Maybank Shopee Credit Card debuts with amazing rewards

Shopee has teamed up with Maybank to offer a unique and very rewarding Maybank Shopee Credit Card for Malaysians that is timely seeing that we’re pivoting as a nation towards online shopping as a norm rather than as an exception.

Maybank Shopee Credit card debuts with a slew of perks  team

According to Shopee, consumers are spending 20% more time on Shopee a week which is where the new Maybank Shopee Credit Card comes in handy as it rewards spending both online and offline with Shopee Coins. Cardholders can earn more rewards on selected sales campaigns and on the 28th of every month, cardholders will get 5x more Shopee Coins for purchases made on the Shopee platform, 4x more Shopee Coins for dining, entertainment and contactless payments and much more.

Maybank Shopee Credit card debuts with a slew of perks  2

These Shopee Coins can be used to redeem vouchers for future use or offset purchases on Shopee and if you get beyond 5,000 Shopee Points a month you’ll be rewarded with Maybank Treats Points to redeem gifts from Maybank too!

Shopee as a business has always been about impacting the local community in significant ways through our campaigns and collaborations with various stakeholders. This collaboration with Maybank and Visa is one that intends to help Malaysians with rising cost of living amid the socio-economic pressures brought about by Covid-19 as it offers users cash rebates in the form of Shopee Coins and more for all Shopee and offline spend. The card was designed to answer the needs of consumers today where shopping preferences have shifted as more are now relying on e-commerce even to get their staples, daily essentials and household necessities compared to years ago when users would only purchase things online if they are unable to get it offline. The launch of this card is indeed a milestone for us as it aligns with our commitment to use our technology to improve the livelihood of Malaysians with greater access, convenience and value,” shared Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee. 

Maybank Shopee Credit Card Eligibility

Eligibility for the Maybank Shopee Credit card is for Malaysians between the ages of 21 and 65 starting 1st July with an annual income of RM36,000 and up. Successful applicants will also get a welcome bonus of 5,000 Shopee Coins when they spend RM300 within 60 days. Early birds who sign up for the card by 7th July 2020 will also get free Shopee Vouchers worth RM500 when they spend RM300 within 45 days on a first come, first served basis. To find out how you can apply for the Maybank Shopee Credit Card, swing over to

Naturally, Shopee’s 7.7 Mid Year Sale is just around the corner so you can start keeping an eye out for things you’re keen to buy at their page at

Here’s 213 Fantastic Reasons to Love and VIsit New South Wales, Australia When We Can Travel Again

Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk at Sydney Credit Destination NSW

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on all our travel plans for the year and one of the places that hold a special place in our hearts is New South Wales, Australia which has scenic sights and awesome grub to boot. While travel restrictions are still in place, we can still hope to dream and plan our next holiday and Destination NSW has shared 213 breathtaking travel experiences that are simply unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you have to see up close.

Destination NSW has curated these 213 travel experiences that range from climbing and see the scenic vistas at the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge to diving with marine life in the South coast.

There’s something for every type of holiday goer from bucket list travellers to foodies alike looking to visit NSW, Australia. You can check out their full list on their official page at but in the meantime you can sit back and admire a selection of these scenic shots of key destinations in NSW.

V1 Zine House at Eurunderee Credit Destination NSW
Zine House at Eurunderee Credit [Destination NSW]
Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk at Sydney Credit Destination NSW
Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk at Sydney  [Credit Destination NSW]
V1 Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie Credit Destination NSW
Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie Credit [Destination NSW]
V1 SYdney Harbour Credit Destination NSW
Sydney Harbour Credit [Destination NSW]
V1 Crystal Shower Falls at Dorrigo National Park Credit Destination NSW
Crystal Shower Falls at Dorrigo National Park Credit [Destination NSW]
V1 3 Jervis Bay Credit Jordan Robins
Jervis Bay [Credit Jordan Robins]
SYdney Bridge Climb Credit Destination NSW
Sydney Bridge Climb [Credit Destination NSW]
Ben Boyd National Park at Green Cape Credit Destination NSW
Ben Boyd National Park at Green Cape Credit [Destination NSW]
V1 Jervis Bay Credit Jordan Robins
Jervis Bay [Credit Jordan Robins]
V1 Mayfield Garden at Obera Credit Destination NSW
Mayfield Garden at Obera [Credit Destination NSW]

Delight mum with Dyson hair care offerings this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll already have something suitably epic planned for mum. Seeing that the ongoing MCO means that an outdoor bash at a posh restaurant is an unlikely prospect unless you happen to have amazing baking skills, you’ll need something suitably memorable which is where the Dyson hair care range in the form of their Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap styler come into the picture.

Dyson hair care supersonic

As both a high powered hair dryer that can also double as an art deco piece, the Supersonic hair dryer uses a V9 digital motor and their Air Multiplier tech to generate a safe, high pressure jet of air for superior styling capabilities. Better yet, it has built-in systems that ensure the airflow from the Supersonic is kept to below 150°C to prevent heat damage. In Malaysia, the Dyson Supersonic is available for RM1,799 with online delivery in your choice of Iron/Fuchsia, Iron/Red, Black/Purple and Black/Nickel. From now till 10th May, every purchase of the Black/Purple variant will receive a complimentary Dyson Supersonic display stand that’s worth RM369.

dyson hair care airwrap
The Dyson Airwrap box set which would earn you extra brownie points with mum

Seeing as hair stylists aren’t going to be available for the foreseeable future, Dyson’s Airwrap styler will be a fantastic proposition for Mother’s Day. This lightsaber shaped wand also uses Dyson’s V9 digital motor and the Coanda effect to beautifully form voluminous curves and stylist-grade blow-dry finishes at home.

Like the Supersonic, the Airwrap also has intelligent heat control to prevent heat damage to hair and is incredibly easy to use too. In Malaysia, the Airwrap styler is available at RM2,199 in Iron/Fuschia, Black/Purple and a limited edition Red/Nickel colourway. Valid until 10th May, every purchase of the Dyson Airwrap styler in Iron/Fuchsia or Black/Purple will include a complimentary RM250 Dyson gift voucher too.

Both the Dyson Supersonic and Dyson Airwrap are available online at with delivery straight to your doorstep. You’re welcome.

Life’s a beach with SevenFriday’s balmy new P3C/03 Beach Club timepiece

beach club sevenfriday

SevenFriday’s latest timepiece the SevenFriday P3C/03 Beach Club harkens back to days of sunlit beaches, balmy seas and palm trees swaying in the wind.

The slick embodiment of the free and fun spirit of summer, the SevenFriday P3C/03 Beach Club is beautifully constructed of a stainless steel case with black PVD bezels on the crown and buckle embellished with eye-catching blue Berlac paint around a Miyota automatic movement. 

PC3 03 Beach Club

Continuing its unique theme, the watch features the SevenFriday logo on the side of the crown embellished in blue lacquer while acqua blue Acetate is inset around its animation ring. The strap itself is made of genuine black calf leather with embossed SevenFriday motifs.

The dial itself consists of four intricately crafted layers with bright green detailing in the 40 and 60 minute zone, blue printed relief highlights and white luminous indexes at the 12, 4 and 8 hours of the dial. 

beach club sevenfriday
To complete the picture, the SevenFriday P3C/03 Beach Club is waterproof to 10ATM while integrating their vaunted NFC security chip on the back of the case to ensure authenticity. In Malaysia, the SevenFriday P3C/03 Beach Club is available from exclusive distributor Red Army Watches for RM5,940. For more details swing by their official online store at

8 Top Tips on Working from Home from Dyson Engineers

Working from home is usually something of a luxury that’s doled out as a privilege in most companies for only the most necessary positions or tasks but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put that notion by the wayside as it’s currently getting everyone from decision makers on down working from home.

While some essential tasks require a physical presence, the majority of knowledge workers have the option for working from home though in light of present circumstances, it’s become less of a privilege and more of a requirement. For those of us used to the mores and norms of an office setting, it’s a daunting task to actually get work done with all the distractions popping up at home but getting the right setup in your house  rather than haphazardly setting up shop on the dining table or living room goes a long way to maximising your productivity.

 Working from Home angled

Everyone has their own ideas on how to create an ideal home office environment but what better way to get the right answers than from the experts themselves. We had a chat with a team of engineers from Dyson who shared 8 top tips on creating a productive indoor work environment from a very unique perspective – that of an engineer. Seeing as we’re not boffins and are ofttimes more concerned with where the coffee dispenser is and if the table matches the carpets, their unique perspectives are insightful indeed:

8 Top Tips on Working From Home

Natural Daylight is Best

Unless you work in the Arctic, you’ll be getting a good dozen hours of sunlight in a day and if you’re working from home, it’s best to make maximum use of it to regulate your work day. Centuries of evolution have tuned our biological clocks to a regular day and night cycle, with the day starting when we are exposed to morning sunlight as it signals your body that the day (and your work) has begun. It’s well worth it to set up your workspace near a well lit area like a window to kickstart your day as well as take advantage of your circadian rhythms. By the same token, sunset and nightfall also help you wind down and relax as it signals your body that the day’s labours have ended. 

 Working from Home natural daylight

You can try and hack this aspect of our biology by using the light to optimise your productivity. What happens if you don’t have decent daylight at home or it’s too hot or glaring? One option is the Dyson Lightcycle which is bright enough to mimic daylight and which can be programmed to intelligently track local daylight so that you can still take advantage of your circadian rhythm for work and rest so you can create a viable workspace almost anywhere in the house. Better yet, it’s able to adjust the lighting based on your age as older people need more light while younger ones need less for a comfortable reading experience.

Light matters to our wellbeing and task performance. When trying to recreate the characteristics of daylight, light quality is vital,” says Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer

Keep things cool

Try to avoid working in a room that is too warm which is something all too common seeing that we live in a tropical climate. That feeling of warm cosiness can make us feel sleepy or tired, but dialling the air conditioning up to polar conditions may also distract us and drive your ‘leccy bill sky high. Keep the temperature to just slightly colder than the ambient temperature (a degree or two) to stay in the optimum frame of mind for work. 

Ditch the plants or keep them outside

Plants and a bouquet of flowers can add a touch of green and a splash of colour that’s relaxing on the eyes in your home office but if you suffer from allergies or hayfever, it may be advisable to avoid keeping plants or flowers near to your workspace.

Pollen and allergens may be suspended in the air for long periods of time and trigger distracting symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing and otherwise general hayfever. If you still need to have a plant within your line of sight, consider something that does not flower like succulents or keep them within view outside on the balcony or window.

Household dust can be a concern, as it may contain allergens such as dust mite faeces and grains of pollen. Mattresses, bedding, upholstery and carpets can all accumulate unseen dust,” says Gem McLuckie, Advanced Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson UK.

Humidity matters

Humidity is an often overlooked factor to comfort. Large office spaces take significant effort to control the humidity with office-scale climate control systems and for good reason. If things are too dry, some people may notice their eyes, noses and mouths may get itchy. Too humid and people get equally uncomfortable. A humidifier would help in most home workspaces but in absence of that, a spritz or two from a fine water spray with clean water on your face once in a while would help.

Keep it quiet

Ensure that any appliances that you use to make your working space comfortable – air conditioning, humidifier, heater, lighting – aren’t too loud so as to distract you from the work at hand. Machines like the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier fans that feature a Quiet Mode or Night Mode would be a good choice as they’re whisper quiet to keep you in the zone and not distract you during a video conference call.

 Working from Home Dyson Pure Cool Me

Light It Up

When setting up a workspace whether it’s for telecommuting or even just for studying, try to create a distinctive space specific for that use only. The right lighting plays an important role in this as it subconsciously tells your mind that this section of the house has a specific purpose.

A huge chunk of time is spent in offices and significant efforts have been taken when implementing building regulations to ensure that an office environment has the right lighting for the task at hand. Your home office should be no different.

While natural light is best, it’s also necessary to make sure it’s properly regulated so that it doesn’t bounce off reflective surfaces like your laptop display or the windows to glare in your eyes or cause eye strain. It’s also a factor when doing video calls as the wrong lighting can make both your colleagues in a video call strain to see you and vice versa. 

Don’t be afraid to take control of the lighting sources around you, playing with various options until you find the ideal working setup for you. Play things up with window blinds or if necessary, tape an opaque cloth to the windows to make it less glaring during the daytime.

Rest Your Eyes

While it is important to stay focused when working from home, it is equally important to ensure that you’re giving your eyes the rest that they need. Looking at objects or reading at a fixed distance for a prolonged period of time often leads to eye strain – a slightly uncomfortable sensation for some and the cause of headaches for others.

Without realising it, the laptop and monitor displays that we use are often either too bright or not bright enough in relation to our surroundings, causing glare, which can worsen this situation. Be sure to adjust the brightness of your devices to provide a comfortable light level and text size if reading for prolonged periods. Look up from your screen and give your eyes a rest now again, as well as seeking to minimise screen time where possible.

Stick to A Schedule

Create and stick to a regular routine while also keeping your exposure to daylight – which also helps you get vitamin D too – in order to help regulate your working day. Try and form and stick to a daily schedule when working from home to create structure and enhance your productivity.


Here’s how Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series smartphones help you stay productive, entertained and active

Galaxy S20 Ultra front

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days and Malaysia has one of the highest adoption rates in the region for smartphone ownership. As the modern equivalent of mobile computers, smartphones are capable of doing more than just make calls, text and surf on social media.

Bearing in mind recent events like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had to radically adjust the way we work, live and play with most of us adjusting to a new routine of working from home. In that regard, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 series smartphones have a leg up over the competition as they feature some stunning features and unique applications that help you stay very productive, highly entertained and even get you off the couch and be active too. 

Fast and Stable Connectivity

Seeing the fact that we’re mostly stuck at home, data has become all the more crucial if not absolutely critical to getting our work done whether we’re studying or earning a paycheck. Needless to say, WiFi speeds at home may not necessarily be up to snuff like what we’re used to in uni or the office which is where the Galaxy S20 series comes into the picture as the whole range can double as a WiFi hotspot using your phone data with stable WiFi 6.

For the uninitiated, WiFi 6 is approximately 20% faster than previous generation WiFi networks which means more productivity and less frustration waiting for stuff to load. To make things even easier, the new S20 series sports an Intelligent WiFi functionality which automatically selects the best connectivity possible in any given situation whether it’s mobile data or WiFi.

Better yet, collaborating with colleagues and clients is a cinch with Google Duo and Zoom.

Galaxy S20 wifi 6

Keeping Fit with Samsung Health

Being a couch potato and gaining a few pounds is not only a risk but a serious possibility seeing as we mostly are stuck on an extended sabbatical but Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series phones sport their Samsung Health app that helps you to track the calories you’ve taken, how much sleep and the quality thereof as well as what exercise you’ve done over the course of the day. Handy that. Samsung Health is preinstalled by default and is free to use.

In the unlikely event that you’re stressed out, Samsung has also partnered with  the Calm app that helps you through to help you meditate and destress.

Galaxy S20 Health

Staying Entertained

There’s only so much of the scenery that you can enjoy outside your window and only so much TV you can watch at a stretch on the couch but the S20 series phones all have Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O displays that serve up impressive visuals onscreen.

That ought to make Netflix a treat and Samsung has thrown in  a free 4 months of YouTube Premium thrown in for good measure so that you can enjoy it everywhere. Yes, even in the shower because the S20 series have IP68 water resistance.

If you’re more aurally inclined, there’s Spotify and Samsung’s own Bixby virtual assistant works seamless with Bixby along with their Galaxy Buds+ that offer dedicated controls just for Spotify itself.

You can check out the Galaxy S20 Ultra review that we did awhile back here to find out what the best in the line can offer. If this floats your boat, Samsung offers free home delivery when you purchase their S20 series phones and get them sent right to your front door. Find out more about it in our feature here.

S20 Ultra Youtube Premium

Colour up your life and your home kitchen with these Samsung Colour Series Grill microwave ovens in Clean Pink and Clean Mint

Samsung Colour series microwave

The humble microwave – Saviour of student life, hero extraordinaire for late night snack runs and also the plainest looking thing in your kitchen next to the kettle. Not anymore though as these new Samsung Colour Series microwave ovens.

Samsung Colour series microwaves

The new Samsung Colour Series microwaves come in 23L and 30L sizes and three colours – a natty shade of Clean Mint, a cute Clean Pink and the obligatory black. The larger 30L version only comes in black though the 23L variant comes in all three colour choices.

Aesthetics aside, the Samsung Colour Series microwaves come with a Grill Fry mode to fry food in a much healthier fashion without dunking it in hot oil like fries, chicken nuggets and the like. It also has a Fast Defrost mode that thaws out bread, cake, fruit, meat, poultry and fish based on predefined settings in an optimal fashion. More importantly, the Samsung Colour Series have an ceramic enamel interior that’s exceptionally easy to clean and has 99.9% anti-bacterial properties.Samsung Colour series microwave


In Malaysia, the Samsung Colour Series microwave grills come in 23L in Pure Black, Clean Mint and Clean Pink for RM599. For the larger 30L variant, it only comes in Pure Black for RM749. For more details, check out Samsung’s official page here

10 Power Tips – How To Work From Home Effectively

We now live in uncertain times. Recent events are up-ending all our traditional perceptions of work, temporarily cancelling the traditional idea of a 9-5 working day and has changed the way we all work, at least for a while. Now, many knowledge workers are embracing a new normal as many work from home to limit exposure to the coronavirus.

While it used to be a privilege doled out due to pressing circumstances, the current pandemic means that it’s a necessity for many organisations. Where the office environment has everything needed to get your job done, including liberal amounts of coffee, fast Internet and an IT team in case anything goes south, you’re on your own with the cat (or dog, we don’t judge) at home. Here’s a few tips on how to best work from home and be a bit more productive.

Work From Home

#1 Act like you’re going to the office 

People are creatures of habit and rapidly forming a new routine helps get your brain in gear and cement the fact that you’re working and on the clock. Wake up early like you’re going to work and if necessary, dress up for the part. Some need the full get-up – office suit and all – but over time I managed to pare the whole thing down to donning a black baseball cap associated solely with work just to get the ritual started. Once you have a work routine settled, telecommuting should be much easier with a darned lot shorter commute.

Work from home suit up
Telecommuting is just like going to the office, just with a super short commute!

#2 Pick a dedicated work space in your home

Part of forming a new routine to effectively work from home  is also establishing a work space that’s solely dedicated to your trade. Carpenters need a work table and a workshop. Potters need a pottery wheel. Fortunately, as knowledge workers we mostly need a solid notebook and a stable Internet connection which means we have the luxury of setting up shop almost anywhere in the house. 

Pick a spot like a guest room with a door that you can preferably close during work hours and which is as quiet as possible. Failing that, or if you’re living alone, pick a spot away from the TV, PlayStation or other forms of entertainment and also away from your bedroom. You’re here to work after all. A kitchen countertop works in a pinch but may result in more snacking than usual. Work from home pro tip – pick somewhere with a window when you work from home so that you your body clock can also adjust to the routine.

Work from home pick a work space
Pick out a dedicated work space at home thats relatively free of distractions – a window is a bonus and plenty of plugpoints for all your gear.

#3 Stick to a Schedule and Form a Routine

When you’re working from home, there’s a lack of the social impetus of a group as a whole to stay motivated and to be held accountable for productivity. Time tends to blur and you’re left without a focus with impromptu lunch hours, with distractions taking up your time and you end up losing focus. Set up a personal work schedule using something like Google Calendar and stick to it with a break for lunch or dinner in between. Once you’re off the clock, unless it’s a major crisis, leave it for the next work day.

Work from home
Emails sorted. Paperwork sorted. Work discussion on Skype sorted. Modern Warfare Warzone match after work booked.

#4 Separate work from your personal life on your devices

If you work from home, it becomes all the more important to separate your work life from your personal life. That also extends to your devices as well. It’s well worth the effort to create separate work and personal profiles in your web browser to minimise distractions and to avoid having your Modern Warfare teammates ping you during the workday for a scrum. 

Another way to separate your work from your personal affairs is to use separate browsers and apps. If your office is relying on Edge and Outlook to get work done, you can try using Chrome or Gmail. If that isn’t an option, you can try using an app or extension that ensures you don’t waste time browsing erronous tripe like WasteNoTime for Chrome as an extension and Safari.

This also extends to synching your devices. Take extra special care that you don’t back-up and sync your personal emails and photo galleries with your work accounts and vice versa. If needed, use a separate phone or set apart a Work profile that creates a separate, selectable partition on your phone that’s different from your personal account. That or get a separate work phone.

If you’re given the option to pick your own phone or you’re privately employed, Galaxy S-series phones like the Galaxy S10, the Note series like the Note9, Note10 and the new Galaxy S20 all have Samsung’s own defence-grade Knox protection that ensure enhanced protection of company data. You’re also able to get home delivery along with bundled in-store Irresistable Deals from Samsung when you order their new Galaxy S20 series that include a free wireless charger and 128GB microSD card so it’s well worth a gander.

Galaxy S20 Ultra front

#5 Stay off social media during work hours

Social media is a timesink. Whether you’re wandering around on TikTok, scrolling through feeds on Facebook or just paging through Instagram, you’ll notice a bizarre temporal anomaly which results in what was originally a few minutes of wasted time turn into a few hours burned into the ether. That’s a serious productivity killer when you work from home.

The word – logout of social media when you’re at work on your work PC and temporarily turn off notifications for your social media apps. Unless your day job is actually managing social media in which case that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. When you clock off for the day, you can turn it all back on or like the previous tip, switch back to your personal profile on your PC and your phone.

Work from home

#6 Take a Break When You Can

It’s good to take a break now and then in between your designated work hours. Take a breather, make a cup of coffee and see the scenery for a few minutes. Some also advocate a 20-minute power nap, a practice many Mediterranean countries observe. The trick here is doing it in moderation. To measure out your breaks, try and keep some tokens – glass beads or even Lego minifigs will do –  each of them for a quick non-work related 15-minute break and then cash them out through the course of the day.  Not including your lunch break, portion out 2-3 break tokens. And no, they don’t rollover to the next day.

how to work from home
You can portion out your daily breaks with tokens that each denote a 15-minute quick break but we don’t advocate eating them. Except In this particular case. Antioxidants FTW.

#7 Collaborate with the Power of Tech

Collaborating with fellow colleagues that are geographically split apart all across the map or rather the globe would have been a challenge in the last decade or so but improved internet connectivity and a host of collaborative apps have made it a darned lot easier to work from home.

All services stated below are free, which is a godsend for freelancers and SMEs though larger enterprises will likely already have their own solutions in place to tackle all these needs.

To manage projects with a team, you can try Trello. For group discussions with colleagues, you can try Zoom which can handle large teleconferences or multiple-presence group chats or Skype for small group conference calls and one-one on discussions.

To collaborate on a document, you can try Google Docs which has robust live collaboration functionality – you can actually see edits happen and track every change – but it doesn’t quite format Word .docx files perfectly and you’ll need to be fairly careful with configuring sharing permissions lest private data leaks out into the wild.

Work from home teleconference
Top teleconference topic with colleagues “Did you catch see that Kingdom zombie flick on Netflix?Note- Simulated scenario only. Please do not really do this in a company teleconference.

#8 How to Work From Home Effectively – Get the Right Technologies for the Job

You need the right tools and technologies to get the job done if you’re looking to effectively work from home. While battery life is less of a concern seeing as you’re mostly stuck in one place, you’ll need a notebook that has the right form factor, size and specifications to fit your job scope.

If you’re a content creator like a video editor or a graphic artist, you’re going to need a notebook or desktop PC with a graphics card paired with a large, colour-calibrated display. Viable alternatives include powerful, portable rigs like the Alienware M17 R2 or the Illegear Onyx Pro, both of which have massive colour-accurate displays, beefy graphics cards and powerful processors too. The fact that they’re also extremely capable gaming machines is an added bonus.

Illegear Ionic and Onyx Pro
The Illegear Ionic (left) and Onyx Pro (right) have been specifically designed for creators with beautiful, sRGB compliant displays, beefy processors and extensive battery life.

If you’re a writer, programmer or other mobile knowledge worker dealing mostly with text or code, you’ll need a decent processor and a keyboard with good key travel. While not mandatory, lightness and portability go a long way as they’ll be able to accompany you on work meetings outside of home once the ongoing eventually MCO lifts. If you’re one of those who can’t stand staying in one place to work for extended periods of time, the lightness is a definite plus when you move locations around the house to work in from the couch, the desk, the dining room to the laundry room (guilty as judged).

Solid examples include the Dell XPS 13 9300 that was recently released in Malaysia, the Illegear Ionic, the HP Spectre and the Acer Swift 5. For those looking for a business-oriented convertible, the Dell Latitude 9510 is also a viable proposition.

It goes without saying that regardless of the job scope, the more RAM and the more storage you have the better. Of course, it also falls down to either your personal budget or that of the company’s IT department but the above selections represent a good range to shop around for.

how to work from home
The new Dell XPS 13 series combine a beautifully machined chassis with exceptional performance and endurance

#9 Seamless Device Interactivity is key

Smartphones are an intrinsic part of our lives. They’re also, at least in the context of being productive, major distractions with a constant series of pings, beeps and other notifications streaming in from emails, whatever social media you’re hooked up to, games and texts from friends, family and colleagues. Compound that by two when you’re juggling a work and private account unless you silence your phone which can also be counterproductive when you miss an important call or text. 

Dell Mobile Connect
Dell Mobile Connect works best with Dell laptops and PCs of recent vintage and with Android or iPhones.

Transferring content whether it’s photos, documents or more between a notebook and a laptop can also be a chore too which is where smart integration applications like Dell Mobile Connect come into play. Dell Mobile Connect is installed by default on many Dell notebooks after 2018 and lets you transfer content from images to documents while allowing you to mirror your smartphone home screen straight on your notebook’s desktop.

You’re able to read and triage texts at a glance onscreen and take files straight off your phone too, which reduces the time spent picking up and looking at your phone and makes working from home a bit more effective. The latest update for Dell Mobile Connet now lets it work with both Android and Apple iPhones too.

How to work from Home huawei smart life
Huawei’s Multi-screen collaboration mode lets you mirror and transfer content back and forth from your Huawei devices to your MateBook in a fast and seamless fashion.

Huawei’s latest Mate series and P series phones also have their Huawei Multi-screen collaboration modes that offer the same thing on their own MateBook notebooks in a wireless fashion while Samsung also offers their DeX mode as well which works via a USB type-A to type-C cable plugged into any Windows PC.


#10 Accessorise!

Nothing’s perfect and to get the most out of your work from home experience, you may want to consider augmenting your home office with some accessories that make working easier or more efficient. This is outside the scope of this article but you may want to consider getting a more comfortable or ergonomically sound office chair, a USB hub so that you can dock, charge and connect with more devices and possibly get a wireless mouse or a notebook stand.

how to work from home
The Huawei FreeBuds 3 wireless earbuds also offer active noise cancelling and long battery life

If you have to work in an environment with a lot of background noise (screaming progeny, loud traffic, neighbour playing ludicrously loud heavy metal music) , consider investing in a pair of active noise cancelling headphones to work from home effectively. Failing that, you can opt for headphones or earbuds with good sound insulation such as the Huawei Freebuds 3 which as active noise cancelling, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which has two drivers in each earpiece or if your budget is a bit more pedestrian, the Edifier TWS1and the Realme Buds Air are good options.

While working at home means less need for wireless connectivity, picking a wireless pair of earbuds or headphones also means freeing up the inevitable cable tangle on your desk though you have another item to charge up at the end of the work day. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and a higher quality accessory will pay dividends in productivity over time.

Work from home

Do you have any productivity tips to work from home? Shoot us a message and let the Hitech Century team know and we’ll add it to the list!

TikTok shows 4 trending things to watch during the MCO in Malaysia

Things can seem a bit grim when you’re stuck at home staring at the house cat all day without seeing a soul outside of the pizza guy once in a while and whoever you’re cooped up with but TikTok is sharing 4 handy hashtags to follow while you’re cooped up at home:



Find out how local celebrities and everyone else in Malaysia are observing the #stayathome Movement Control Order while still being entertained and entertaining us all. Check out what actress Joey Leong, singer Faizal Tahir are doing by tracking this hashtag.



Assuming your culinary repertoire extends beyond boiling water and pressing a button on a microwave, TikTok’s #CookatHome hashtag and its commensurate array of cooking videos looks like the perfect way to show your skills and learn a few more tricks too.

Tiktok cookathome

Keeping your hands and avoiding touching your face are critical during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about the easiest and most effective way to flatten the curve of the pandemic – washing your hands! And yes, watching Terry Crews washing his hands never gets old.



Last but not least, the thing that TIkTok is best known for – dances! It’s rather amusing, even to a grizzled Gen X warhorse seeing aspiring dances come up with a means to sync a dance to a short chorus from a song and the latest ones to trend are Supalonely by BENEE and Lose Control by Meduza. No specific hash tags for these but even a simple scrollthrough will uncover dozens if not hundreds of dances.

The TikTok app is free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Have fun!

The Fastback Trufflehunter timepiece from Gorilla is a looker that’s pretty in pink

Most watches come in the usual earthy or cool metallic shades of metal, steel, gold and the like though Gorilla’s Fastback GT Trufflehunter bucks convention as it comes with a distinctively pastel pink finish complemented by butcher-cut style graphics at strategic points.

There’s a reason for it all as it was designed as a homage to an obscure but important test car that saw use at LeMans in 1971.

Gorilla Fastback GT Truffelhunter angled

Dubbed the Trufflehunter or, in more graphic terms as the ‘Pink Pig’, the original prototype test car made an impression indeed with its deep-rounded wheel wheels and extreme width as well as its shortened chassis before it crashed at the race. 

Gorilla Fastback GT Truffelhunter rear

The Gorilla Fastback GT Truffelhunter timepiece features a 44mm case forged of woven carbon with ceramic bezels along with a screw-down titanium crown for enhanced water resistance. The open caseback and glass consist of scratch-resistant sapphire while a Miyota 90S5 self-winding movement keeps things ticking along nicely. The Truffelhunter’s dial is embellished with gun metal plated numerals with white Superluminova embellished hands and hour markers. Complementing this striking look is a strap made of viton rubber. 


The Gorilla Fastback GT Truffelhunter is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide and is available for RM6,835 at Red Army Watches outlets at Pavilion KL, 1 Utama mall and Gurney Plaza, Penang. For more details, please swing by Red Army Watches Malaysia’s official Facebook page at