third party sites like APKPure.

On that note, if you need a helping hand or want to take legwork out of having to find the apps you want online or which aren’t currently on the AppGallery just yet, Huawei has also issued an FindApps app that – you guessed it – helps suggest where to download the app that you’re looking for or if available, acquire it from the Huawei AppGallery.

Social media apps on the AppGallery


If you’re looking for a much easier way to go about getting your favourite apps on a new Huawei Nova 7 series smartphone, there’s an even easier method via their Phone Clone app. It’s available by default on all Huawei phones and it’s also downloadable for free for iOS devices on the Apple app store as well as other Android phones too on the Google Play store.

nova 7 series appgallery Huawei

Huawei Nova 7 series and Phone Clone – transfer everything (Apps and Data) with ease

Migrating over from another smartphone to the new Nova 7 series  is even easier with Huawei’s Phone Clone app that transfers almost the entirety of the contents of your old smartphone – contacts, texts, your calendar, music, documents, photos, the vast majority of your apps and all – to the new one.

Phone Clone AppGallery Huawei Nova7 series
Once you’ve downloaded Phone Clone on the old phone, all you need to do is activate the app on both phones then use the old phone to scan the QR code on the new phone inorder to initiate the phone cloning process. You don’t need WiFi for this step and the process only takes a few minutes at most.

Huawei nova 7 series appgalleryWe have an early product sample for the Huawei Nova 7 series dubbed the Nova 7 SE and it looks like a real beauty with its metallic purple finish that is somewhat akin to last year’s Nova 5T with the unique NOVA monogram emblazoned in a repeating pattern all across its finish. There’s no word on price, official final specifications or special preorder deals but we’ll keep you posted!


For more information about Huawei AppGallery:


OPPO Reno3 Pro is a Photographic Powerhouse with Ultra Clear 108MP Image and the world’s First Dual 44MP Ultra Night Front Camera

Aspiring smartphone owners in Malaysia are spoilt for choice but the new OPPO Reno3 Pro stands out from the crowd as it exemplifies value-packed performance while offering one of the best performing camera setups in its price range.

To offer superb photography and videography, OPPO has integrated their most sophisticated technologies into the Reno3 Pro. The front 44MP dual camera setup is capable of offering beautiful bokeh shots and video as well as wonderfully lit Night selfies even under dim light conditions.

The rear 64-MP quad-camera is capable of capturing up to 108MP Ultra Clear images that are large enough to reproduce poster-sized prints, beautiful shots at up to 20x digital zoom, exquisite shots in Night mode and 4K video too.

OPPO Reno3 Pro angled

In order to capture beautiful photos and videos, the OPPO Reno3 Pro integrates a rear quad camera array built around a powerful 64-MP sensor and a front-facing dual camera with a large 44-MP sensor to capture life’s best moments whether you’re outdoors or indoors, with friends and family or even adventuring on your own with adroit ease.

The 64MP rear quad camera features the aforementioned 64-MP main camera, a 13-MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and a maximum of 20x digital zoom, an 8MP wide angle lens and a 2MP mono camera. Up front, the Reno3 Pro’s front 44-MP camera is accompanied by a 2MP depth sensor, enabling it to capture selfies and videos with beautiful background blur.

OPPO Reno3 Pro rear cameras
This chart-topping set of cameras in the Reno3 Pro excels not just on account of pure hardware as OPPO has integrated a unique array of features and technologies that elevate the camera performance to new heights. Here’s 3 fabulous reasons why the OPPO Reno3 Pro’s cameras are clear in every shot…

#1 44MP dual selfie camera with industry pioneering Ultra Night Mode 2.0 for clear selfies in day or night

The OPPO Reno3 Pro has a powerful dual selfie camera that combines a 44MP camera with a 2MP depth sensor along with the industry’s pioneering Ultra Night Mode 2.0 mode that lets users take bright and clear selfies at night or in dimly lit indoor settings.

OPPO Reno3 Pro ultra dark selfie
OPPO’s Ultra Night Mode 2.0 mode is also extended to the rear 64MP quad camera, enabling it to wonderfully bright and well lit shots even under dim light scenarios that the normal human eye can’t see. 

OPPO Reno3 Pro ultra dark mode

Check out this shot where we took it in almost pitch black conditions save for a street light. On normal Night mode, we managed to capture both the left and right tree. It was only on Ultra Dark Mode that we managed to capture the tree in the background that was completely covered in shadow.

OPPO Reno3 Pro
The rear 64-MP camera on the OPPO Reno3 Pro in Night mode.
OPPO Reno3 Pro super night
Captured with the OPPO Reno3 Pro’s rear cameras in its selectable Ultra Dark Mode. Note the tree in the background that was not viewable on Night mode.

#2 Ultra Clear 108MP mode for huge poster sized photos & 20X Digital Zoom

The OPPO Reno3 Pro’s powerful front and rear quad camera setup are capable of taking excellent snaps even under dim light conditions but for those looking to take photography to the next level, the rear quad cameras on the OPPO Reno3 Pro have the ability to take massive Ultra Clear 108MP sized images in Pro mode brimming with intricate detail.

OPPO Reno3 Pro zoom
Image: OPPO

In Ultra Clear 108MP mode, the OPPO Reno3 Pro’s camera takes multiple shots, composing them into a single high resolution 108MP resolution image. When printed out, a full sized image in Ultra Clear 108MP mode can be printed out at full resolution to about the size of a poster at 4.3 meters wide and 3.2 meters in height!

To capture great shots from a distance, the 13MP telephoto lens allows users to take shots at 5x hybrid zoom and up to 20x digital zoom so you can get close to the action even if you’re far away!


#3 Ultra Steady Video 2.0 mode for smooth, shake-free video capture

Capturing smooth and shake-free video used to require a separate gimbal or more elaborate contraptions that take up a ton of space in your backpack or luggage. Carrying all this gear about with you daily or on your holiday just to capture your most memorable moments isn’t a pleasant thing to do which is why the OPPO Reno3 Pro’s powerful rear cameras feature their Ultra Steady Video 2.0 mode. This innovative feature integrates Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) as well as the wide angle lens to capture silky smooth, shake-free Full HD video at 30fps

With Ultra Steady Video 2.0 mode, vloggers and other aspiring content creators can capture wonderfully stable video on the move that is almost akin to footage captured from a high-end steady camera.

OPPO Reno3 Pro
It gets better – the OPPO Reno3 Pro has a suite of powerful features that give videos a professional looking touch like their Video Bokeh that enables users to beautifully blur out the background while keeping a subject in sharp focus. Once your shots are done, OPPO’s Soloop Smart Video Editor can help give it that final professional polish with synched music, transitions and edits to create wonderful looking clips to share with friends, fans and family!

OPPO Reno3 Pro price and specifications

On top of its impressive dual front and rear quad camera arrays, the OPPO Reno3 Pro for Malaysia boasts of a solid array of specifications that make it an extremely capable workhorse for daily use on top of being a solid camera phone too.

To ensure beautiful colour reproduction and excellent clarity under sunlight, the OPPO Reno 3 Pro has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD+ (1080 x 2,400) resolution and support for 100% of the DCI-p3 colour gamut that is to provide an immersive movie watching and gaming experience. Better yet, the OPPO Reno3 Pro also has Netflix certification that allows you to stream HDR and high definition content from everyone’s favourite movie streaming platform.

Reno3 Pro netflix

In order to offer an excellent viewing experience for longer periods of time, the OPPO Reno3 is also able to dynamically manage power consumption and temperature, with a maximum rated viewing time of up to 14 hours without overheating. The OPPO Reno3 eries phones also support Dolby Atmos for richer, more vivid sound in supported content too.

For smooth performance for everyday tasks, the OPPO Reno3 Pro also packs the MediaTek Helio P95 octacore processor running the latest Android 10 and OPPO’s own Color OS 7.1 user interface paired with 8GB RAM and a generous 128GB of storage. This solid set of specifications lets you play the latest games and handle day to day tasks in a delightfully smooth fashion. For excellent reliability and all-day endurance, the phone incorporates a massive 4,025mAh battery with VOOC 4.0 Flash charging capable of fast charging the phone to 50% in just 20 minutes.

reno3 pro VOOC flash charge
The OPPO Reno3 Pro has VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 that allows you to fast charge the phone to 50% in just 20 minutes

In order to ensure a flagship-grade experience, the OPPO Reno3 Pro retains an under-display fingerprint scanner and facial recognition for unlocking the phone swiftly along with a 3.5mm audio jack for personal listening on the go.

All these features combined with its powerful cameras makes it a value-packed and powerful companion for everyone from students to stylishly chic executives seeking performance and value. The OPPO Reno3 Pro in Malaysia will come in Midnight Black and Auroral Blue for RM2,399 and is now available nationwide and on the OPPO Malaysia official online store as well as telcos partners and authorised retail partners nationwide.

To purchase the OPPO Reno3 series, swing by their official online store links here:

OPPO Official Online Store
OPPO Reno 3 Pro
OPPO Reno3 

OPPO Official Lazada Store:     

OPPO Official Shopee Store:


Special OPPO Reno3 Series Promotions – Free Gifts, DimSum subscriptions & More!

One Month Free DimSum Subscription

For a limited time only from 12th May to 30th June 2020, all new OPPO Reno3 series customers will get a free 1 month VIP subscription to DimSum, the online streaming app and this deal is valid for both new and existing DimSum subscribers in Malaysia!
OPPO Reno3 series DimSum
To redeem your free DimSum subscription:

  1. Download My OPPO app from Google Play Store and register as a member.
  2. Check out “Points Redemption” under menu.
  3. Redeem Dimsum 1 month VIP Subscription.
  4. Follow the guideline on how to apply the promo code on Dimsum to enjoy 1 month VIP Dimsum access.

For more information on the promotion, visit

Free Gifts and Discounts!

For the Raya season, OPPO is rewarding fans with a massive array of freebies galore worth over RM10 million in discounts and prizes! Any purchase of any OPPO A series phone like the OPPO A91 and OPPO A92 will get you a free OPPO backpack worth RM199. If you buy the OPPO A9 2020, you can also get an additional RM100 discount off the price!
OPPO freebies

When you buy any of the latest OPPO Reno3 series smartphones, you can get the latest OPPO Enco W31 wireless headphones worth RM259 for free! For customers who acquire the powerful OPPO Find X2 series, they’ll get the OPPO Enco Free wireless headphones worth RM499 for free too!

OPPO Reno free prizes

7 Awesome MeeTime features that you can use on the new Huawei P40 Series that’s Best in Photography & Best in Connectivity

Announced with great fanfare via a global live stream and a localised stream for Malaysians, the latest generation of Huawei’s P-series phones are the first in the series to primarily rely on Huawei’s own AppGallery for apps. In Malaysia, the brand has just launched the P40 and P40 Pro with the top of the line P40 Pro+ slated for arrival later on in the year. 

On top of enhanced imaging performance from this year’s new crop of enhanced cameras, the new Huawei P40 series, all feature 5G connectivity that have so far lauded it as among this year’s current crop of smartphones as the best in photography and the best in connectivity. That’s not all though as the P40 series has a unique ace in the hole – a feature that’s quickly proving essential for working from home that they’ve aptly dubbed MeeTime

Essentially, MeeTime is an integrated part of the brand’s own EMUI 10.1 user interface that lets you safely and securely collaborate with other Huawei phone users with high quality streamed video along with a host of other additional benefits that make it a darned lot easier to show, share and work with content. Here’s 7 awesome MeeTime features that help take communication and collaboration to the next level:

Full HD quality video calls

Communicating with friends, colleagues and family isn’t just about using voice calls only. Huawei’s MeeTime supports up to 1080P video calling between Huawei devices even in areas which have a weak phone signal or even shoddy WiFi reception as it has exceptionally powerful optimisations baked in that ensure lush 1080P video between callers.

Screen Sharing for Work and Play

Huawei’s MeeTime features a Screen-Sharing function that allows users to share information on each other’s Huawei smartphone displays while connected, allowing for a host of creative and collaborative possibilities. You can share how to find or use a particular feature on each other’s phones or shop together online and more. Designers and artists can even showcase their work to clients by using Screen Sharing. The sky’s the limit on the potential that Screen Sharing can offer.

meetime huawei screen sharing

MeeTime together

Huawei’s MeeTime feature is built on their own distributed technology, offering the freedom to use third-party devices to conduct video calls as if they were a part of your Huawei phone such as the Drift Ghost series action cameras for live streaming adventures or the Kandao Meeting 360 teleconferencing camera.

meetime huawei together

Network Adaptation

Under poor network quality conditions, Huawei MeeTime is able to compensate for poor video quality in real time and adapt to bandwidth changes to constantly ensure a smooth and consistent calling experience.

To achieve this, Huawei’s MeeTime takes advantage of a host of adaptive technologies  that were implemented in other Huawei devices  like their Link Turbo tech that combines both WiFi and LTE to offer faster downloads, dynamic WiFi and 4G network switching to enhance download speeds.

Low Light Performance

Video calls often end up poor smears onscreen on account of poor lighting but Huawei’s MeeTime has facial recognition tech and other optimisations baked in that allow it to offer clear visuals even when you’re in using it in less than optimal lighting conditions

Simplicity – Easy to Use

To ensure maximum ease of use, Huawei’s MeeTime is made to be extremely easy to use as all you need to do is to sign in with your Huawei ID and select a user who also has a MeeTime compatible device to connect. Essentially, all Huawei phones and tablets with EMUI 10.1 can run MeeTime which makes for a growing array of supported devices.

Privacy Assured

One of the core tenets of MeeTime is privacy and security with Huawei MeeTime featuring end-to-end encryption so that whatever you say in private stays that way.

Sweet – where can you buy the Huawei P40 series now?

The Huawei P40 series smartphones – the P40 and P40 Pro are now available in Malaysia nationwide and can be delivered straight to your front door. To make an order, swing by their official online store :


Accelerating Storage Innovation in the Next Data Decade – Dan Inbar shares key trends for the Next Data Decade

Before joining Dell Technologies, Dan Inbar has served as the CEO of N-trig until its acquisition by Microsoft and served in a number of key positions at SanDisk and M-Systems, e-Mobilis, Top Image Systems Ltd and NICE Systems Ltd, bringing to his role over two decades of experience in storage technologies.

Today, he’s sharing his insight on how technology has transformed almost every imaginable business into an IT-driven business with data storage as well as its access, implementation and application becoming ever more crucial. Here’s Dan’s thoughts on Accelerating Storage Innovation in the Next Data Decade.

Dan Inbar Dell EMC Next Data Decade

Accelerating Storage Innovation in the Next Data Decade

Dan Inbar, president and general manager, Storage, Dell Technologies

Over the previous decade, technology transformed nearly every business into an IT-driven business. From farming to pharmaceuticals, these information technology developments have led organizations to reimagine how they operate, compete, and serve customers. Data is at the heart of these changes and will continue its transformative trajectory as organizations navigate the waves of technological progress in the next “Data Decade.”

In data storage – which touches every IT-driven business – the pace of innovation is accelerating, yet most enterprises continue to struggle with data’s explosive growth and velocity. Getting the highest use and value from their data is becoming ever more critical for organizations, especially for those with data stores reaching exabyte scale.

In order to have strategic value in the enterprise, storage innovation must cross the capabilities chasm from just storing and moving around bits to holistic data management.

In 2019, our Dell Technologies Storage CTO Council studied more than 90 key technologies and ranked which ones have the innovation potential to help storage cross that capabilities chasm in the next 5-10 years. This year, there are three key areas we believe will be difference-makers for organizations that are pushing the limits of current storage and IT approaches.

Let’s take a closer look.

Trend #1: Machine learning and CPU Performance unlock new storage and data management approaches

This year, we will see new approaches that solve streaming data challenges, including the use of container-based architectures and software-defined storage. There is a desire by customers in industries such as manufacturing, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, public safety and healthcare to build applications that treat data as streams instead of breaking it up into separate files or objects.

Ingesting and processing stream data has unique challenges that limit traditional IT and storage systems. Since streaming workloads often change throughout the day – storage capacity and compute power must be elastic to accommodate. This requires intelligence within the storage that can instantly provide autoscaling.

By treating everything as a data stream, event data can be replayed in the same way we watch a live sporting event on a DVR-enabled TV, where the program can be paused, rewound and replayed instantly. Until now, application developers have been limited in their ability to address use cases that can leverage data as streams for capture, playback and archive. Enabling these capabilities with data will make it easier to build applications that allow new use cases that were never thought of previously.

Dataset Management helps solve the data lifecycle problem

In the realm of data management, 2020 will usher in new approaches for organizations wishing to better manage the data that is distributed across many silos of on-prem and cloud data stores. Data growth has been outstripping the growth of IT budgets for years, making it difficult for organizations not only to keep and store all their data, but manage, monetize, secure and make it useful for end users.

Enter Dataset Management – an evolving discipline using various approaches and technologies to help organizations better use and manage data through its lifecycle. At its core, it is about the ability to store data transparently and make it easily discoverable. Our industry has been very good at storing block, file and object data, sometimes unifying these data in a data lake. Dataset Management is the evolution of a data lake, providing customers with the ability to instantly find the data they want and make it actionable in proper context across on-prem and cloud-based data stores.

Dataset Management will be especially useful for industries (i.e. media & entertainment, healthcare, insurance) that frequently have data stored across different storage systems and platforms (i.e. device/instrument generated raw data, to derivative data at a project level, etc.). Customers want the ability to search across these data stores to do things such as creating custom workflows. For instance, many of our largest media & entertainment customers are using Dataset Management to connect with asset management databases to tag datasets, which can then be moved to the correct datacenters for things such as special effects work or digital postprocessing, then to distribution and finally to archives.

Traditional methods for managing unstructured data only takes you so far. Because of new technological advancements like machine learning and higher CPU performance, we see Dataset Management growing further in prominence in 2020, as it offers organizations a bridge from the old world of directories and files to the new world of data and metadata.

Trend #2: Storage will be architected and consumed as Software-defined

We can expect to see new storage designs in 2020 that will further blur the line between storage and compute.

Some of our customers tell us they are looking for more flexibility in their traditional SANs, wishing to have compute as close to storage as possible to support data-centric workloads and to reduce operational complexity.

With deeper integration of virtualization technologies on the storage array, apps can be run directly on the same system and managed with standard tools. This could be suitable for data-centric applications that require very storage- and data-intensive operations (i.e. analytics apps, intense database apps). Also, workloads that require quick transactional latency and a lot of data.

This isn’t HCI in the classic sense, but rather about leveraging and interoperating with existing infrastructure and processes while also giving a greater degree of deployment flexibility to suit the customer’s specific environment and/or application. It could open up new use cases (i.e. AI ML/analytics at edge locations and/or private cloud, workload domains, etc.); it could also lead to lower cost of ownership and simplification for IT teams and application owners that don’t always have to rely on a storage admin to provision or manage the underlying storage.

Software-defined Infrastructure no longer just for hyper-scalers

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is also becoming a greater consideration in enterprise data centers to augment traditional SANs and HCI deployments. Long the realm of hyper-scalers, traditional enterprises are ready to adopt SDI for the redeployment of certain workloads that have different requirements for capacity and compute than what traditional 3-layer SANs can provide.

These are customers architecting for agility at scale and want the flexibility of rapidly scaling storage and compute independently of each other. It’s for the customer that needs to consolidate multiple high performance (e.g. database) or general workloads. As enterprises consider consolidation strategies, they will bump up against the limits of traditional SANs and the unpredictable performance/costs and lock-in of cloud services. This is where SDI becomes a very viable alternative to traditional SANs and HCI for certain workloads.

Trend #3: High-performance Object storage enters the mainstream

As Object moves from cheap and deep, cold storage or archive to a modern cloud-native storage platform, performance is on many people’s minds.

One of the reasons we see this trending upward this year is demand for it by application developers. Analytics is also driving a lot of demand and we expect to see companies in different verticals moving in this direction.

In turn, the added performance of flash and NVMe are creating tremendous opportunity for Object-based platforms to support things that require speed and near-limitless scale (i.e. analytics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), IoT, cloud-native app development, etc.). Side note: historically, Object storage hasn’t been fast enough for ADAS workloads, but all-flash is changing that conversation.

Flash-based Object storage with automated tiering to disk offers a cost-effective solution, particularly when a customer is talking about hundreds of petabytes or exabyte-scale. It allows you to move the data you need up to the flash tier to run your analytics and high-performance applications and then move the data off to a cold or archive tier when you’re done with it.

As Object becomes tuned for flash and NVMe, we expect a higher level of interest in Object for things that have traditionally been stored on file-based NAS, such as images, log data, and machine generated data.

As the pace of technology innovation accelerates, so too will the possibilities in storage and data management. We are standing with our customers at the dawn of the “Data Decade.”

If the last ten years brought some of the most dramatic changes in tech, just imagine what’s next.

[Article courtesy of Dan Inbar, president and general manager, Storage, Dell Technologies]

ROG is keeping things super cool with liquid metal thermal cooling compounds for entire 2020 ROG 10th Gen Intel Core laptop lineup

Heat is the enemy of any form of electronics, more so gaming notebooks that can generate searing amounts of heat that can fry eggs but Asus’ vaunted gaming marque, the Republic of Gamers aims to tackle it head on as they will be integrating Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid-thermal compounds as standard for their entire 2020 ROG gaming laptop range with 10th generation Intel Core processors.

The Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid-thermal compounds aka liquid metal are capable of superior heat dissipation, decreasing temperatures by 10-20°C in order to free up more thermal headroom and thus better performance while also reducing the effort (and noise) by cooling fans trying to keep the heat manageable.

Prior to this, the application of liquid metal thermal compounds needed to be laboriously done by hand which increased the cost and decreased output seeing as there’s only so many one chap with a brush and time on their hands can do in a given day but ROG has patented a customised, unique machine that applies a perfect coat each and every time onto the CPU.

Watch the video to see ROG’s liquid metal application machine in action as it makes 17 specific passes to ensure complete coverage of the CPU. To prevent spillage onto other components, a special stainless steel shim is put in place to ensure the liquid metal compound stays where it’s supposed to be. It’s poetry in motion, really.

Gaming notebook pundits will also note that ROG’s Mothership notebook, a behemoth that was first seen at last year’s Computex 2019 was the first to benefit from this Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid-metal thermal compound.

The fact that it’s seeing widespread deployment now in their atest notebooks like the new Zephyrus Duo 15, the ROG Strix SCAR 17 and their new Strix G15 is a welcoming bonus indeed as it’ll ensure all their gaming notebooks, moving forward, will offer better performance across the board. For more details on Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid-metal thermal compound, you can have a look at their page here.


Dell Mobile Connect app update now lets you control your iPhone from your PC

Dell Mobile Connect

The Dell mobile Connect app has just enjoyed a new and free update that allows Apple iPhone users to pair up, mirror their iPhone display off their Dell notebook or desktop display akin to what Android users enjoy at present.

Originally launched in 2018, the Dell Mobile Connect app aims to bridge the divide between Dell notebooks and smartphones as it enables users to mirror the contents of their phone and fully interact with it straight off their notebook display to offer more seamless, better productivity rather than having to constantly swap between two devices.

Dell Mobile Connect image 2Originally, it worked best with Android phones but the latest update, which was announced earlier this year at CES 2020 now enables Apple iPhone users to now enjoy the same functionality. Once paired up, you’ll get a mirrored version of your phone display on your Dell PC or laptop home screen and can then drag and drop files and even make or take calls on the phone purely with your mouse and keyboard.

The latest updates to the app now enable iPhone users on iOS 11+ the ability to mirror their iPhone display on their display while also allowing for the ability to seamlessly transfer files back and forth. This used to be a royal pain in the posterior but the Dell Mobile Connect App makes it as easy as a drag-and-drop procedure on your Dell desktop.

You can effectively get notifications, texts, messages and whatnot and then respond to them on your Dell notebook or PC. For security reasons, you can only access data from your paired phone only when it’s within tethering range of your Dell PC.

The Dell Mobile Connect App is free to download off the Microsoft store and is pre-installed by default on all Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series PCs purchased after January 2018. For more details, check out Dell Malaysia’s official page

ASUS Expert Series – The Trusted Choice By Professionals

Building The Foundation of Success with the ExpertBook and ExpertCenter Series by ASUS

Established on a vision of innovation and a constant search for incredible ideas and experiences, ASUS is widely recognised as one of the world’s top PC makers, lauded with over 43,551 awards worldwide since 2008 and recognise as one of the Top 100 Global Technology Leaders by Thomson Reuters as well as being regarded by Fortune as one of the world’s most admired companies for 4 years.

While ASUS is renowned for their comprehensive line-up of notebooks, desktops, components and peripherals for consumers, businesses and larger organisations in need of such computing devices have more sophisticated needs requirements that revolve around easy management of multiple notebooks in a company, reliable access to support and maintenance and above all, enterprise grade security, durability and reliability which is where the ASUS Expert Series of ExpertBook notebooks and ExpertCenter desktops come into the picture.

Asus Expert hero meeting
A young businessman explaining business strategy on the foreground ; Shutterstock ID 153008246; Purchase Order: –

What is the ASUS Expert Series?

The ASUS Expert Series of commercial notebooks and desktops builds on this prestigious foundation of excellence and technological innovation, offering business owners from SMEs all the way to large multinationals professional computing solutions that are not only reliable but secure to world-class standards. Not only does the ASUS Expert Series offer the latest technologies available, they are also some of the lightest, toughest and most reliable devices in the world while coming in award-winning minimalist designs.

As your business grows, the ASUS Expert Series grows with you, offering comprehensive services and direct support to manage your fleet of desktops, allowing you to affordably scale and grow your infrastructure with customisable solutions and, should the unforeseen happen, getting back to business quickly with disaster recovery and back-up solutions to ensure minimum down time. Here’s why the Asus Expert Series are becoming the preferred choice for professionals the world over:


ASUS Expert Series – reliability defined with MIL-STD 810G rated durability

Reliability is paramount in a business. Each and every ASUS Expert Series device from 2018 onwards undergo rigorous quality testing to MIL-STD 810G standards to ensure that they are built to last even with frequent use and when encountering unexpected incidents like sudden impacts, drops and spills.

Asus Expert reliability
Originally known as ASUSPRO, ASUS has revamped their commercial laptop series globally into the ASUS ExpertBook range. Their ExpertPC desktops have also enjoyed a revamp into the new ExpertCenter desktop range.

Maximum Service Support, Minimum Downtime ASUS Business Service with Global 3-Year Warranty – only with ASUS Expert Series


In business-critical IT environments, the ASUS Business Service package for the ASUS Expert Series ensures that your operations and your hardware are protected with world-class, customised service packages.

Part of the ASUS Business Service package is a 3-year, 100% free of charge international warranty in 83 countries including Malaysia which is also inclusive of onsite service with next-day business response by teams of trained IT technicians. Now, that’s real peace of mind.

Asus Expert

Enterprise Grade Security with every ASUS Expert Series notebook and desktops

Threats to your security can strike from any place and from multiple angles from a host of threat actors, jeopardizing your business operations and even your company as a whole. Every ASUS Expert Series product features total security from both a hardware and software layer to ensure all-around protection and prevention from tampering and malware, ensuring that all digital data and assets are safe and secure.

Asus Expert notebook
Business-Class Manageability

Managing a fleet of devices in a company is often a logistical challenge but the ASUS Expert Series features comprehensive centralised IT management software, allowing for effective, intuitive and easy monitoring and control of every ASUS Expert asset and device in your company with one easy interface for your IT management teams.

Asus Expert build

Building Your Business – Introducing the ASUS ExpertBook P5440 & ExpertCenter D6 SFF


A successful business needs to be built on a solid foundation and the ASUS Expert Series offers a diverse range of highly customisable ExpertBook and ExpertCenter Series computing solutions that ensure high performance, exceptional security and reliability as well as expandability. As your business grows, ASUS Expert sSeries will grow with you.

ASUS ExpertCenter D6 SFF

The ASUS ExpertCenter D6 SFF represents a new statement in performance and design, delivering a comprehensive array of ports, storage and exceptional customisability in a tool-free in a highly expandable design. Integrating military-grade MIL-STD 810G levels of durability, the ASUS ExpertCenterD6 SFF Series can be equipped with up to a 9th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, a 1TB hard disk as well as a DVD-RW drive as standard with prices starting from RM1,249 depending on configuration. To explore the Asus ExpertCenter D6 SFF Series, swing by their official page

Asus Expert PC

The ASUS ExpertBook P5440

Slim and light with a contemporary minimalist design that has garnered a Red Dot award for 2019, the ASUS ExpertBook P5440 is the world’s lightest dual-storage 14-inch business laptop to offer users unsurpassed mobility and superb performance on the go. In terms of specifications, the ExpertBook P5440 is available at up to an Intel Core i7-8565U processor, up to 8GB RAM and with a 512GB SSD with dual storage options available combining an SSD and HDD.

The ExpertBook P5440 also offers  extensive connectivity including USB-C and HDMI ports as well as a rated 10-hours of battery life, the ASUS ExpertBook P5440 is to take your productivity to new heights. In Malaysia, the ExpertBook P5440 retails at prices starting from RM3,699 depending on configuration. To find out more about the ASUS ExpertBook P5440, visit

Asus Expert PC