Alienware RGB AW410K gaming keyboard set to invade your desks from USD$129.99 1

Having a good keyboard that you can rely on is half the battle won on a virtual battlefield and Alienware is looking to get in on the game, literally with their new Alienware RGB AW410K mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with the requisite RGB lighting and more.

Alienware RGB AW410K gaming keyboard

The Alienware RGB AW410K keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown keys that blend tactile feedback and quiet-click keys with low actuation force. The keys are fully programmable for macros and the switches themselves are mounting directed on the metal top plate for easier cleaning.

Just to ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth, these switches are rated for a lifespan over 100 million keystrokes. That’s a lot of Modern Warfare: Warzone games, mind you.

Alienware RGB AW410K gaming keyboard  front

Other features of note include dedicated audio controls, an integrated USB passthrough to plug your mouse or charge your phone without having to fiddle with your PC, a braided 2-metre long cable to hook up to your PC along with 3 height adjustment settings so you can get your setup just right. And yes, it has per-key AlienFX RGB lighting so you can tweak your aesthetics to be as immersive or as loud as you want it to be from your choice of a staggering 16.8 million colours

Alienware RGB AW410K keyboard price


There’s no official pricing yet for the Alienware RGB AW410K mechanical gaming keyboard but it was stated to retail for USD$129.99 which is about RM556. What is certain is that it will be available from 4th August 2020. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates as we get them and the Alienware Malaysia site too.

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