The ASUS ROG Phone 3 attempts to continue the illustrious lineage of its predecessor with much of the same underlying design but beefed up with a ton of new hardware and it’s now finally officially available in Malaysia in multiple variants along with a slew of official accessories.

The ROG Phone 3’s sold in Malaysia comes with an official warranty which means if anything goes pear-shaped, you have means of restitution rather than simply buying it willy nilly from a third party source. 

What makes the ROG Phone 3 unique among a slew of competitors out there is that every aspect of it has been designed for gaming with its high refresh rate display, side-mounted USB Type-C charger, air triggers and more. There’s also the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor powering it and generous amounts of RAM, regardless of which variant you get. Here’s what accessories and variants that the ASUS ROG Phone 3 will get…

ROG Phone heroes

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Prices and Variants

In Malaysia, ASUS is issuing the ROG Phone 3 in three major variants, all of which have 5G-connectivity with the following prices:

ROG Phone 3 STRIX Edition (SD865 / 8GB Ram / 256GB Storage / 5G) – RM 2,999

ROG Phone 3 (SD865+ / 12GB Ram / 512GB Storage / 5G) – RM 3,799

ROG Phone 3 (SD865+ / 16GB Ram / 512GB Storage / 5G) – RM 4,499

ROG Phone 3 Strix

ROG Phone 3 variants

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Accessories and Prices

As with any good phone, there has to be a slew of accessories to go with it and ASUS has traditionally issued a variety of them though all ROG Phone 3’s will come with the Aeroactive Cooler attachment and Aero case.

ROG Phone 3 aeroactive cooler

Here’s what you can purchase separately for the Malaysia market to kit out your ROG Phone 3:

ROG Ranger BC1001 Waist Pack – RM 99 (N/A warranty)

ROG Clip – RM 149 (3 months warranty)

ROG PHONE 3 Lighting Armor case & Glass Screen Protector – RM 279 (3 months warranty)

ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad – RM 499 (3 months warranty)

Mobile Desktop Dock – RM 599 (12 months warranty)

TwinView Dock 3 – RM 899 (12 months warranty)

To refresh your memory on what the ROG Phone 3 is all about, check out our prior feature here. For more details, check out ASUS Malaysia’s official page here.

ROG Phone 3 accessories

ROG Phone 3 kunai

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