Air Liquide launches SIO Center in Kuala Lumpur

Air Liquide launches SIO Center in Kuala Lumpur

To remain relevant and competitive in the information age, businesses whether they like to or not have to eventually embrace a digital transformation paradigm. For Air Liquide, one of Malaysia’s pioneers of the gas industry, it’s become not just an imperative but a driving force that’s propelling them into the future as they have just launched their Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) center in Kuala Lumpur.

Following on from the inaugural launch of their first SIO Center in France, the SIO Center in Kuala Lumpur is the first in Southeast Asia, complementing their dedicated SIO in China and enables the remote management of production for 18 Liquide Large industry production units spanning eight countries throughout the Southeast Asia region. There are additional benefits as well as the SIO helps to optimise energy consumption and improve reliability at all 18 sites.

The project leverages predictive analytics and digital technologies while using big data to predict and accommodate customer needs throughout the region for their mainstay products – oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen. It’s heady stuff as the products they manage are critical for many heavy industries and volatile to boot and made in massive quantities that boggle the mind. 

With this new center, the Group is continuing its digital transformation, enabling Air Liquide to better anticipate industrial customers’ needs while strengthening the reliability of its production units. We are glad to implement the new Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) Center in Malaysia, a highly promising market with both a solid IT infrastructure and high-skilled professionals in big data analysis,” said Francois Abrial, member of Air Liquide Group’s Executive Committee supervising Asia Pacific at the inauguration of the SIO center. For more on Air Liquide and their offerings, swing by

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