One of the cornerstones of a successful business is a robust and reliable IT infrastructure and Acer is aiming to meet that need as they will be bringing in a range of Altos products and solutions to Malaysia such as servers, high-end workstations and more, making it the first country outside of Taiwan to do experience their range of offerings.

For the uninitiated, Altos is subsidiary from the Acer Group based in Taiwan that focuses on artificial intelligence, high performance computing, servers, storage solutions, workstations and more that was spun off on its own in 2017, making them an ideal provider for enterprise grade hardware, AI and cloud solutions for corporate concerns.

Among the Acer Altos products and solutions introduced at a launch today is the Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T NAS runs on the QSM 3 operating system, has a USB One Touch copy button for automatic backups of external drives and USB flash drives to a predetermined folder and an  innovative N+1 hybrid storage capability with a quartet of 3.5-inch hard drive slots and the option to add in additional SSD drives in a fairly swift fashion. Naturally, the Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T NAS has robust protection and integrates a built-in anti-virus solution and self-encrypting drive technology to ensure data is secure even in the event of theft or loss of a physical drive. In Malaysia, the Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T Tower 4+1 bay NAS ships with four 2TB hard drives for RM4,699.

Also introduced was the Acer Altos P30 F6 workstation that comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core processor with an NVIDIA Quadro graphics solution with the option to max it out with up to 64GB RAM and 32TB of storage. Another offering ideally suited for professions that need extra pixel crunching punch like engineers and digital content creators is the Acer Altos P330 F4 which can be kitted out with an Intel Xeon Processor Skylake-W grade processor, up to an NVIDIA Quadro GPU, up to 512GB RAM and enterprise-level expandability to cater to more demanding workloads. The Acer Altos P30 F6 is priced from RM4,280 onwards while the Acer Altos P330F4 retails from RM8,799 and up.

Of particular note today was the introduction of the Acer AltosCloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that allows outfits like schools, companies and other organisations that have the need to host multiple desktop  PC users in a cost effective fashion.


The Acer AltosCloud VDI allows users to set up a virtual desktop computing system and consists of a series of thin client Acer Altos TC400 or TC410 thin clients paired up with the obligatory keyboard, monitor and mouse to a hosting server via a LAN connection in order to offer a user experience akin to a traditional user experience akin to a PC. For more details on Acer Altos solutions and hardware, swing by or give them a ring at 1800-88-1288 during business hours to set up an appointment.

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