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To quote Bob Dylan’s eponymous song, the Times They Are A-Changin’ . Laptops, once typically employed when you hit college or enter the working life, are now seeing increasing importance from as young as primary school since classes are going online and IT skills are becoming more important than ever before.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop

Naturally, getting a child started on their academic journey with a good laptop is what every good parent aspires to, but what laptop to buy for school? That’s where the new ASUS BR1100F Student Laptop comes into the picture as it’s not only affordable – it’s RM1,599 – it has features that are absolutely ideal for academic use too!

Here’s 10 stunningly convincing reasons why the ASUS BR1100F is the Best Laptop for Primary School.

#1 Incredibly Versatile – Works as both Tablet and Laptop with 360-degree hinge

The ASUS BR1100F represents incredible cost savings as it’s not just a laptop; the addition of a 360-degree hinge in tandem with its responsive 11.6-inch touchscreen means that you can rotate the display around and about to turn it into a tablet or even a display on demand for classwork. That means you don’t have to buy two separate devices – a laptop and a tablet as the BR1100F Student Laptop is effectively both!

ASUS BR1100F student laptop versatility

#2 Built-in Stylus for Work and Play

Many subjects like art require students to use a stylus and not many laptops have them by default which means added costs just to acquire one; assuming you have a laptop that has a touchscreen. The ASUS BR1100F laptop features a stylus that works wonderfully with the 11.6-inch HD touchscreen and offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity for work and play. A stylus well within the laptop itself that lets you store it safely and securely without it getting lost.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop stylus

#3 Modular Design makes Maintenance Easy

Sometimes things go pear-shaped and repairs are needed which may require significant downtime but the ASUS BR1100F has that conundrum sorted out as every critical part in the laptop itself is modular. This enables a skilled technician at an ASUS service center to easily swap components out like the battery or other sections, minimizing downtime and maximizing the time spent on doing other important things like learning!

ASUS BR1100F student laptop modular design

#4 AI Noise-Canceling Technology for Crystal Clear Video Calls and Classes

Making yourself heard is all the easier with the ASUS BR1100F as it features a sophisticated suite of AI Noise-Canceling technologies; typically a rarity at this price point. A ClearVoice AI Noise-Canceling microphone ensures better speech by reducing background noise while the AI Noise-Canceling stereo speakers filter out ambient noises to ensure clear human voices. All this results in crisp and clear video calls as well as a better learning experience in online classes too!

ASUS BR1100F student laptop noise cancelling tech

#5 ASUS BacGuard antibacterial coating

Living in the new normal requires a certain vigilance, especially in regards to being hygienic and the ASUS BR1100F is up to the task as it features a potent ASUS BacGuard antibacterial coating consisting of integrated silver ion components across the most commonly used surface – the keyboard. Versus an untreated surface, the ASUS BacGuard treated coating is able to have a 99% antibacterial effect and has been certified to an ISO 22196 standard for added peace of mind.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop bacguard

#6 Built tough with MIL-STD 810G Protection

The ASUS BR1100F is built to incredibly tough standards and is rated for a MIL-STD 810G level of durability, enabling it to survive a 120cm drop to the floor without damage. Making it this tough means that it’s fantastic for younger learners as it’s better able to survive inadvertent mishaps, which helps save you money on repairs.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop tough

#7 All-round rubber bumpers to protect against hard knocks

When it comes to surviving the school of hard knocks, the ASUS BR1100F is able to do that and more in a quite literal fashion. Seeing as it is intended for younger users, the BR1100F features dense protective rubber bumpers all around the top lid and keyboard sections to enable the laptop to shrug off knocks. Combined with the MIL-STD 810G protection, you have a wonderfully durable student laptop that will last all throughout primary school and beyond.

ASUS BR1100F rubber bumper student laptop

#8 Spill-resistant and Tough Keyboard

The ASUS BR1100F keyboard is built as tough as the chassis and is rated for a 10,000,000 keystroke lifespan – that’s a lot of assignments! It’s also spill-resistant too, able to shrug off up to 330cc of liquid, allowing it to survive minor spills without a problem.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop spillproof

#9 Noise-Reduction Camera

In the new normal where online classes are the norm, it’s imperative to have good video quality and the ASUS BR1100F delivers as it features a front-facing HD webcam on the top of the display that integrates 3D Noise-Reduction (3DNR) technology. This unique feature helps to reduce noise and enhance video quality in low-light conditions without sacrificing detail. For class projects, the ASUS BR1100F also features an additional keyboard mounted 13MP camera that’s great for classwork!

ASUS BR1100F student laptop noise reduction camera

#10 Webcam Privacy Shield

In order to ensure privacy, the ASUS BR1100F features a physical sliding privacy shutter on the webcam. When not in use, users can slide it shut for added peace of mind and then slide it open whenever they need to use the webcam.

ASUS BR1100F student laptop privacy shield

Where to buy the ASUS BR1100F in Malaysia

The ASUS BR1100F laptop is now available in Malaysia at RM1,599 which makes it exceptionally affordable, more so for its capabilities, built-in stylus, toughness and ability to function as a tablet too.

If you’re a parent and looking to find out where to buy it or if you’re representing a school and looking to find out more, ASUS Malaysia has your back and you can now register your interest in the form below whereby an ASUS representative can contact you to provide more details for the nearest location to purchase it or demo for students.

ASUS BR1100F Student Laptop covers (1) display mode

For more details on the ASUS BR1100F, you can check out the official page at

You can check out the official ASUS link here to sign-up and register your interest: 

asus br1100f student laptop

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