Legendary 7 Campaign by Touch ‘N Go E-Wallet rewards fans with RM7 movies on 7 July

Movie buffs rejoice as the new Touch ‘N Go e-wallet app is now offering an absolutely bonkers deal dubbed the Legendary 7 Campaign that will take place on 7 July 2018 for one day only where you can buy movie tickets for just RM7. That’s right, you get to watch Hollywood blockbusters for a song including some of the hottest films including Ant-Man and the Wasp, Escape Plan 2: Hades and more.

Getting in on this amazing deal is an absolute doddle. You simply have to:


1)Download the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet from the Apple App Store here or from the Google Play Store here to get started on your journey to experiencing a cinematic blockbuster for pocket change.

2) Reload your e-wallet wallet.

3) Purchase one (1) TGV movie ticket on 7th July 2018 with show time before 7pm at RM7 at any of the 7 selected TGV Cinemas locations by scanning the QR code using the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet.


There’s some fine print of course. This bonkers Legendary 7 campaign offer is redeemable only if you pay with the Touch ‘N Go e-wallet and only at seven locations nationwide. They are: Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur, AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre Klang, Wangsa Walk Mall Kuala Lumpur, Jaya Shopping Centre Petaling Jaya, AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre Johor, AEON Station 18 Ipoh, Gurney Paragon Mall Penang.

For the uninitiated, the Touch ‘N Go e-wallet is the latest most convenient way to get movie tickets, sort out your utilities, pay your phone bills and even your flight tickets. All of this is achievable via your smartphone, which is quite a leap forward towards being a cashless society. For more details swing by http://www.touchngo.com.my/html/mobile_payment.aspx


Touch ‘n Go app will let you pay for LRT rides and more

If you’ve plied the myriad corridors and tunnels of the LRT, MRT, KTM and Monorail system in Kuala Lumpur and parts beyond, gone through any of a host of car parks in the country or driven on any of the mega highways criss-crossing Malaysia, you’ll likely have used or even have on your person that ubiquitous token of passage that allows you access to all these forms of transport – the Touch ‘n Go card. Today, Touch ‘n Go are taking it to the next level as they’re rolling out a trial run that lets you pay for passage on  Malaysia’s LRT system via their Touch ‘n Go app.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android. For now, the trial is limited to 1,000 selected users and will take place starting today till 31 July 2018. The trial is also currently limited to a selected number of LRT stations ( Kelana Jaya, Kerinchi, Dang Wangi, Universiti, KL Sentral, KLCC and Ampang Park) which currently have the mechanisms to accept QR code payments from the app. The general idea is that you can tag in and tag out using the app on the phone by scanning it at the turnstile.

Topping up the credit value on the Touch ‘n Go app is via all the usual options including online banking, a reload PIN via a Touch ‘n Go top-up machine dotted around selected  LRT stops or via credit card. All this has to be done manually for now though they have an auto-reload function slated later on down the line. It’s also separate from the physical value stored in whatever Touch ‘n Go cards that you have on your person so some additional leg work is necessary.

Other additional features slated for the app include the ability to pay your prepaid or postpaid phone bills, pay your Astro cable TV bill, book flights and movie tickets too. Handy, that.

To download the Touch ‘n Go App for iOS swing by here. To download on Android click here. For more details on Touch ‘n Go, swing by their official site at www.touchngo.com.my

IPC Mall app answers the most important question Malaysians have daily

Malaysians ask one of the most challenging questions that test the mettle of even the learned of men at least three times a day. The question? “What to eat?”. Fortunately, IPC Shopping Centre’s revamped app aims to resolve that question in an impressively astute fashion.

The IPC Shopping Centre app is able to effectively answer that perennial Malaysian question and tailor it to the user by basing it off their Spotify history. The app, which was built in collaboration with Spotify, reads off your Spotify playlist and then suggests food that matches your mood based on that from the various outlets and eateries within the IPC mall.

The app also solves all the handy pain points of traversing malls as it also packs a store guide, parking information and the latest promotions. The IPC app is available for free download now on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

The new Samsung Members app is available for download

Buying a phone is usually a cut and dried affair with a preorder bonus at most to sweeten the pot. In 2016. Samsung introduced their mySamsung loyalty app that made owning one of their phones in the long term a very pleasant prospect with a constant deluge of freebies and discounts for food, dining and lifestyle products. All good things must come to an end though and Samsung is decommissioning the mySamsung app for their improved Samsung Members app.

The older mySamsung app will stop working on 1 March 2018 so you'll need to download the new Samsung Members app
The older mySamsung app will stop working on 1 March 2018 so you’ll need to download the new Samsung Members app

In terms of functionality, the Samsung Members app is functionally similar to the mySamsung app with several improvements along with an easier to see layout. With the new Samsung Members app, you still get a shortcut to access customer service, allow permissions for remote support and live chat for assistance though it’s easier to find and access. You’re also able to see the nearest authorised service location for your phone based on where you are located.

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Members app offers a series of free vouchers, freebies and discounts based on what Samsung device you own. Where it improves on the older mySamsung app in spades is the inclusion of an expanded diagnostics mode that helps you test more aspects of your phone to see if anything under the hood is wonky which comes in very handy.

The old mySamsung app will continue to work until 1 March 2018. After that it will cease functioning. All your warranty information and details on devices you own are stored in the cloud so transferring over to the new Samsung Members app is a seamless affair that won’t void your warranty.

The Samsung Members app is available for free download and is compatible with the following Samsung phones and tablets: Galaxy Tab S3, the Galaxy J3, J4 and J7 and the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. In terms of the Note series, the Galaxy Note edge, the Galaxy Note, 4, 5, Note FE and the Note8. For the Galaxy S-series, the app works with the Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and S8. For more details on the app, swing by http://www.samsung.com/my/apps/samsung-members/

Boost mobile wallet app aims to paint the town red

Malaysians keen to go cashless will likely appreciate what the Boost mobile wallet app has to offer. Launched last year as a lifestyle loyalty app, Boost has now turned into an e-wallet with a youth oriented bent and significant partnerships with a host of entertainment, dining and shopping purveyors in Malaysia.

Christopher Tiffin, CEO of Boost
Christopher Tiffin, CEO of Boost

The Boost app, like many e-wallets is able to store value with users transferring cash into the app via credit card ,debit card or any of 17 banking partners. When conducting a transaction, buyers simply scan a provided QR code by the merchant, key in their PIN number and the amount to pay and they’re done with the amount deducted from Boost’s e-wallet.

Of particular note is that the Boost app allows users to send money to another user without interbank charges and across mobile networks. It also has the rather novel ability to allow users to go dutch when splitting payments such as after a meal and cash out tord value to a bank account.

Boost subscribers are also able to take advantage of Boost to top up their prepaid mobile credit as well as purchase a host of digital vouchers from the Boost ‘Digital Shop’. These vouchers run the gamut ranging from top-up credits for popular gaming platforms like Steam, Garena, MOL, Playstation store all the way to vouchers from a cornucopia of restaurants such as myBurgerlab, Inside Scoop, La Juiceria, Krispy Kreme and more. More fashion oriented users can also acquire vouchers from 11Street, Lazada, Zalora and Shopee. Better yet, these digital vouchers can also be gifted too.

To date, Boost has over 800,000 active users with over 5,000 merchants in Kuala Lumpur that accept payment via the app. In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Boost will debut its ‘Paint the Town Red’ campaign which has a host of red QR codes scattered across town at all online and offline partner merchants. Scanning these QR codes and conducting a transaction via Boost  will allow users to receive ang pows and be in the running for a Share & Get Ang Pow minigame.

The Boost app is free for download on iOS and the Google Play store and currently works in Malaysia though other countries are slated down the line. For more details swing by https://www.myboost.com.my/


Acronis Ransomware Protection available for free download

By extension, ransomware – the act of encrypting your hard disk unless you pay a fee – is possibly one of the worst cybercrimes that can happen and once it does, there’s little to stop it from happening. Fortunately, Acronis has rolled out their free Acronis Ransomware Protection app that aims to nix that problem permanently in the bud.

The Acronis Ransomware Protection app stops ransomware attacks in real time and monitors system processes to automatically detect and stop attacks that other antivirus solutions can’t. If things go south, the app blocks the malicious process and informs the user with a pop-up message and if anything got damaged in the attack, it helps to recover the damaged files.
The app has a small runtime footprint at 20MB and can toodle about quietly in the background without affecting system performance. If things really go up the creek, it has a free 5GB of Acronis Cloud storage that helps you protect critical files from all manner of mishaps including hardware failure, natural disasters and the like.

The best part is that Acronis Ransomware Protection plays nice with other antivirus programs so it acts as another effective protective layer for your PC. To test the effectiveness of the app, you can fieldtest it via a ransomware simulator at RanSim. To download the app for free, you can swing by www.acronis.com though it’s only available for Windows at the moment.

Image source Acronis
[Image Acronis]


AliBaba’s DingTalk collaboration platform released in English for Malaysia market

The days of plonking everyone in the same office for a meeting in order to get something sorted out are going the way of the dodo. These days businesses tend to veer towards collaborating remotely though a dearth of cohesive, cost effective options means having to kludge out out an ad hoc system from multiple platforms. Enter DingTalk.

Hugo Zhu_Chief Technology Officer DingTalk
Hugo Zhu_Chief Technology Officer DingTalk showcasing the launch of the platform in Malaysia

Created in January 2015, Dingtalk is an enterprise communication and collaboration platform that is designed for small to medium enterprises. The enterprise-oriented platform is exceptionally capable, allowing for users to use the full gamut of online interactive communication options including text chat, video and voice conferencing and more. For enterprises that lack an accounting arm, the platform is also able to track and support HR, travel and expensive approvals.

Dingtalk is immensely robust and scalable. While its designed for small to medium enterprises, the platform allows for up to 3,000 members in a single group chat and VoIP voice conferencing for up to 50 people at a time and up to 16 parties at a time for video conferencing which can easily cover the vast majority of companies. The platform also offers an integrated email system with read/unread status updates.

The myriad of features that the DingTalk is able to offer for SMEs
The myriad of features that the DingTalk is able to offer for SMEs

Previously available only in Chinese, Dingtalk is now available in English for the first time and Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia that the Alibaba Group has released the platform in with more countries slated for release later on down the line. In China, the platform is used by over five million organisations, making it one of the most popular collaborative platforms in China.

DingTalk is free for download on iOS and Android and is also available on Mac and Windows platforms too.
DingTalk is free for download on iOS and Android and is also available on Mac and Windows platforms too.

The Dingtalk platform is available across multiple different operating systems to accommodate different enterprise needs that include iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and is one of the first apps from China to be certified to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, a globally recognised data security benchmark that ensure that all data is encrypted to SSL/TLS security standards. 

More importantly, the platform is, for the moment, absolutely free to download with no subscriptions required and use though external charges, such as using data or voice minutes off your own telco and the like are, of course, out of your own pocket.  Additional options like additional storage in the cloud are, of course, chargeable.

DingTalk has also released a series of smart office devices that organisations can purchase that expand the functionality of the platform. Among the examples that are slated for release are a fingerprint reader that marks staff attendance, a facial recognition digital receptionist to remotely interact with visitors, a smart router and a plethora of digital projectors too. There no firm prices or release dates for the Malaysia market.

For more details and to download the platform swing by www.dingtalk.com/en

Waze tells you when to start your drive this coming holiday season

It’s that time of year again when everyone  has to brave the jam on our highways to make it back home in time for Christmas and the New Year. Unless you go inordinately early or incredibly late, odds are you’ll have to tough it out with everyone else in a bumper to bumper crawl back to wherever you call home. Fortunately, Waze is able to save you the effort as they’ve just released a schedule of the best times to travel in Malaysia ahead of the coming holiday season.

Rather than relying on guesswork and an Ouija board, Waze has a vast database to crunch the numbers on to find out the best times with the least traffic to travel in Malaysia for the coming holiday season. In this case, they’ve used the statistics from 2016 for this years predictions and they’re rather interesting indeed. You can check out the table below for the details.

According to Waze, traffic conditions will go downhill on Friday 22 December between 1PM and 3PM and will be the worst day to travel. Waze has also predicted the top 5 states that will see a spike in traffic during the year-end holiday period so that you can adjust your timing accordingly. Interestingly enough, Malacca is predicted to see a 1.3x increase in traffic followed by Perak, Kuala Terengganu and Sarawak which will see 1.2x more than normal traffic.

Rather than having to constantly refer to the table, you can optionally use Waze’s Planned Drive function that will help you get a route planned up that avoids the aforementioned peak times to get you home.

Here’s how to access it in Waze:

1) Tap the Menu .
2) Tap on the Planned tab.
3) Tap the plan icon to add a drive.
4) Search for your destination in the Search bar .
5) Choose the time and date at which you’d like to arrive to your destination and then tap Save.
6) Once you’ve set a future drive, you’ll see it appear in the Menu panel under Planned. You can also choose a more convenient route and avoid high traffic areas.

The new COVER app gets you damage insurance for your phone

No matter how you slice it, smartphones these days represent a substantial chunk of your paycheck, more so if you’re carrying the latest flagships that invariably cost more to fix than to replace. The new COVER app aims to solve that conundrum nicely as it’s the first app based smartphone fixing app plan of its kind in Malaysia.

The general premise is that COVER acts as an insurance plan of sorts via a downloadable app. Downloading the app is free and it’s available on the Google Play store and Apple app store. Once downloaded, you can then sign up to the COVER smartphone fixing plan which covers you for six months for an RM90 one-off fee which works out to about RM0.50 sen a day to cover one phone based on its IMEI number though tablets are slated for later on down the line depending on market demand. You can then use the app to acquire 24/7 assistance and consultation as to the nature of the problem and, assuming you’ve purchased a repair plan, get it fixed.

The COVER app currently covers most major brands in Malaysia including Asus, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Blackberry, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus and Sony among several brands. The COVER plan offers repairs inclusive of parts whilst under coverage for the following problems:

  • Cracked screen
  • Touchscreen malfunction
  • Camera malfunction
  • Battery failure
  • Home button failure
  • Charging port failure
  • Speaker malfunction
  • Microphone failure
  • Headphone jack
  • Volume button failure

    If  you’re experiencing any of the 10 above complications, you can submit a report via the app and then be referred to the nearest COVER agent to repair your problem. Currently the app covers the Klang Valley though other locations are in the pipeline later on down the line. Repairs can be booked to specific times and dates. Each plan only insures you against one form of damage so you’ll have to acquire multiple ‘plans’ so to speak if you happen to endure the misfortune of encountering multiple problems with your phone. While consultation is immediate, repair sessions will require a two-day processing time to schedule a repair. This may also possibly also void your warranty depending on the nature of the problem.

  • The COVER app plans to diversity later on with more plan variants and more covered regions in Malaysia as well. For more details on the COVER app and the fine print swing by www.cover4u.com.my


Traqkid child tracking app offers peace of mind for parents

Child safety is an important issue and one that U Mobile and Knightsbridge Resources Sdn Bhd are tackling head-on as they’ve just launched their TraqKid app that, as you’d likely surmise from its nomenclature, acts as a child tracking app for parents to geolocate where their kids are in real time based on the SIM card off their mobile phone.

Where TraqKid elevates it over a standard geotracking app is that it has a 24/7 call centre attached to the service ready to assist users in any unforeseen circumstances.  The app also allows for geofencing and the ability to track location history for up to six months back. In an emergency, parents can trigger an alert to mobilise a team to where the child was last tracked to find them. The clincher is that this app works exclusively with U Mobile SIM cards with the app tracking subjects/kids via the aforementioned SIM cards.

Preorders have already commenced yesterday from 1 November onwards. Signing up requires an RM58 fee per month to U Mobile. For more details swing by the official Traqkid site at www.traqkid.my