Astro 25 on channel 110

It doesn’t seem like it but Astro is now a quarter of a century old and to celebrate reaching this milestone, the company is launching Astro 25 on Channel 100 which will show a curated line-up of the best in Malaysian and Asian entertainment.

Astro 25 on channel 110

The online live stream where Astro shared more about their 25 years in Malaysia and the new Astro 25 on channel 100 line-up.

Henry Tan, Group Chief Executive Office, Astro said “It’s a very special Merdeka and National Day for us this year and our theme, #KitaTeguhBersama means we’re stronger and better together. It is a reflection of the best of what we have seen in Malaysians and continues to be the common value we need for us to unite, recover and grow through these times.”

He continued, “Astro is 25 years young this year and we will continue to provide the best mix of content including aggregating the best streaming services i.e. Astro GO, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO Go, iQIYI and soon Netflix. We will also raise the bar for local original content, and live signatures to further delight Malaysians.”

Henry Tan_Group Chief Executive Officer of Astro

Henry Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Astro

Henry adds,” As we look back on the 25 years of serving our customers that included the achievement of many first such as the first HD, 3D and 4K UHD broadcast, first cinema in your home, Astro First, the region’s first 24/7 local sports channel and much more, we are honoured to have played a part in the lives of so many. We championed education, put local sports and athletes on the global stage, raised the bar for local content, discovered and made stars and provided opportunities for Malaysians to shine and realise their dreams and potential. Our talent like Nabil, Aznil, Zizan, Remy, Hui Min, Denesh, Ean and Arnold, Chiu Keng Guan to name a few have gone beyond and achieved their dreams. As they say, dreams are made together and none of these could have been possible without our customers.”

What is Astro 25 on channel 100

Astro 25 on Channel 100 will be available from today till 3rd October 2021 on Astro TV, On Demand and Astro Go for complimentary viewing by Astro customers. The limited-time channel will offer over 150 handpicked titles that consist of the best in Malaysian and Asian movies including notable local hits like The Journey, Ola Bola, Paska, Polis Evo and Hantu Kak Limah.

That’s not all, Astro 25 on Channel Will will also premiere a trio of new titles. One is Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Kita, a documentary that shares the struggles and sacrifice of the nation’s armed forces that also includes contributions by Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi.

Astro 25 on channel 110

Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Kita is significant for me because I realise how little I knew about the veterans before this. Through meeting the veterans, I learned how Malaysia was fought for by people of all kinds of backgrounds who love the country. I hope my artworks will tell the story of the veterans – they deserve
much more recognition, honour and respect for the sacrifices they have made for the country,” said Red Hong Yi.

Another title is We Are No Different about interacial adoption among Malaysian families and Journey to Stardom which covers the lives of local celebrities achieving their dreams. For more details check out their page at