ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series variants

Here’s 6 reasons why the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is the best laptop for school kids

One of the most critical skills that young learners need in today’s digital-first age is experience with information technologies and, in particular, the ability to interact with computers.

There’s no better way than immersion which means exposing them to technology and, specifically, computers from a young age. By building confidence and familiarity with computers, students can easily build a solid foundation of knowledge which is all the more critical today as classes in the new normal increasingly require the use of a laptop, but what is the right laptop to buy?

A great many laptops are available in the market with many intended for specialised tasks like content creator laptops and gaming laptops but they’re also expensive and lack the durability required by young learners. 

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series cover

An appropriate laptop for school kids requires it to be rugged and easy to repair and with good performance at a reasonable price, all of which are qualities embodied by the new ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series for students that is now available in Malaysia.

What is the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series are a range of robust and innovative laptops that feature a tough chassis lined with robust rubber bumpers, durable hinges, vibrant and responsive displays, an antibacterial coating on key surfaces and the latest connectivity options including Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6, making them ideal choices for educators and students alike.

In Malaysia, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series comes in two variants, the CR1100CKA and the CR1100FKA. Both ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series variants are aesthetically similar but differ slightly with the CR1100CKA featuring a clamshell laptop design while the CR1100FKA features a convertible design with 360-degree hinges and a touchscreen to transform it from a laptop into a tablet.

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series variants

The CR1100FKA Flip variant with the 360-degree hinge also has an additional 8MP world-facing camera inset just above the keyboard, allowing creative learners to take high quality images for school projects.

In terms of specifications, both ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series laptops run the latest Chrome operating system on an Intel Celeron N4500 1.1GHz processor, feature Intel UHD Graphics, pack 8GB DDR4 RAM, 64GB of storage, integrate 720P webcams and both WiFi 6 as well as Bluetooth connectivity to make them solid all-rounders. 

That’s merely scratching the surface of what the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series are capable of. Here’s 6 reasons why the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is the best laptop for school kids.

#1 Built MIL-STD-810H Tough for EveryDay Use

Kids will be kids and sometimes unforeseen things happen at the best of times. Fortunately, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is built to rigorous MIL-STD-810H US military standards which means that it’s able to survive all the usual bumps, drops and spills that school kids would encounter with everyday use.

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series integrates a series of rubber bumpers around its chassis, enabling it to survive drops from up to 120cm to the floor which is beyond the standard height of school desks while all hinges and ports have been rigorously tested and certified for everyday use. 

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series toughness

This kind of toughness means awesome cost savings as the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series will last throughout your child’s schooling days while remaining functional.

#2 Antibacterial Guard coating for greater protection

Being safe in the new normal requires a new set of safeguards, especially on surfaces that we come into contact with regularly to prevent spreading potentially harmful bacteria. The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series features a unique ASUS Antibacterial Guard coating that has been scientifically proven to inhibit growth of bacteria by over 99% across a 24-hour period. 

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series bacguard

To offer maximum protection, the ASUS Antibacterial Guard coating covers all high contact points on the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series which include the keyboard, the touchpad and palm rests. Better yet, this protective coating is tested to ISO 22196 standards and is made to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products so that you can wipe the laptop with cleaning agents for added peace of mind for you and your child.

#3 Easy to repair, easier to maintain design

Buying a laptop is an investment that will need to last for years and the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series are built to last. In addition to MIL-STD-810H rated toughness, the laptops are designed from the ground up for easy servicing and maintenance with a modular design that allows key components to be replaced using simple tools. 

Even better, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series features a highly durable micro-dimpled finish that resists fingerprints and scratches that ensures that it remains in great looking condition over its service life.

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series modularity

With a design that’s easy to repair, a secure virus-free operating system and tough design, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series are a shrewd addition to any school looking to upgrade their existing line-up of laptops that can be easily integrated with minimal impact to productivity, allowing for a smoother academic journey for learners and educators alike.

#4 Comprehensive connectivity with Fast WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series covers all eventualities in regards to connectivity for peripherals and for connecting to the internet both in class and from home for all learning scenarios. 

All of the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series laptops feature WiFi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity for fast downloads, the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for easy pairing with peripherals as well as a comprehensive set of ports to connect external drives, keyboards and more. 

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) wifi

That’s not all as ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series features two USB 3.2 Type-C Gen 1 ports capable of charging the laptop and outputting to a larger display, two USB Type-A ports, a combo audio jack for headphones and microphones as well as a microSD card reader.

#5 Splashproof and Tamperproof Keyboards

The keyboards for the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series are all built to withstand the rigours of daily use by young learners and feature tamperproof keys which prevent them from being pried off. They also feature splashproofing that enables them to continue working when splashed with up to 330ml of water which is about the contents of a small water bottle.

#6 Large and vibrant Eye-safe Displays

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series all feature vibrant 11.6-inch anti-glare displays that deliver vibrant colours and crisp detail even under sunlight via a matte coating that reduces reflections. Even better, these displays are ideal for young learners as they are certified by the renowned TUV Rheinland body for low blue-light emissions to help protect the eyes of young learners even when studying for long hours.

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series

In Malaysia, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 CR1100CKA model which has a clamshell design features a non-touch display with 180-degree fold flat hinges while the ASUS Chromebook CR1 CR1100FKA integrates a 360-degree hinge allowing it to transform from a laptop into a tablet while integrating a touchscreen display . 

Where to buy the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100)

In Malaysia, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is available in a traditional clamshell laptop form factor (CR1100CKA)  as well as a 360-degree hinge Flip design (CR1100FKA) with both versions powered by the proven and popular Chrome OS that is widely employed by many academic institutions around the world. 

ASUS ChromeBook CR1 (CR1100) series logo

For a limited time, ASUS Malaysia is offering a free trial programme that allows students and educators alike to truly experience what the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is capable of in an actual classroom setting. For schools and parents wishing to experience a free trial of the ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series, please visit their official site to register your interest at