5 Features In Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 that will Surprise and Impress you

5 Features In Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 that will Surprise and Impress you

Android is the most common operating system running on smartphones in the world with one of the latest being Android 9.0 Pie that appears in the latest flagship phones. Android version aside, manufacturers inevitably create their own user interface (UI) overlays that tweak the core underlying firmware with their own unique twist on things to add additional functionality or features. Out of the horde of competing UIs out there, Huawei’s latest EMUI 9.1 UI looks set on leading the pack as it comes with an array of helpful tweaks and enhancements that take the concept of functionality and user friendliness in a smartphone to the next level and then some.

Here’s five amazing features on EMUI 9.1 that will surprise and impress you in equal measure…

EMUI 9.1 logo


#1 EMUI 9.1 with GPU Turbo 3.0 for a superior gaming experience

Smartphones today are so much more than just a slab of glass and steel that you use to make phone calls and text. Seeing the capabilities of smartphone processors today, the average phone is now a bona fide gaming device too. Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 features their latest GPU Turbo 3.0 upgrade which takes advantage of the power and performance of their Kirin series processors and their integrated neural processing units (NPU) for their higher end SoCs to offer a smooth and truly sublime gaming experience.

EMUI 9.1 GPU Turbo 3.0

With GPU Turbo 3.0 activated, you’ll experience reduced power drain from the processor by approximately 10% and commensurately better battery life as well as a reduction in frame drops and a higher average frame rate while gaming. The end result? A smoother, faster game and a higher win ratio!

At present, GPU Turbo 3.0 works with a select but growing library of games that include some of the hottest ones in the market such as Fortnite, NBA 2K19, FIFA Mobile, Free Fire, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Vainglory, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor and more.


#2 Swift One Button Access to Google Assistant

Who wouldn’t want a personal assistant at their beck and call? EMUI 9.1 has the ability to let you summon Google Assistant to tackle simple tasks and answer even the most esoteric trivia in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

All you need to do is to press and hold down the power button on your Huawei phone running EMUI 9.1 and Google Assistant fires up in mere seconds, ready to do your bidding.

P30 EMUI 9.1


#3 Innovative Huawei Share, OneTap Share to share content with a single tap


Transferring content to and from a device is usually an onerous chore that either involves uploading to the cloud and downloading it again or ensuring that you have the right cables between either device. Huawei’s slick EMUI 9.1 UI features a novel Share OneTap file sharing feature that lets you share massive files at up to 30Mbps speeds with just a single tap and NFC connectivity between your Huawei phone running EMUI 9.1 and a compatible laptop.

OneHop EMUI 9.1

There’s no complicated pairing nor the need for a snakepit of cables. All you have to do is to enable WiFi and Bluetooth on your laptop while also enabling NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth on your Huawei phone. Tap it next to a compatible notebook with an NFC detection area and the Huawei Share Icon logo emblazoned on the palm rest such as the Huawei Matebook 13 and you can see massive files transferred in the blink of an eye. It even works in reverse from the notebook to the phone too! At present, Huawei Share OneHop works with any Huawei phone with NFC capability and any Huawei laptops with the Huawei Share icon on it.

EMUI 9.1 OneHop Share


#4 Huawei Vlog for easy video editing and shareworthy cinematic masterpieces


All right, ‘fess up. Who among you lot out there take a ton of videos of all your favourite moments but hardly ever upload them because you never have the time (or the skill) to actually edit them? Well, Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 has that particular complication nipped in the bud as it sports a unique Huawei Vlog feature that helps you create extremely shareworthy masterpieces from all your raw videos without having to attend film school nor you having to spend hours labouring and editing all your footage.


The secret? It’s all in the power of AI as Huawei Vlog intelligently parses through your footage to create a fantastic video without you having to lift a finger. All you have to do is to select an existing video in your current phone library that’s up to 3 minutes in length and then the AI goes to work, editing to the right highlights via intelligent scene recognition while you have the option to tweak the results slightly by selecting your favourite template, swapping the art filters and picking what background music you’d like to ultimately craft a video worthy of the greats. Once you’re done, all you have to do is to save your masterpiece and share it with the world!


#5 Seamlessly pair a Huawei phone with EMUI 9.1 to a treadmill


A phone running Huawei EMUI 9.1 goes one better over the plethora of fitness tracking modes prevalent in phones out there as it is able to effortlessly and seamlessly pair up with a compatible treadmill via NFC.

All you need to do is to pair up the phone with a tap and your Huawei phone running EMUI 9.1 will synchronise your fitness regime and even keep track of it on your phone with pinpoint precision. The number of steps taken, the distance that you’ve traversed, how long you’ve kept at it on the treadmill and how fast as well as how many calories you’ve burned are all measured and saved so you can see your literal track record and measure your progress over time. To date, many of the top treadmill manufacturers including Precor and CORE Health have this nifty feature and more will be added in the future.

Keen to embrace the future? Here’s how to download EMUI 9.1 for your Huawei phone starting with the Mate 20 series


The five aforementioned benefits of Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 user interface are just scratching the surface of what it is capable of and EMUI 9.1 is powerful enough to even measure distances of physical objects in front of you by aiming the camera at it so it can directly and accurately measure length, volume, height and more. That’s icing on the cake though as EMUI 9.1 also offers performance benefits to create a smoother, faster overall user experience.

Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 first saw service on their flagship P30 and P30 Pro and is now being rolled out as an update to their existing range of premium Mate 20 series phones that include the Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X and Porsche Design Mate 20 RS in Malaysia to allow even more Huawei phone users to enjoy and experience the benefits that EMUI 9.1 brings to the table. According to Huawei Malaysia, the Mate 20 series phones will be upgradable to EMUI 9.1  starting from 27 June onwards by simply downloading the update.

Huawei Mate 20 series

The Huawei Mate 20 series smartphones will enjoy the new EMUI 9.1 UI as an update which vastly enhances their functionality


Keep to hop onto the EMUI 9.1 bandwagon and want to upgrade your Mate 20 series phone? All you have to do is to open Settings in your phone (that’s usually the gear-shaped icon), then go to System and then select Software Update. If your phone is eligible to install EMUI 9.1, it’ll start the process immediately. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Even if your Huawei phone doesn’t yet have EMUI 9.1 available as an update, fret not as more phones will be added in the future.

For more details and to stay tuned for EMUI 9.1 updates, visit Huawei’s official EMUI Twitter update acount at @HUAWEIEMUI

Keen to experience EMUI 9.1 but don’t have a Huawei phone just yet? Now is as good a time as any to get the latest Mate 20 or P30 series phones straight from the source at Huawei’s official online store at https://shop.huawei.com/my/


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