There’s more than just buying awesome tech and all the usual gadgetry when you’re shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After all, a man (or woman) has to eat and get something to bring around all their gear when they’re out and about right? Well, we’ve delved the depths of 11street’s copious cornucopia of bargains and spotted several interesting ones right here.

72 325ml cans of 100 Plus soda for RM76.99



Image: 11street

While your tastes may vary, 100Plus is that traditional standby in the fridge when you need to pop a cool one after a workout or, in our case, after a long raid in Eve Online. This deal on 11street scores you 72 cans of the good stuff for RM77 which works out to about RM1.06 a can, which sounds good if you aim to save a bit. With Chinese New Year around the corner, keeping a carton or two of them around will come in extremely handy seeing the upcoming blazing hot El Nino weather that usually rolls in around that time. Plus, brownie points for grateful guests when you issue them all refreshingly cool ones straight out of the fridge. Only one pickle though – they’re all original flavour variants so no mixing and matching for you.



A Deuter GoGo 25l backpack for RM146.28.


Image: 11street

Regardless of who you are, you’re still going to have to schlep your gear from somewhere to somewhere else. This 25l Deuter GoGo backpack is the decent looking, expedient solution to do so. While it originally retails for RM269, this sturdy Deuter backpack comes at a 46% discount on 11street. The bag comes with padded shoulder straps, is anatomically designed for comfortable carry even with a full payload and has a two-way U-shaped zip to allow for easy access to the main compartment. There’s enough space inside to keep a day’s worth of clothing and a bit extra too for a weekend trip and mayhaps a tablet or a compact camera. A zippered front pocket allows for immediate access to crucial stuff like your gym pass while mesh side pockets let you keep a water bottle or other knick knacks handy. It comes in four colours – purple, blue, black and green.


A NESCAFÉ Gold Blend barista coffee machine with 370g of refills for RM239


Image: 11street

Those of us here at the Hitech Century office center our lives on this humble bean. If you appreciate coffee, this deal is one of those that jump out at you as it gets you your caffeine fix in an even tastier, better looking fashion. While you can manually pour hot water and brew up your own mug of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend brew, this barista coffee machine takes it to the next level. Unlike a capsule coffee machine, this baby takes NESCAFÉ  Gold Blend powder right and water from a built-in reservoir along with jets of high pressure water to take your cup of java to the next level. Props for using easily refillable reloads and they even throw in a 200g jar of the stuff along with a 170g refill pack for half off at RM239 even though it costs RM456.70 at full retail. Score it on 11street here.


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