Alienware lights things up with new wireless headset and gaming mouse at E3 2018

Every big wig in the world of gaming is making a beeline to Los Angeles for E3 2018 and Alienware as well as Dell Gaming are there to show their latest hardware including two new additions to their extensive gaming ecosystem of notebooks, desktops and more in the form of their Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset and the Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse.



Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset

The Alienware Wireless Gaming headset is an over-ear pair of cans that are built from the ground up to offer an unsurpassed gaming experience with rich audio, visceral sound staging and exceptional comfort for hours of comfortable gaming. In keeping with gaming gear of recent vintage, the Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset has two-zone programmable RGB lighting, wireless connectivity via a 2.4GHz USB dongle as well as a 3.5mm combo jack with a set of in-line controls and a plush pair of ear cups.

Each can sports 40mm neodymium drivers, both working in tandem to offer 7.1 virtual surround sound whilst a noise-cancelling mic allows for instant efficient comms to teammates. On a full charge, the headsets offer 15 hours of battery life. There’s no word on when it will arrive in Malaysia or how much it will cost but we’ll keep you posted.


Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse

Considered as a surgical (and highly customisable) scalpel compared to the sledgehammer mass produced approach when it comes to the vast majority of gaming mice out there, Alienware’s Elite Gaming Mouse earns its moniker on account of exceptional customisability. The side panels can be swapped out to ensure a proper fit for your hand whilst four thumb buttons allow for a host of macros and shortcuts on demand.

The Elite Gaming Mouse has also been extensively tweaked to offer a comfortable grip as it has a three-position palm rest and more ergonomically optimised curves. The whole affair also integrates their AlienFX lighting to give it the customary neon hued bling beloved by gamers. Like the aforementioned headset, there’s no word yet on launch or availability in Malaysia as yet.

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