5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Sub-RM1,500 midrange champion OPPO F9

5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Sub-RM1,500 midrange champion OPPO F9

The ultimate combination of beauty and performance, the new OPPO F9 is one of the hottest phones that money can buy and one of the longest lasting too as it comes with a large battery and OPPO’s special VOOC Flash Charge tech that lets you charge the F9 faster and safer than normal charging technologies can do.

The OPPO F9 is also one of the most unique looking phones in the market. Whether from the front with its unique Waterdrop Screen notch on its huge 6.3-inch touch screen up front or its beautiful Flower Petal pattern gradient finish at the back, the OPPO F9 is ready to make an entrance with you.

Under the hood, the OPPO F9 has some great hardware too with a Helios P60 processor, a whopping 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage too along with a rear dual camera and a huge 25-MP front camera. All this is just the tip of the iceberg as it is one of the most value-packed phones in its price category that money can buy. Here’s five great reasons why the OPPO F9 is a value-packed performer.

#1 Fast VOOC Flash Charge – Less Time Waiting, More Time Having Fun

The OPPO F9 comes with a generously sized 3,500mAh battery that offers super long battery life that can last all day. What makes the F9 special is that it has OPPO’s proprietary 5V/4A low voltage fast charging tech that they call VOOC Flash Charge that lets you charge the battery faster in a safe manner without it overheating.

How fast? Well, according to OPPO, the F9 with its VOOC Flash Charge is able to charge four times faster with its display on than compared to a phone with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 tech. In effect, the F9 charges faster in less time. In a basic field test, we managed to get a good 11% charge in just 5 minutes at about 46% capacity and was able to get a good 2 hours of talk time with just a 5 minute charge.

That’s less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Better yet, VOOC Flash Charge can fully charge the OPPO F9’s battery in just 76 minutes which is about the time of your average drama on Netflix. Even if you’re in a hurry, a simple 30 minutes of charging can get you a 62% increase in power. Now, that’s fast!

While it’s fast, OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charge is also super safe too with over 90 million users around the globe. Each phone with VOOC Flash Charge tech carries five super safe layers of protection and amazingly high quality control.

According to OPPO, the safety index for the F9 is a huge one-in-a-billion Defects Per Million (DPM). According to OPPO, this is several times above the industry standard safety index of a one-in-a-million (Parts Per Million) chance of a potential defect in a given device. Even while it’s charging fast, it also runs cool and safe too as it has a built-in MCU that prevents heat build-up even when you’re using it at the same time.


#2 – Distinctive Petal Gradient Finish – Beautiful Highlights and Shiny Design

A lot of smartphones come with a mirrored finish but none look like the OPPO F9 that uses a nifty Gradient Spraying method to create an all-around lighting and shadow effect on the backplate and even the sides of the phone that is inspired by nature.

Depending on how the light strikes the phone, you get to see a subtle beautiful gradient in your choice of Twilight Blue or Sunrise Red along with a subtle petal texture subtle integrated as part of the backplate design. The Sunrise Red is inspired by the colours of a sunset sky while the Dark Blue theme is about the beautiful colours of the night sky. It’s not just a phone, it’s a beautiful conversation piece and work of art too!


#3 – Unique 6.3-inch Waterdrop Screen Display

The OPPO F9 has one of the largest screen-to-body ratios available in a smartphone at 90.8% on account of its super slim 1.7mm bezels and the fact that it has the world’s first unique ‘Waterdrop Screen’ notch. Where other phones have a squarish angular notch, the OPPO F9 has a gentle, teardrop-shaped curve that looks like a water drop about to fall, hence the name.

To get this amazing body-to-screen ratio, the OPPO F9 also pulls off a lot of other interesting tricks that include repositioning the fingerprint reader to the back so all you see on the front is the huge touchscreen. The end result? A massive 6.3-inches of screen real estate to enjoy movies and games the way they were meant to be!

#4 –16-MP+2-MP Dual Rear Cameras with Portrait Mode + 25-MP Selfie Camera

Need to get some great looking shots? The OPPO F9 has a rear dual camera that combines a 16-MP f/1.8 primary camera with a back-up 2-MP f/2.4 camera. Combined in tandem with the F9’s Portrait Mode, you’re able to get an artfully blurred bokeh background while your subject remains in crisp, sharp focus.

To take things to the next level, you’re even able to to integrate an Artistic Portrait Mode, which consists of a series of 3D lighting effects to give your photos that extra special artistic and even stylish touch. The rear camera also benefits from AI scene recognition as well that tweaks the settings so that whatever you shoot looks their best. The OPPO F9 also has a ‘Face Comes First’ mode that allows the camera to prioritise and offer better and brighter lighting on a subject’s face when taking pictures with a dark background for perfect portrait shots.

A model captured with the OPPO F9 without alterations

A model captured with the OPPO F9

OPPO F9 3D lighting

The various 3D lighting effects on the OPPO F9 of the same image From left: Rim lighting, Bi-Colour lighting, Monotone lighting, Film lighting and natural lighting.

Up front, the OPPO F9 has a huge 25-MP selfie camera that comes upgraded  features to create wonderful selfies and wefies. On top of the ‘Face Comes First’ mode on the rear camera, the OPPO F9’s front camera has real-time HDR to give clearer selfies even in overexposured or dim areas.

The OPPO F9 also has their famed AI Beauty Technology 2.1 that can detect up to 296 facial features with the new ability to recognise pupils and foreheads when viewing a subject. It even has arm and neck recognition too and is smart enough to tell a subject’s gender, age and skin colour before intelligently tailoring its beautification for best results. It even remembers your preferences so your selfies come out looking their best. Every time.

To make things even more interesting, they’ve also added in a series of upgraded AR Stickers which have background music and even interactive stickers to play with when you take pictures, animated GIFs and even videos too. The F9 also has a new Vivid mode that works across both the front and rear cameras as well as images and videos alike that offer more vibrant and contrasting colours to make your pictures and footage look more interesting!

AR Stickers with OPPO F9

The OPPO F9 has a selection of AR stickers that give you a fun look when taking pictures and videos

#5 – Easy to use ColorOS 5.2 user interface

To make the OPPO F9 easy to use, they’ve added in their latest ColorOS 5.2 user interface that makes it more intuitive and easier to use than ever before. Now, users can enjoy Google Lens with the rear dual cameras, allowing you to point the OPPO F9 at a landmark, restaurant or object and get information on it be it important facts, ratings on how good that place is to eat or even get referred to where to buy it. Handy if you’re on holiday!

ColorOS 5.2 also has a few other additions including a built-in image and movie editor that lets you combine and splice videos and spice them up with interesting templates for free to give your movies that special touch.

One particularly interesting addition with ColorOS 5.2 allows users to use a series of two and three finger gestures on the touchscreen to make it easier to use than ever before. With the OPPO F9 and its ColorOS 5.2, you can now slide three fingers up on the touchscreen to allow you to use two different apps at the same time. This split screen mode can be used not just with vertically but even horizontally too. You can even continue playing music when the screen is locked and off; great when you need a bit of light music to study or game with!

OPPO has also added an extremely helpful Smart Sidebar that appears in both portrait or landscape mode to let users swap squickly between apps or to use any built-in tools swiftly onscreen. It also supports a selection of apps that appear in floating windows too. This handy feature has a number of benefits, like allowing users to reply to messages even while watching a video while still watching on the same screen.

The best part is that even with the implementation of SST, OPPO has absorbed the price difference and has maintained the price of the OPPO F9 with its 6GB RAM and 64GB of expandable memory at RM1,399. The OPPO F9 is available online at OPPO’s online store and at good retailers nationwide.

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