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Juicing an iPhone 12 has just gotten a wee bit easier as the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is coming to Malaysia in the near future as it has just been listed on the Apple Malaysia online store though there’s no availability date at the time of writing.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack  features their MagSafe magnetic attachment that lets it effortlessly latch on to the back of an iPhone 12 to deliver sweet, life-giving 5W of juice from an 1,460mAh battery pack. It’s the quintessence of convenience as you needn’t have to faff around with a power bank and cables to get your iPhone charged.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack price

Charging it is relatively straightforward and if connected to a 20W or higher charger, it’ll charge itself at a nippy 15W. Better yet, you can also charge it and the iPhone at the same time though your iPhone will need to get at least an 80% charge first before the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack starts charging.

What is the price of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in Malaysia

The Apple Malaysia online store has listed the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack at RM479 though no availability date is available as yet. You can check out the official listing here and as soon as they have it available for sale we’ll give you lot a holler.

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