Acronis Ransomware Protection available for free download

Acronis Ransomware Protection available for free download

By extension, ransomware – the act of encrypting your hard disk unless you pay a fee – is possibly one of the worst cybercrimes that can happen and once it does, there’s little to stop it from happening. Fortunately, Acronis has rolled out their free Acronis Ransomware Protection app that aims to nix that problem permanently in the bud.

The Acronis Ransomware Protection app stops ransomware attacks in real time and monitors system processes to automatically detect and stop attacks that other antivirus solutions can’t. If things go south, the app blocks the malicious process and informs the user with a pop-up message and if anything got damaged in the attack, it helps to recover the damaged files.
The app has a small runtime footprint at 20MB and can toodle about quietly in the background without affecting system performance. If things really go up the creek, it has a free 5GB of Acronis Cloud storage that helps you protect critical files from all manner of mishaps including hardware failure, natural disasters and the like.

The best part is that Acronis Ransomware Protection plays nice with other antivirus programs so it acts as another effective protective layer for your PC. To test the effectiveness of the app, you can fieldtest it via a ransomware simulator at RanSim. To download the app for free, you can swing by though it’s only available for Windows at the moment.

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