Get an RM200 Huawei cash voucher for just RM1 on BIG Loyalty app

Huawei Malaysia has just teamed up with BIG Loyalty to enable BIG members to redeem some sweet Huawei bargains and offers using BIG points. For a limited time only, BIG members are able to cash in an RM200 Huawei store cash voucher with just 125 BIG points via the new BIG Loyalty app.

This free RM200 Huawei cash voucher can go towards buying a new P30, P30 Pro, Mate30 or Mate30 Pro smartphone on the Huawei online store which knocks a substantial amount off the price off these 4 models.

BIG Loyalty Mate30

BIG Loyalty Mate30 Pro

To score these deals, you’ll naturally need to be a BIG member and download the BIG Loyalty app for it to work but it’s certainly worth the trouble. You can download the AirAsia BIG Loyalty app for both iOS and Android for free here.

BIG Loyalty Huawei P30

BIG Loyalty P30 ProIn the meantime, Huawei is also offering a slew of bargains in the days leading up to Ramadan with selected purchases scoring free gifts up to RM756, flash deals and much more. For those acquiring the new Huawei MateBook X Pro, there’s a slew of freebies too including the Sound X wireless speaker. For more details on Air Asia’s BIG Loyalty app, swing by their official page.While you can peruse Huawei’s official online store for deals at

You can now swap Samsung Rewards Points for sweet dahmakan e-vouchers

Since Samsung has introduced their own Samsung Pay platform on selected smartphones like their Galaxy S-series such as their recently launched Galaxy S20 line-up, they’ve introduced a slew of promotions for users. Seeing as we’re all stuck at home and relying to some degree on food delivery, Samsung has teamed up with dahmakan for a special promotion.

samsung pay dahmakan

From today till 23rd June 2020, users can redeem dahmakan e-vouchers. Trading in 150 Samsung Reward points gets you a 10% discount e-voucher if you’re an existing user. If you are a new dahmakan user, you can trade in 200 Samsung Rewards points and get RM8 off your first order with dahmakan. There’s a small caveat of course in that you’ll need a minimum spend of RM14.90 in a transaction to be eligible to use the voucher. 

Not all Samsung phones support Samsung Pay but in general all of the Galaxy Note series, all the Galaxy S series  and a good chunk of the higher end Galaxy A series phones offer Samsung Pay.  For more on the fine print you can visit their official page here. To download the Samsung Pay app on your Samsung phone, check out their official shortcut link here.

Dell Mobile Connect app update now lets you control your iPhone from your PC

Dell Mobile Connect

The Dell mobile Connect app has just enjoyed a new and free update that allows Apple iPhone users to pair up, mirror their iPhone display off their Dell notebook or desktop display akin to what Android users enjoy at present.

Originally launched in 2018, the Dell Mobile Connect app aims to bridge the divide between Dell notebooks and smartphones as it enables users to mirror the contents of their phone and fully interact with it straight off their notebook display to offer more seamless, better productivity rather than having to constantly swap between two devices.

Dell Mobile Connect image 2Originally, it worked best with Android phones but the latest update, which was announced earlier this year at CES 2020 now enables Apple iPhone users to now enjoy the same functionality. Once paired up, you’ll get a mirrored version of your phone display on your Dell PC or laptop home screen and can then drag and drop files and even make or take calls on the phone purely with your mouse and keyboard.

The latest updates to the app now enable iPhone users on iOS 11+ the ability to mirror their iPhone display on their display while also allowing for the ability to seamlessly transfer files back and forth. This used to be a royal pain in the posterior but the Dell Mobile Connect App makes it as easy as a drag-and-drop procedure on your Dell desktop.

You can effectively get notifications, texts, messages and whatnot and then respond to them on your Dell notebook or PC. For security reasons, you can only access data from your paired phone only when it’s within tethering range of your Dell PC.

The Dell Mobile Connect App is free to download off the Microsoft store and is pre-installed by default on all Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series PCs purchased after January 2018. For more details, check out Dell Malaysia’s official page

Dell Cinema Guide helps you search for all your streaming content for free

The rise of streaming content providers has resulted in the average user keeping an eye on not one but several platforms from the ubiquitous Netflix to local player iFlix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+, just to name a few. Just finding what you want to watch from all these platforms is a chore to say the least, which is where the new Dell Cinema Guide app comes into the picture.

Dell cinema guide

The Dell Cinema Guide app acts as content aggregator of sorts, allowing you to search all the streaming platforms that you’re subscribed to or which are free to find what you want to watch with over 200 such streaming services currently recognised by Dell Cinema Guide.

You’re able to search for content that you want to watch by a variety of parameters including genre, content type, actor or actress and more while also checking out the reviews for said content to see whether it’s a turkey or a box office hit.

There’s no exact list of what streaming services that the Dell Cinema Guide will support or interact with but it should cover all the major ones that we chunk out cash to on a regular basis as well as free streaming platforms.

Dell Cinema Guide launch date and price

There’s no exact date on when it will be available for download save that it will come out this year but new models of XPS, Inspiron or G series notebooks will have them preinstalled out of the box.

More importantly, the Dell Cinema Guide will be available for download for free on the Microsoft Store on release, which means that using it isn’t tied down to a Dell device which is an incredibly generous move that also potentially expands the brand name to users of other brands too.

Dell Mobile Connect app update now lets your iPhone pair up with your Dell PC

Dell Mobile Connect image 2

If you own both an iPhone and a Windows notebook and have been bemoaning the lack of integration with both devices, you now have reason to rejoice with the latest update for the Dell Mobile Connect app.

Dell has announced that an update rolling out for Dell Mobile Connect now enables support for iPhones on top of existing compatibility with Android smartphones on Dell’s XPS, Alienware, Inspiron and Vostro PCs and notebooks. What makes it  downright fantastic is that the app is apparently available for download and use not just on Dell notebooks but on virtually any Windows 10 notebook or PC. 

Now, let that sink in for a bit. Regardless of what flavour of notebook you have, though Dell’s would naturally have a smoother and more integrated experience, you’re able to use Dell Mobile Connect. I have lost count how many times transferring images out from a smartphone was a royal chore. With Dell’s app acting as a bridge of sorts between both devices, it’s simply a matter of drag and drop.

More often than not, users today are often performing a number of different tasks on both their notebook and PC. Most of the time, users are divided in attention between both devices. What the Dell Mobile Connect app offers is wireless integration between a smartphone and a PC or notebook.

Once you’ve installed the Dell Mobile Connect app on your iPhone or Android phone, you’re able to pair both devices up via a Bluetooth and WiFi direct connection to create an interactive, mirrored instance of your smartphone display on your Windows desktop. 

Dell Mobile Connect

This allows you to use and interact with your smartphone via your PC, drag and drop files – images, music, text, you name it –  between either device and even run apps native to the phone in that windowed instance with your keyboard and touchpad. 

There’s a number of tangible benefits with this setup via Dell Mobile Connect as it allows you more screen real estate to work with especially for documents and spreadsheets, on top of the more obvious benefits of having a larger screen for, how shall we say, off-site entertainment i.e – mobile games.

You’re even able to text and take calls off your PC (a Bluetooth headset is advisable unless you want everyone in the office to find out that you need to buy milk later and that the cat went missing again) which is as awesome as it sounds. All this happens without the need for onerous cables or chunky docks. 

The Dell Mobile Connect app is installed by default on all XPS, Alienware, Inspiron and Vostro series notebooks and PCs though you can  find it available for free download and use for any Windows 10 PC.

Naturally, you’ll have to download the corresponding app for free on the Google Play store and the Apple app store to get it to interact with your chosen phone. Usage and downloading it is free.

Dell Mobile Connect update release date

At present, Dell is slating the free update for Dell Mobile Connect to happen sometime in Spring 2020 which places it around February to March 2020 but after checking their official page, we found the links available for download already. For more details, visit their official page here.

To download Dell Mobile Connect on Windows, visit the Microsoft store here:

To download Dell Mobile Connect for iPhones visit the Apple App store  link here:

To download Dell Mobile Connect for Android smartphones visit their link here:

Sunway rolls out ‘Jom Makan Ém All!’ AR gaming app

If there’s one thing that Malaysians all have in common is a fascination with food in all its myriad forms and to celebrate that experience, the Sunway Group has created a ‘Jom Makan Ém All’ augmented reality gaming application that embraces and gamifies this unifying love for food.

The AR gaming  ‘Jom Makan Ém All’ gaming app can be found on Sunway Groups official Facebook page as a Facebook Face Filter. Once you get it up and running, you get what is essentially a variant of the infamous Flappy Bird game with players actively attempting to devour everything on screen by moving their mouths. Good times.

Jom Makan Ém All game 2

All this devoted attention to racking up a high score does indeed lead somewhere. From 26 August to 15 September, players who play the game can stand a chance to win Sunway PALS points worth RM3,000. Every week, 2 winners will be selected at random and announced on the official Sunway Group Facebook page every Saturday. 

To be considered as an eligible participant, all players have to do is to snap a photo of their gameplay with their scores, post it on Facebook with a suitably droll caption, tag three buddies and hashtag #JomMakanIconsofMalaysia. Naturally, the post needs to be set to public and the Sunway Group needs to be tagged too. For more details visit

Jom Makan Ém All game

You can now pay for your cab ride with Touch ‘N GO eWallet

The days of having to break change or fishing for coins in your pocket when you have to pay your cab fare will soon be over as TNG Digital Sdn Bhd is teaming up with EzCab and Public Cab taxis to allow users to pay via their Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

What this means for KL commuters reliant on cabs to get about is that you can simply use your smartphone and the Touch ‘n Go eWallet to pay for your cab rides. The method is exceptionally simple – all you need to do is to scan the provided QR code on your phone from the cab driver and key in your authorisation pin to pay him.

To date there are 4,000 EZCab and other independent taxi drivers who have embraced Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s QR code based payment method, with more 10,000 cabs to embrace the system by year end.

To incentivise adoption, Touch ‘n Go eWallet has also distributed 100 eWallet reload pins worth RM8 each to cab drivers to distribute to their passengers with each activation of each pin earning RM4 for the driver; assuming that the user is a first time adopter of the Touch ‘n Go eWallet of course.

To sign up for the programme, cab drivers can SMS or Whatsapp +6019 331 8643 (TNG Digital). If you’re on the other side of the fence, downloading the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app is free for Android and iOS platforms. For more on the app and the service swing by here. For more details swing by TNG’s official website at or their Facebook page at

TNG Digital establishes main operations hub in Bangsar South

TNG Digital, the fast-growing fintech outfit behind Touch ‘n Go eWallet, one of the fastest growing eWallet options in Malaysia today marked another milestone as they officially opened their main operations hub in Bangsar South as part of their expansion plans in Malaysia.

The main operations hub is a strategic move as the central location of Bangsar South allows TNG Digital to tap into the growing opportunities in the Klang Valley from both local (Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd) and foreign investors such as Ant Financial.

The location was also chosen as TNG Digital aims to reach out to the community and companies within the area by establishing a new internship programme so as to shape the future of the nation’s youth.

Currently, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet allows users to make payments, top-up their smartphone credit, transfer money, watch movies and much more via their smartphones, making it a decisive step towards a cashless society. The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also device agnostic and works equally well on Android or iOS platforms. Currently, the app is in beta and is free to download on the Apple app store and the Google Play store with plans to roll out RFID payments for passage on Malaysia’s highways.. For more details swing by


Whitman Independent Advisors releases iWealth money map app

The inevitable rush to app-ify everything from shopping to sleep time has resulted in a host of interesting apps much like the recently released iWealth Basic which has just been made available by Whitman Independent Advisors.

The app, which is available for free download on iOS and Android allows users to input some basic data like their income, expenses, existing commitments and whatnot to crunch out the best way for them to achieve their financial goals. To that end, the app suggests a series of personalised strategies and users get to see the potential outcome of their financial decisions on their finances both in the present and the future.

According to Whitman Independent Advisors, the app is likened to a ‘financial Waze’ of sorts to identify the best approach to achieve their financial goals. Handy, that if you’re wont to scribble your budget on the back of a napkin. For details swing by


SOCAR Ultimate YOLO Pass offers literal ticket to adventure

Getting a ride to the airport if you are by your lonesome is usually a royal pain in the posterior as you will either have to drive there on your own and pay the eyebrow-watering parking fee or get a cab there, which is equally financially painful. Car-sharing app SOCAR though is addressing that with their one-way airport drive programme and, especially for adventure seekers, the Ultimate YOLO Pass.

SOCAR Ultimate Yolo chopper

The SOCAR one-way airport service allows you to take a SOCAR on a one-way trip to the airport without having to return it back to the car’s original bay.

This service is available for both KLIA1 and KLIA2 and the cars in question are selected from special SOCAR one-way zones with over a score of different car models to choose from ranging from hatchbacks to SUVs.

For the more adventurous, SOCAR has introduced an Ultimate YOLO pass which gives members an opportunity to go on an adventure of a lifetime though who gets it is random and said recipient needs to be able to take up and use the pass within one week’s notice.

This adventure allows winners to do everything from hitching a chopper to Perak all the way to chilling on the beach at Phi-Phi island, which is as spontaneous as it gets and which looks like one heck of an adrenaline ride. The SOCAR app is available for download for free on Google Play and the Apple app store.