Alexander Shorokhoff shares a journey of time and artistry with his latest timepiece collection

It’s not often you get to meet the founder and creator of one of the world’s most unique watch brands but the stars aligned and we had the chance to meet the selfsame man who began the brand that bears his name and which is renowned as one of the most artistically unique timepieces available today.

Alexander Shorokhoff is easily the most recognisable man in a room, bursting with passion about his work with several examples of his most distinctive timepieces on proud display in an  intimate soiree organised by Red Army Watches Malaysia in downtown Kuala Lumpur. 

Alexander Shorokhoff

Sharply dressed in a suit with twinkling eyes and a ready smile Alexander Shorokhoff shared more about his brand and his latest collection with a passion that belied his years.

How was your trip to Malaysia?

I have been a regular visitor to Malaysia for the past 15 years and I am familiar with both Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I would love to see more of this beautiful country and look forward to my trips here to meet my clientele and my associates in Red Army Watches.

What is the inspiration behind your new collection? What feeling are you trying to convey with your new timepieces?


My timepieces are intended to be a meeting of artistry and technical precision inspired by the things I have seen and experienced. For my Heritage collection, I often draw inspiration for many of my timepieces from my Russian roots, drawing ideas from the great figures from Russian culture and art like Tchaikovsky, Dostoyesvky, Tolstoy and other notables. For my Avantgarde collection, I draw on rich contemporary culture and experiences across the world.

Alexander Shorokhoff avantgarde

Take the Kandy Avantgarde 2 for example. It has a unique series of special colours with bold yellows, blues and reds that contrast intensely and yet bring the watch and your wrist to life. Rather than being inspired by a cultural figure, I wanted to create something so unique that it would be a watch against boredom on your wrist in every way. It’s a distinctive, bold piece that won the German design award for 2019.

Another watch I am particularly pleased at creating is this piece inspired by a visit to Mexico where I met Frida Carlo who was a very talented painter who led a very interesting life. I made this watch with two skulls on the dial after being inspired by her story. Not only is this a time keeping instrument but it is also a piece of art and a physical embodiment of a story that tells of a person and a culture. This is where we derive value that appreciates over time as each of our time pieces is not only marketing but they are also art to be treasured.

Alexander Shorokhoff frida carlo

What particular feature or aspect of design are you proud of in your Heritage and Avantgarde collection?


When designing and creating a watch, we are working from two directions. From one end, we want to produce a unique example of precision engineering. From another, we are working from an artistic perspective to create a work of art. We aim to combine both in a design to create what is distinctly a timepiece from Alexander Shorokhoff. Take for example this timepiece from our collection called the Levels. 

Alexander Shorokhoff levels

This watch is a feat of engineering as it has four different levels, precision cut and fitted to create a unique whole that includes a loupe that expands the calendar to make it larger for viewing; not just a simple printed dial. The base of the dial also integrates a physical scalloped pattern that gives it a distinctive Avantgarde identity. Not only that, it also integrates two different movements that allow you to read your home time and local times – essential for travellers. 

Creating such a piece and future ones takes about six months from sketches on the drawing board and conception to final assembly at our plant in Alzenau so this amount of time is expected to ensure the level of quality and authenticity in our timepieces to our clientele.

Alexander Shorokhoff watches are exclusively available at Red Army Watches – Pavilion KL, 1Utama and Gurney Plaza. For more details swing by Red Army Watches Malaysia’s and to peruse their fine line-up of timepieces swing by their official Facebook page here.

Alexander Shorokhoff

Sevenfriday Icon collection Tiny 1 and Tiny 2 sunnies redefine glam

Iconic lifestyle brand Sevenfriday is best known for their range of novel timepieces but their recently released Icon collection of sunglasses are turning them into a bona fide fashion icon, pun not intended. 

The new Icon collection of sunglasses consists of the Tiny 1 ala the ICT2/01 and Tiny 2 aka the ICT2/02, both of which aim are crafted with a futuristic yet hip look that lend them a very distinctive appearance.


Sevenfriday Tiny 1 and Tiny 2 Icon collection sunglasses

The aesthetics of the Tiny 1 are inspired by the iconic cushion shape of Sevenfriday’s timepieces with polished solid ivory beige acetate framing the lenses, temple tips finished in solid brown acetate, a spring-bridge and frame done up in stainless-steel along with an engraving on the frame with the statement ‘show me don’t tell me’. To ensure that it’s indelibly recognised as such, a metal 7F icon is welded onto the outside of both temples.

Sevenfriday Icon collection Tiny 1
Sevenfriday’s Tiny 1 sunglasses from their new Icon collection

To complete the bold yet hip look, the Tiny 1’s lenses are rated for 100% UVA/UVB protection with a CR39 silver mirrored anti reflective coating. The Sevenfriday Tiny 1 is available for RM1,095 in Malaysia.

The other addition to the Icon collection dubbed the Tiny 2 has a design akin to the Tiny 1 with a choice of colours that evokes a more vintage 80’s sports casual feel.

Sevenfriday Tiny 2
The Sevenfriday Tiny 2 from their Icon collection of sunglasses

Like the Tiny 1, the Tiny 2 has a stainless steel frame and spring bridge though the temple tips and lens frames are finished in solid white acetate. The lenses are similarly well protected with  100% rated UVA/UVB protection with a red and gold anti-reflective coating. The Tiny 2 retails for RM1,059.

In keeping with SevenFriday’s quest for authenticity, both sunglasses in their Icon collection have a distinctive NFC chip embedded in the left temple tip that tells you it is an authentic product via the free SevenFriday app.

Both the Sevenfriday Tiny 1 and Tiny 2 are sunglasses from the Icon collection are exclusively available at the Sevenfriday Space KL boutique on Level 2 at Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur. For more details swing by

Nasi Lemak McD is now a thing as Mcdonalds celebrates being Malaysian

Nasi lemak mcd side

Say of it what you will but Mcdonald’s is an institution. Ever since I was a kid, i’ve enjoyed their wares from the highly affordable McEgg of yore all the way to staples like their ubiquitous McChicken and Filet ó Fish. While there have been a few interesting offerings that have become regular staples like the annually anticipated Prosperity Burger, there hasn’t been a Mcdonald’s meal that has piqued our interest or which was uniquely Malaysian. Until now that is as Mcdonald’s Malaysia has rolled out their Nasi Lemak McD nationwide.

The Nasi Lemak McD has all the trimmings expected of Malaysia’s favourite meal. What you get is a generous helping of coconut milk enriched rice lavished with fried anchovies, slices of fresh cucumber, a fried egg and a dollop of spicy sambal on the side. Diners can optionally augment their meal with an additional glass of iced lemon tea and a piece of Mcdonald’s fried chicken.


How does the Nasi Lemak McD taste?

The dish has some concessions on account of standardisation and consistency among outlets but the core elements itself – the rice and sambal are surprisingly good.

The rice has a sufficient hint of coconut milk infused flavour and the sambal itself proved surprisingly flavourful. While it doesn’t exactly ring alarm bells, it’s just spicy enough for those with a modest tolerance to chilli to appreciate the dish.

Nasi lemak mcd

How much is the Nasi Lemak McD?

The Nasi Lemak McD is priced at RM5.99 during breakfast hours and is served with a cup of Iced Milo. During regular hours, the Nasi Lemak McD is available for RM12.99 with a piece of Mcdonald’s Fried Chicken and an Iced Lemon Tea.

If you’re particularly hungry, you can acquire a set that ups the amount to two pieces of fried chicken and the accompanying Iced Lemon Tea for RM15.99.

The good part? The Nasi Lemak McD is a permanent part of the menu and will be available at all Mcdonald’s Malaysia restaurants nationwide. For more details swing by

HP Little Makers Challenge won by SK Saujana Utama

The HP Little Makers Challenge consists of 8 immersive creative missions that aim to reinvent the learning experience for children aged 5 to 12 years old in Malaysia. Launched in concordance with the Ministry of Education’s emphasis on technology-based learning, the HP Little Makers Challenge involves not only children but parents and teachers alike in a print-based learning experience that is both educational and fun in equal measure.

Initiated earlier this year across a span of 16 weeks, the HP Little Makers Challenge involved 92 schools and 31 art centres nationwide with over 18,600 submissions and over 90,000 activity hours spent between parents, teachers and children.

Little makers challenges
The projects created by the Little Makers Challenge

Each of the 8 aforementioned challenges covers essential aspects of the learning experience for young learners that include the arts, geography, biology, astronomy and other subjects too.

HP Little Makers Challenge

Of note with the HP Little Makers Challenge is that it was conceived in line with findings from HP’s New Asian Learning Experience Study which showed that Malaysian parents believe that their children can benefit from immersive learning experiences. Other findings from the study, interestingly enough, are that Malaysian parents want their children to develop strong social skills and be happy while prizing the following character traits in their progeny – discipline, open-mindedness, intelligence, emotional stability and curiosity.

HP Little Makers Challenge
Character traits valued by Malaysian parents highlighted in a talk by David Hollands, Education Industry Strategy Manager Asia Pacific for HP

After this extensive gauntlet of challenges, one school emerged triumphant – SK Saujana Utama from Sungai Buloh. As the winner of the HP Little Makers Challenge, the school wins RM20,000 in HP PC and print technology.

We’re so happy to have been chosen as the winners for the HP Little Maker’s Challenge. As soon as the first HP Little Makers Challenge was released, the kids were hooked! The challenges allowed them to be creative with the art projects while also exploring science. The learning formats could also be easily incorporated into their syllabus,” said Mawar Mohamad, a teacher from SK Saujana Utama.

As a parent and at HP Inc, we understand the importance that Malaysian parents place on their role in facilitating effective learning outcomes. We want to support parents in raising our future leaders by providing the right information, technology and learning experiences to ensure they have the required skillsets for workplaces of the future,” said Fayza Mohamed Amin, Malaysia Managing Director of HP Inc.

HP Little Makers Challenge Fayza Mohamed Amin, Malaysia Managing Director of HP Inc
Fayza Mohamed Amin, Malaysia Managing Director of HP Inc

For more details on the HP Little Maker Challenge as well as HP’s extensive range of HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers and more, swing by

TikTok teams up with Celebrity Fitness for #everydayigetBETTER challenge

What do you get if one of the world’s faster growing short video portals with a meteoric rise that hasn’t been seen since in years teams up with one of Malaysia’s most established fitness chains? A fitter Malaysia that’s what as both outfits are partnering up to kick off the #everydayigetBETTER challenge.

This cool collaboration sees several of Celebrity Fitness’ personal trainers taking time out to share some of their best workout tips together with TikTok viewers. Here’s several of their most renowned trainers that they have on the line-up and links to content that they have already created:

Take notes people cause this stuff is important. On top of the more obvious benefit of knowing how to effectively (and safely) perform a gym routine that won’t have the resident gym rats raising eyebrows, this impetus to fitness also lets you win goodies too.

tiktok #everydayIgetBETTER

The top 3 TikTok creators will stand a chance to win up RM10,000 worth of prizes including Celebrity Fitness gym membership passes, a ton of swag from Celebrity Fitness, the coveted Mi Smart Band 4 and more. Another 20 top TikTok creators who create ‘Top Picks’ videos on the aforementioned topic can win TikTok merchandise along with a Mi Smart Band 4.

The contest has already begun and concludes on 31 August 2019 and TikTok users are encouraged, after watching the above skilled Celebrity FItness personal trainers of course, to complete five workout tasks – Feel Fierce Look Sexy, Cardio Crusher, Muscle Monster, Dance N’; Attitude and Booty Buster in their uploaded videos and plonk in the hashtag #everydayIgetBETTER.

That’s somewhat of a win-win situation as you get to make the gruelling act of getting fitter fun and rewarding and you also get to know how to get your fitness routine done right. That’s a real win in our books. TikTok is free to download and available on both iOS or Google Play. For more details on the #everydayIgetBETTER and the fine print, visit their page at

Wide range of Water Purifying Systems now available in Malaysia from Senheng

If you live in Malaysia you’ll likely be conversant with the water quality from our taps, or rather, the lack thereof which is likely why you’d be greeted with an incredulous look from all and sundry if you even contemplate drinking straight from the tap.

Unfortunately, it’s not something chalked up to urban myth or idle speculation. Our tap water has a bad taste and odour, according to a study by Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences which makes drinking it an unpleasant experience to say the least.

Water purifying systems? Why do we need them?

While our water has been vouched to be safe to drink by the Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources, the condition of the pipes it goes through to reach our homes are a bit of a crapshoot. This is on account of the fact that these water mains and pipes can be old and rusty and at certain spots along the network, the water can end up stagnant which can result in sand and moss accumulating and affecting the water quality.

Even the water tanks in your home can contribute to the problem if they’re not cleaned regularly. All this tends to affect the purity, taste and odour of the water which is why many homes in Malaysia install a water purifier as a matter of necessity on top of boiling their water for drinking.

senheng water purifiers

The challenge here is that there’s so many types and brands of water purifying systems out there from a plethora of providers many of which only offer a single brand or only a few to choose from, which means consumers have to do a ton of leg work and research.

Fortunately, that’s where a national retailer like Senheng comes into the picture. Here’s 3 awesome reasons why you ought to acquire your next water purifier system at Senheng. 

#1 Why choose Senheng when purchasing water purifier systems?

Not only does Senheng stock the latest home electronics and white goods, they also a wide choice of water purifiers from many of the most reputable brands in the market for you to choose from. 

When you’re browsing through Senheng for a water purifier system for your home, you’re able to pick some of the best brands in the market from the likes of Bio Pure, Chung Ho, LG and Panasonic to choose from so you’re spoilt for choice!

 Not sure what to buy? A Senheng sales assistant is able to help customers to compare the benefits and features among the variety of brands available to help customers find the right water purifier for them.

#2 Multiple Payment Modes at Senheng

Investing in a quality water purifier system can be a substantial outlay but Senheng has you sorted with a variety of payment options.

On top of the usual cash and credit, qualified customers can opt to take advantage of Senheng’s 12-month, 24-month and 36-month installment plans via approved banks.

Customers may even opt for a rental plan, allowing for an exceptionally affordable way to get a water purifier system in your home today.

Senheng water purifier multiple payment modes


#3 Rewards and Rebates Galore with PlusOne Loyalty Programme

Purchases at Senheng earn you reward points if you are a member of Senheng’s PlusOne loyalty programme. These PlusOne reward points can be redeemed for exciting rebates that include a range of electronic appliances on Member’s Day and more. Membership also confers an extra one year warranty on purchased products too which makes signing up to be a Senheng PlusOne member a very rewarding proposition indeed!

Customers may visit any Senheng outlet in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to experience and purchase the aforementioned range of water purifier systems as well as find out more about Senheng’s rewarding PlusOne loyalty programme and exceptionally diverse range of payment modes . For more details, please visit

Myobrace System straightens crooked teeth naturally now available at We Smile Dental Clinic KL

When children are growing up, their teeth also experience growth as well as they transition from their milk teeth to their permanent adult teeth but all too often, many growing children have crowded teeth or incorrectly developing jaws. 

Rather than dealing with the situation after the fact with surgery or uncomfortable braces, there are options that help to preemptively treat these situations by helping straighten your child’s teeth without the need for surgical intervention. Enter Myobrace, a special mouthpiece issued by dentists that can help ensure correct teeth and jaw growth as your child grows up.


What exactly is the Myobrace System?

As children grow up, their permanent teeth will replace their milk teeth. Popular folk myths state that poor jaw development and misaligned teeth are the results of hereditary factors but the primary cause is through incorrect habits that are not corrected like breathing through the mouth, thumb sucking, poor nutrition and reverse swallowing. All these bad habits contribute towards poor jaw development, incorrect tongue placement and consequently misaligned and crowded teeth. 

Rather than waiting until all of a child’s permanent teeth are out and using the usual methods like braces, the MyoBrace System that is used at We Smile Dental Clinic KL in Malaysia is a preventative orthodontic treatment that focuses on treating the underlying causes of misaligned teeth without the need for braces or extracting teeth. 

Myobrace system
The Myobrace System are a series of mouthpieces that offer a non-invasive and proven way to correct and straighten teeth as well as promoting proper breathing habits without the need for braces or surgery

Essentially, the MyoBrace system is a unique series of mouthpieces that are worn in the mouth for children ages 3 to 15 years of age. Over time, Myobrace System helps to eliminate bad habits that can cause misaligned teeth and promote proper jaw development by stretching and training your tongue, lip and cheek muscles to their ideal positions. 

Myobrace 2
The Myobrace System uses special mouthpieces issued by your dentist and which are worn for a couple of hours daily and when you sleep.

The special design of the MyoBrace mouthpiece helps children to develop the correct resting position for their tongue in the roof of the mouth, teach how to correctly breathe through the nose and to keep the lips together as well as swallow correctly. The MyoBrace system isn’t a one size fits all device and needs a trained dentist who uses a combination of fitted mouthpieces, hence the name MyoBrace System as it’s not just one mouthpiece but a special series of intra-oral appliances used by a dentist to correct and guide proper jaw and teeth development.


How does the MyoBrace System work?


The MyoBrace System is a series of appliances issued by a dentist that are worn by a child between 3 to 15 years of age for 1-2 hours a day and overnight when sleeping.  Ideally, the MyoBrace System trains the child to keep their lips together, breathe correctly through the nose and to keep their tongue in the correct position.

As the child grows comfortable with the MyoBrace System, the dentist gradually teaches fun exercises that help a child’s jaw and teeth grow into their ideal positions over time. The MyoBrace System is then slowly adjusted over the years as a child grows up until their permanent teeth are fully formed and in their ideal positions.



Each treatment programme is unique to each patient with millions of successful treatments across the globe. To find out more about the MyoBrace System and to find if it is the ideal solution for your child, visit the We Smile Dental Clinic KL Facebook page at or give a call at +6012-511 0714 to book a complimentary initial appointment.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, We Smile Dental Clinic KL offers the full range of corrective, general and aesthetic dental treatments for patients that also include Zoom! Teeth Whitening, veneers, dental implants and more.

Images courtesy Myobrace

CFM Dialogue 2019 talks more about the future of broadband in Malaysia

The Consumer Forum of Malaysia hosted a dialogue in conjunction with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2019 dubbed “The Changing Landscape of Malaysia’s Broadband” that saw a host of representatives from the telecommunications industry and other key stakeholders discussing at length the state of broadband connectivity and other issues affecting it in Malaysia

The dialogue saw Khazalin Ghuzal, Head of Home Business from Celcom Axiata Berhad giving more insight on consumer usage behaviour for broadband and how the industry is identifying and attempting to form strategies to meet those needs. Some key takeaways is that e-commerce is gaining traction with more than half of users in Malaysia using mobile devices for purchases.

Another interesting factoid is an increase in video streaming and online gaming with an overall increase in average connection speeds. In terms of usage, 98% of users watch videos online while 47% stream TV content via the internet. Mobile broadband speeds are now on average 19.2Mbps which is a 25% year-on-year improvement while home fixed internet connections now average 63.48Mbps which is a 187% year-on-year improvement.

CFM Dialogue 2019

Also invited to the lectern was Rahul Shrivastav, Network Design Manager for YTL Communications Sdn Bhd who gave insights into the challenges faced by the telecommunications industry today that include rapidly changing consumer patterns as well as financial and technological challenges faced by both the industry and regulators to provide customers with world-class infrastructure. He shared more about Gigawire which is able to modernise legacy copper wire connections with minimal service disruptions and has seen successful deployments in countries like Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vietnam. He also shared more about Terragraph technology that is efficient to deploy in dense urban areas while offering gigabit speeds without having to perform extensive trenching or other works. To date, over 300 nodes have been deployed in George Town as the first market trial in Asia.

CFM Dialogue 2019 Yes Gigawire

Last but not least, Muhammad Razali Anuar, Head of Division Policy from the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) gave the lay of the land in regards on the government’s National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) and what consumers can expect in the near future.

The NFCP sets specific goals and strategies in order to act as a catalyst for future economic growth. To wit, the NFCP has four broad objectives that seeks to address issues that hinder the widespread availability of high quality and affordable digital connectivity, support the needs of the country moving forward and harness opportunities offered by new services and technologies, provide clarity in terms of strategic directions for initiatives to support he digital economy and adoption of future technology and last but not least the implementation plan of five years (2019 – 2022).


CFM Dialogue 2019 NFCP
As an industry forum that receives and facilitates the resolution of consumer complaints, ti has become CFM’s concern when complaints on high-speed broadband services were among the highest reported complaints when talking about the types of service and it recorded a significant increase. Thus, CFM decided to organise this dialogue session, which is a platform for consumers to know about the development of the country’s broadband landscape, challenges faced by the industry and what drives the future of broadband in Malaysia,” said CFM Chairman, Mohamad Yusrizal Dato’ Yusoff. For more about the Consumer Forum of Malaysia, swing by their official website at

Cfm dialogue 2019

U Mobile teams up with GoPayz and GoBiz to roll out fintech ecosystem

U Mobile Go Payz

Local telco giant U Mobile today announced a collaboration with universal e-wallet GoPayz and digital acceptance solution purveyor GoBiz. In a press conference today, U Mobile announced their collaboration and shared details of the collaboration, which is slated for a July rollout and which will involve both platforms in order to create an accessible, affordable and inclusive fintech ecosystem.

GoPayz is widely accepted both locally and overseas and offers loyalty points on top of a wide range of insurance, currency exchange and wealth products. All transactions on PoPays are also considered safe and secure in accordance with regulatory and card scheme standards.

Digital acceptance solution platform GoBiz brings to the table a hassle free application process that allows for approval within three working days, customised solutions that include mobile virtual terminals (MVTs) and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals, the option to include addition revenue-generating services like telco-prepaid top-ups, bill payments and game points for customers.

“With GoPayz, we can now offer affordable digital financial services to everyone. We have GoLife Plus, the micro insurance which premium is as low as RM13 a month with coverage of up to RM76,000. The premium is unheard of prior to this as life insurance has alway been deemed to cater to those with higher disposable income,” said Jasmine Lee, CMO of U Mobile.

U Mobile Go Pays
Jasmine Lee, CMO of U Mobile

She added that,”U Mobile’s intention with our fintech ecosystem is to empower all, be it consumers or businesses. Hence, GoBiz seeks to enable all businesses, even the smallest of traders, to accept digital payments from customers and offer additional revenue-generating services like telco prepaid top-ups and bill payments to their customers.” For more details on U Mobile’s new partners GoPayz and GoBiz, visit  and


Red Army Watches reveals latest Laco and Gorilla collection timepieces in Malaysia

Red Army Watches Malaysia is looking to help everyone greet the coming Raya holiday season in style as they have unveiled their latest additions to their Laco and Gorilla timepiece collections in Malaysia. In a special showcase, Red Army Watches revealed the tough looking Squad Collection by Laco as well as distinctive looking Fastback collection exemplified by the Bandit from the Gorilla Fastback GT Collection.

Fastback by Gorilla collection

The Fastback collection by micro watch brand Gorilla is inspired by the iconic muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s that are the epitome of power and performance wrought in steel and chrome. The iconic curves that are the hallmark of muscle cars design are all brought to life with impeccable design and exacting attention to detail and craftsmanship. Crafted from forged carbon, the Fastback collection consists of the Phantom Black, RS White and Acid Green Fastback watches, each of which comes with a matching strap.

The Phantom Black Fastback has a bead blasted ceramic bezel matched with a camo rubber strap. The Acid Green Fastback has a polished black ceramic case with a matching strap while the RS White integrates a white ceramic finish with matching strap. The centerpiece of Gorilla’s latest collection remains the exquisitely engineered Gorilla Fastback GT Bandit that is inspired by one of the most famous cars in American motoring history – the Pontiac Trans Am 1977 Firebird bandit. A Miyota 90S5 movement is encased in a forged carbon case with rose gold-tinted accents and a mirror polished ceramic bezel. Also available are a variety of alternative hued straps that can be swapped as needed that are sold separately. The Gorilla Fastback GT Bandit retails for RM5,070 while the Fastback in Phantom Black, RS White and Acid Green retails in RM3,870.


Squad collection + Navy collection by Laco

Known by aficionados and horophiles for their extensive history in crafting aviator and maritime watches, German brand Laco has rolled out the slick looking Squad Collection that combines superb craftsmanship with immensely practical design. The exoskeleton is coated to resist rust and water while the hands and dial are embellished in Superluminova for visibility under challenging light conditions. The Laco Squad collection comes in four subvariants, each sporting a name that evokes its intended environment where it will function best – Amazonas, Atlantik, Himalaya and Mojave.

Another new addition by Laco are their Navy collection which comes in two slightly different subvariants dubbed the Navy Cuxhaven and the Navy Bremerhaven. The Navy Cuxhaven is adorned with a classic looking white dial and a cream-coloured leather strap while the Navy Bremerhaven has a black dial with matching black leather strap. Both timepieces evoke the aesthetics of a 1940’s pocket watch and hints of the design of timepieces used by crew of a U1 submarine. In Malaysia, the Squad by Laco collection has prices that start from RM4,500 while the Navy collection retails for RM4,745.

All the aforementioned timepieces are available to admire and, of course, acquire at Red Army Watches outlets nationwide at 1 Utama shopping centre, Pavilion mall in Kuala Lumpur and in Gurney Plaza, Penang. For more details swing by