New cordless Dyson V11 features enhanced power and a feature no other vacuum has

The centrepiece of their recent launch in Singapore alongside the Dyson Lightcycle and Dyson Pure Cool Me, the Dyson V11 is the latest and most powerful successor to their line-up of cordless vacuums that introduces quite a few interesting features that we’d never thought we would need in a vacuum but which ended up indispensable while also upping its performance by a good 20% over its predecessor.


Dyson V11 On Screen

If you used almost any vacuum in the market today, including even last year’s Dyson V10, you’re usually beset with a lack of information as to what exactly is happening with or within the vacuum and if it falters or chokes up, you’ll likely have to spend a good amount of time troubleshooting just what went wrong. If you’re using cordless vacuums, you also need a little bit of guesswork as to how much battery life you have left.

The Dyson V11 solves all this by adding in a circular rear LCD that gives you precise diagnostics as to how much battery life is remaining in the V11, what power mode you’re using and, best of all, if the built-in dust container needs cleaning or if there’s an obstruction that’s slowing down suction power.

The pistol-shaped trigger assembly lets you intuitively and effortlessly use the Dyson V11 to eradicate dust bunnies, dirt and whatnot with extreme prejudice

That level of informative diagnostics is a godsend as you don’t have to guesstimate remaining battery life or spend hours figuring out what went awry – it’s all on the rear display.

High Torque a la mode

Another improvement that the Dyson V11 has is not in regards to brute force though it has that in spades. Rather, it’s actually smarter than its predecessors by being able to adjust suction power depending on what surface you’re using it on. If you’re using it on something soft like carpets, it ramps up like a Harrier jet engine but if you’re using it on a marble floor it slows down somewhat.

All this is achieved by a trio of microprocessors, a host of sensors and a special High Torque head attachment that comes with two of the three packages that the Dyson V11 will come in for Malaysia – the Dyson V11 Absolute and the deluxe V11 Absolute+. The fact that your vacuum cleaner is smart enough to handle a decision like this on its own without you having to intervene is impressive indeed. More so for the lazy prats among us who can’t be bothered to swap heads just because we’re doing the carpet and the floor it’s lying on in the house.

You can also select from several different modes – Auto, Boost and Eco among them. In Auto mode, it works with the High Torque cleaner head and dynamically adapt its suction power based on what surface you’re using it on. If you’re needing a bit of extra power, you can fire up Boost mode that ramps up power in the V11 all the way to maximum though this drains battery life faster than the prawn bucket in a buffet. If you’re looking for general basic cleaning, you can opt for the Eco mode which also offers somewhere along an hour worth of battery life.

So how exactly does a Dyson V11 work?

The Dyson V11 is built along much the same lines as the V10 with an ergonomic pistol-style trigger with a non-removable battery pack placed below it. Press the trigger and the vacuum turns on. It’s that simple. If you need to charge it, you simply place it back in its provided dock. If you need to dump accumulated dirt, all you have to do is to point the container at a trash can and empty it by pushing a slider so you needn’t even have to touch the dirt to begin with.

The heart of the V11 cordless vacuum is the V11 digital motor that can spin at up to 125,000rpm and which features a ceramic shaft with enhanced strength three times that of steel

Most of the enhancements of the V11 are far more sophisticated though and aren’t exactly discernible to the untrained eye. The V11 digital motor features a host of upgrades in terms of design that make it more powerful than the V10 digital motor seen in ints predecessor the V10 vacuum. For starters, it uses a stronger ceramic shaft along with redesigned S-shaped impeller blades with even more precise tolerances to offer more suction power.

Clearing the integrated bin of dust is simply a matter of sliding the red trigger assembly forwards into a trash can so that you need not even a single bag or come into contact with the dirt.

The filter that all this crud goes through is even more impressive with the ability to trap 99.97% of the particles that go through it that are as small as 0.3 microns meaning it’ll pick up dirt, pollen and other nasty stuff around the house in a rather effective fashion.

The battery in the V11 has also been beefed up as well too with about an hour worth of battery life on Eco mode which is a modest bit longer than that on the V10. Currently, the Dyson V11 in its Absolute package is available nationwide for RM3,399 at Dyson Home stores in Gardens Midvalley and Gurney Plaza, Penang. A Dyson V11 Absolute+ package is also available that has everything the V11 Absolute has on top of an a gold-coloured extension piece and a floor dock for RM3,699. To buy online swing by

Samsung wants you to Load Up The Love with washing machine promos aplenty

Doing the laundry – no one likes it but someone’s got to do it and 9 times out of 10, it’s mum which is why Samsung is rolling out a range of tempting bargains under their Load Up The Love campaign that takes place till 31 May 2019 for a host of their front loading models.

Until the end of May 2019, every purchase of selected Samsung front loader washing machine models gets you a series of freebies and purchase with purchase offers. The Samsung front loader washing machines in the Load Up The Love option primarily consist of their models which have their AddWash port, which lets you toss in an extra load even in mid-wash cycle. The best part is that they offer superior cleaning performance without compromising on time or efficacy which in turn allows the important person in your life – namely mum – to get more time to enjoy on other things.

For the Load Up The Love option, purchases get you a free 2 year exclusive manufacturer’s warranty, a free eco-vacuum carafe worth RM169 and a free stacking kit bracket worth RM376. The clincher here is that you can purchase a dryer worth RM3,199 at just RM1,999 which means you needn’t have to dangle laundry all around the front of the house and on clotheslines anymore.

The Samsung Load Up The Love promotion is available at 85 Samsung Malaysia brandshops nationwide while stocks lost. For more details, swing by their official page at

U Mobile expands 4G network with #ucubatry money-back guaranteed 7-day trial

U Mobile has been growing from strength to strength and have expanded their own 4G network across Malaysia with over 2,000 new and improved 4G sites. To show and prove the robustness and strength of their 4G network, U Mobile is offering customers a chance to field test their network over a 7-day period via the #UCubaTry Money-Back-Guarantee campaign.

To experience #UCubaTry, customers can sign up and experience the key offerings of its unlimited HERO P99 postpaid plan with worry-free unlimited streaming, chatting and gaming with no speed cap and unlimited data. Customers can also enjoy unlimited calls and 30GB of data for mobile hotspot use throughout the 7-day period. After the 7-day period lapses, customers will be automatically signed up on the HERO P99 plan. To sign up, customers need only pay an advance fee of RM99 which goes towards the first month of subscription if they want to stay on and which is refunded within 14 days if the customer declines to sign up.

On top of the 7-day free trial, the #UCubaTry campaign also consists of two other exciting promos for those keen to sign up.

Customers who sign up for any of U Mobile’s unlimited data postpaid plans are also eligible to purchase a selected number of smartphones for just RM0.99.  Those who sign up for the HERO P79 plan can get the Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB. For those who sign up for the HERO P99 plan can get the Galaxy A20 32GB or the Galaxy A30 64GB. Those who sign up for the HERO P139 plan have the widest selection of all and can choose from the iPhone 6s 32GB, the OPPO F11 Pro 64GB, Galaxy A20 32GB, the Galaxy A30 64GB or the Galaxy A50 128GB, all available at RM0.99 – that’s less than the cost of a pack of gum.

The third promotion of the #UCubaTry campaign is for portovers. Customers who port over into U Mobile’s Unlimited HERO P99 and P139 postpaid plans will receive an RM120 rebate on their monthly fees over a period of one year. This works out to about RM10 a month. This promo can also stack with the #UCubaTry 7-day promo but you’ll need to jump through a few extra hoops to do so.

The #UCubaTry campaign starts today at all U Mobile stores and branches nationwide. For more details visit


Get something extra special for mum with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Mother’s Day gift edition

Mother’s Day is coming. Rather than gifting the usual passe assortment of flowers or a box of chocs, you can, mayhaps, you know, do something, different? Dyson manufactures a ton of top shelf kit ranging from the PureCool purifying fans to their top-shelf V10 Absolute Cordless vacuum but one of their hottest pieces of gear, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer this time around is getting a custom version just for Mother’s Day dubbed the Dyson Supersonic Mother’s Day Gift Edition.

What you get is Dyson’s eponymous Supersonic hair dryer with the bundle but the Mother’s Day Gift Edition adds in a Dyson-designed Detangling comb and Paddle brush for styling that’s worth RM299 with the kit for free.

The paddle isn’t just any comb though as it’s precisely weighted for balance like a finely made sword while the air-cushioned bristle bed has been specifically angled for maximum hair brushing efficiency.

The Dyson Detangling comb has undergone their same rigorous approach to engineering and has specifically designed wide, polished and rounded tips that glide through wet or dry hair like a greased arbiter of order with minimal friction.

When Dyson makes hardware, you know they don’t mess around with the engineering and design and these new bits of kit look like a perfect complement to the Supersonic.

The Supersonic hair dryer itself has a V9 engine that can spin 110,000rpm to deliver up to 41 litres of airflow to dry your hair in a jiffy while a built-in intelligent heat control system keeps the temperature within levels to prevent heat damage to your hair. That and the whole affair is wonderfully balanced to make it a delight to use.

The Dyson Supersonic Mother’s Day Gift Edition is available for RM1,699 at  as well as the Dyson Demo outlets at The Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza as well as good retailers nationwide.

HONOR crowns first youth ambassador

HONOR Malaysia today appointed the winner of their HONOR My Idol Campus Tour that sought to find the brand’s first youth ambassador in Malaysia. Ms. Nga Shu Xian of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College emerged the champion with the highest number of votes in her favour and will represent the brand in their next upcoming smartphone launch.

Ms. Nga took home RM3,000 in cash, a trophy and an HONOR 10 Lite. Her visage will be featured on promotional materials for HONOR’s next smartphone while the first and second runners up, Ms. Clanie Foo and Ms. Hew each walked away with an HONOR 10 Lite, a Band 4 Running and a trophy each while two other consolation prize winners also walked away with goodies and a trophy.

We’re excited to introduce a fresh face to our Ambassador family! The HONOR My Idol 2019 campus tour saw local students come together to showcase their perfect selfies using the HONOR 10 Lite and we are glad to be able to offer an opportunity to Malaysian students and potentially open up new doors for them” said Mr. Zhao Zhiwei, Head of HONOR MAlaysia. For more details swing by

Touch ‘N GO eWallet teams up with Tealive for promos and discounts aplenty

Everyone’s favourite purveyor of beverages and Malaysia’s latest eWallet payment option have teamed up together to offer more promotions and discounts for Tealive drinks paid via the Touch ‘n GO eWallet application.

Among the upcoming promotions are a Raya Campaign that will start on 5 May 2019 until 15 June where selected Tealive drinks can be purchased for RM2.50 via the Touch ‘n GO eWallet.

Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd said, “Malaysians are passionate about tea, and technology allows us to enable these moments. We are extremely excited that Tealive shares this vision with us and together, we want to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians in the simplest and most meaningful way.”

Touch N Go Tealive

We are inspired by the love that Malaysians have for handcrafted tea and aspire to bring more value for these communities. Our partnership with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is a great way for us to reward our fans and at the same time, allows us to modernise tea drinking experience too. The convenience of payment with the eWallet is ‘icing on the cake’ that makes for an innovative experience for our customers,” said Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd.

For more details on this and other upcoming promotions swing by  or visit .

Time for a rendezvous with Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon Serenity

La luna. That stellar body you see floating like a pale white orb in the sky after dusk is the subject of an entire library worth of literature from a legion of playwrights, writers and script smiths. Alluded with all manner of meanings both symbolic and literal, the moon is a muse, a companion and more. Jaeger Le Coultre’s latest timepiece the Rendez-Vouz Moon Serenity conveys all these meanings and more wrought into a form made real that is both stylishly elegant and exquisite to behold.

Done up entirely in blue, this elegant timepiece has a mother-of-pearl moon phase inset in the dial that lets you tell the phases of the moon at a glance. This is embellished with a satin brushed star chart that evokes the night sky with floral hour numerals that ensconce a beautiful movement powered by a Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 935 automatic to give a sense of time passing in the firmament above and in the Rendez-Vouz Moon Serenity.

To further evoke a feeling of the starry night sky, they’ve added in a crown of 62 brilliant-cut diamonds around the bezel that is finished off in pink gold. For more on the Rendez-Vouz Moon Serenity, swing by and have a gander at

Thinking about teeth whitening? Hear it from someone who did it at We Smile Dental Clinic KL

Among the most popular aesthetic procedures offered today, professional teeth whitening treatments are conducted by dentists, usually as an in-office procedure and are able to offer several shades of whiteness for treated teeth.

Teeth whitening sounds like a complicated procedure but it is actually relatively fast, safe when conducted by a trained dentist and with proven results, as Ms. Bowie, a patient at We Smile Dental Clinic KL and a winner in the recent teeth whitening giveaway who had it done a several weeks ago would attest to.

The teeth whitening procedure takes about an hour and a half. Before they get started, the dentist cleans and scales their teeth to ensure a maximum effectiveness for the treatment. Once that is done, the patient gets several photographs of their teeth taken so that they are able to see for themselves the difference before and after the procedure. On average, a teeth whitening treatment conducted by a dentist offers at least three to four shades of immediate improvement.

To get started, a dentist places a retractor mouthpiece to keep the patient’s mouth open before protecting the gums with a special resin that coats and protects them from the bleaching chemicals that will come later.

Once the gums are protected, the dentist then coats the teeth in the aforementioned bleaching compound before exposing them to a special ultraviolet light to activate them.

This bleaching procedure is repeated three or four times with each one lasting about 15 minutes. During the procedure, Ms. Bowie was relaxed and happy with only a slight tingling sensation around her gums.

Finally, the bleaching compound is rinsed off and the protective resin placed around the gums removed. The dentist then takes another shot of the patient’s teeth to compare results. and Ms. Bowie was ecstatic as her teeth were three to four shades whiter than when she walked in.

After the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The shade guide is shown to display the improvement from the patient's original shade in her teeth.
After the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The shade guide is shown to display the improvement from the patient’s original shade in her teeth.

With proper care and maintenance, her whiter, brighter teeth can last at least a year. Check out the video where she shares her experience at We Smile Dental Clinic KL.

To book an appointment, give them a message on facebook at or call them at +60125110714


HONOR begins collaboration with renowned Malaysian filmmakers

HONOR Malaysia has just announced that they will be collaborating with renowned Malaysian filmmakers Quek Shio Chuan and Ismail Kamarul for their latest HONOR View20 camphone where both celebrated directors will use the phone to share a more intimate look at what happens behind the scenes and how someone with their creative vision would use the potent 48-MP rear dual camera array on the HONOR View20.

Both directors cut their teeth in the local filmmaking scene by with a host of heart-warming festive TV commercials. If it makes you weep or it makes you smile wistfully, you’ll likely have come across their work such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s Chinese New Year TVC and Petronas’ Festiva Raya slate of commercials.

Quek’s magnum opus, Guang was recognised at the 13th Chinese Youth Generation Film Forum in China and is set to direct an original series for Netflix. “I draw inspiration from anything and everything” said Quek. “There is always more than one side to a story and it’s all about the small details. The HONOR View20’s powerful camera is able to keep up with my cinematographic visions, providing me the tools to take my passion and career to the next step.”

The film-making life takes me everywhere. With the HONOR View20, I’m able to capture every detail with ultimate clarity in various environments and lighting conditions” said Kamarul. “Its camera capabilities go far beyond my expectations and I’m excited to be able to express my idea as it will continue to challenge me to push my boundaries in film-making.”

Swing by Quek’s official Instagram page here and Kamarul’s official Instagram page here to see how their unique vision and the HONOR View20 combine to create a whole new experience. If you’re keen to find out why the HONOR View20 is so desirable, check out our piece on Six Reasons Why you need the HONOR View20 in your life and swing by if you aim to acquire one for yourself.

GrabFood BokBokBokBuster Weekend deal gives fried chicken deals galore

If there is one comfort food that is almost ubiquitous across the planet, it’s fried chicken. Fair or fowl, there is always some form or variant of fried chicken in any country, any mall and likely almost every neighbourhood. Fans of the deep fried fowl dish all have their own favourite go-tos but GrabFood is sharing the love for this culinary mainstay with their BokBokBokBuster Weekend deal.

The deal runs from now till 5 May 2019 on weekends only, which means Friday to Sunday and has a 50% off promotion for up to 3 orders per weekend per user throughout the promotion period with a minimum spend of RM25 for any restaurants in GrabFood’s “Chicken” cuisine category which also include non-fried variants like chicken rice and the like.

This includes – drumroll please – Texas Chicken, Classic Lim Fried Chicken, Indie Cafe Chicken and Butter Chicken too. Before you check out your order, you’ll also need to key in the code “BOKBOK” at checkout.

Well, if you’ll excuse us we have a very busy weekend ahead of us eating our way through GrabFood’s “Chicken” line-up. For more details swing by