Alex Lee Nu Infinity Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

The business of interior design is a marriage of a host of skill sets that is both an art and a science. Rather than simply plonking in a throw rug and a new sofa to class up a house, a skilled interior designer is far more than that as they need to be able to meld the ideas and dreams of a client with the harsh realities of budgets, engineering, design and materials in order to bring an architectural vision from blueprints to life. Alex Lee, founder of renowned interior design outfit Nu Infinity has seen it all in his three decades of experience in the business.

Established in 2009, Nu Infinity’s extensive portfolio of successful projects covers a host of both private and corporate clients with over 400 residential  projects across the span of a decade, a slew of sales galleries and show units for a host of established property developers and more. 

Their innovative design-centric, avant-garde approach to design and impressive attention to detail has seen Nu Infinity lauded with over 30 local and international awards including the enviable Designer of the Year award for Best Interior Design (Residential) and the prestigious German Design Award 2020 for Interior Architecture. You can check out some of their most impressive projects on their YouTube page Design Seed here.

As a Director at Nu Infinity, Alex takes an active role in conceiving, planning and guiding an array of ongoing projects along with his design team of architects, interior designers, administrators and builders. 

Alex Lee Nu Infinity Galaxy Z Fold3 5G group call

Much like the captain of a ship, he synergises the unique disciplines of his team, lending his decades of experience in the design industry and his unique vision of design to help projects make the elusive leap from blueprint to a final constructed design brought to life.

In the old days, this would have required reams of paper from scribbled notes to drafts and blueprints piled ceiling-high, meetings aplenty in person with both his team and clients and more but his latest acquisition helps him to streamline his workflow and help him take his creativity to new heights. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

Having recently acquired it, Alex Lee shared his thoughts with Samsung Malaysia on how the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has proved to be a seamless fit for his demanding work.

Q: What do you remember about foldables of the past compared to those of the Galaxy Z Series?

My first encounter with them was in the 2000s when they were all the rave mainly for their design and colour variations, but it feels as though anything is possible now with how fast technology evolves.

Alex Lee Nu Infinity Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SPen

Take site meetings for example. In the past, we had to consolidate requests until we found access to a computer. Today, I’m able to sketch, organize team resources, and make design amendments on-site thanks to the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and S Pen. 

Q: What was your initial impression of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and how has that changed since you started using the device?

It was mainly curiosity and fascination for the first few days of using it. I was lucky enough to try the phone at retailers before purchasing, but owning the device truly allowed me to max out its functions and push the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to perform at its highest level. At present, I use my Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to edit videos for my channel. Not only is it more convenient, but the overall experience has also been really smooth so far.  

Q: Which features on the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G do you find most useful for your work and passion projects?

As mentioned, video editing on the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G can be a ton of fun with the Multi-Active Window feature because of the fact that I get to review videos as I’m editing them.

Alex Lee Nu Infinity Galaxy Z Fold3 5G creative design


The best part about Multi-Active Window is that it also lets me run Zoom meetings, take notes, and have a browser open at the same time while remaining viewable at ease. Another useful feature is the Dual-Camera function which lets me see my own frame when recording on my mobile, so I never have to pace back and forth ever again!

Q: Has the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G changed your mobile preference since becoming a user?

I certainly became very accustomed to the privilege of unfolding into a larger screen. The first week of using the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G showed me a sense of freedom and productivity that I’ve yet to experience on any other mobile device, making work and video editing so much more seamless; partly due to its portability, but surely because of the device’s features and stellar performance.

Not to mention, the S Pen integration on the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G just makes sense and has been a crucial factor to why I chose Samsung in the first place. 

Q: Lastly, what is your opinion on the mobile designs found in the Galaxy Z Series?

I think the Galaxy Z Series as a whole captured diversity fairly well. The aesthetics of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, however, is a distinct and elegant touch to my everyday attires, be it corporate or casual.

As an interior designer, I’d say the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G obeys the principle of ‘form following function’ closely – meeting the standard expectations of a mobile phone in one form, then unfolding to an entirely new set of functions in the next.

Alex Lee Nu Infinity Galaxy Z Fold3 5G side portrait

As a result, I think owning the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G changed my mobile habits in more ways than I thought possible, especially with the S Pen in hand, I’ve genuinely found no need for additional devices to tackle my work and leisure hours anymore.

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