Battery safety, the Galaxy Note9 and you

Battery safety, the Galaxy Note9 and you

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is currently the most powerful phone the brand has ever made. One particular feature that has endeared it to adopters is the fact that it hosts a massive 4,000mAh battery that offers all-day battery life. To date, this is the largest sized battery ever mounted in a Galaxy Note series smartphone. It is also one of the safest as well as Samsung has taken exceptional measures to ensure each and every battery in every Galaxy Note9 is absolutely safe.

Well before the Galaxy Note9 ever gets shipped out into a box and into your hands, Samsung has already undertaken an exhaustively stringent series of 8 battery safety tests that cover every possible aspect of safety in the battery. They are:

-Durability Test
-Visual Inspection
-X-Ray Test
-Disassembling Test
-△OCV Test
-Charge/Discharge Test
-Total Volatile Organic Compound Test
-Accelerated Usage Test

Dubbed the 8-Point Battery Safety check, the exhaustive quality control programme has batteries undergo a Durability test with a series of overcharging tests, nail penetration tests and extreme temperature tests to ensure that it meets safety standards.  

The batteries are then given a Visual inspection under a strict set of guidelines to detect any minute flaw. Afterwards, they’re subjected to a X-Ray test to see if the internals of the battery are up to spec or if anything is awry. Samples are also disassembled to their base components to assess the quality of the batteries down to the insulation and weld spots used in its construction. Once that’s sorted out, they are then subjected to a Delta Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) test where every battery is inspected and tested for any change in voltage from the moment it was created to the time it is assembled into the Galaxy Note9.

As a further measure of safety, the batteries undergo an Accelerated Usage Test that simulates a 2-week real-life usage scenario to ensure that the batteries perform normally. The batteries also undergo a Charge/Discharge test when fully assembled into the Galaxy Note9 to ensure that they can go through a series of charge and discharge cycles without any complications.

Another test in the line-up is a Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) check that ensures there’s no leakage of the volatile compounds in a battery from start to finish. Combined, this array of tests ensures peace of mind and the assurance that every Galaxy Note9 is a safe and reliable addition to your lifestyle.

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