YouTube shares insights on viewers in Malaysia and they’re pretty surprising

YouTube shares insights on viewers in Malaysia and they’re pretty surprising

YouTube today shared the findings from a commissioned study which analysed viewing habits for YouTube in Malaysia and the findings are interesting to say the least, with Malaysians embracing what the little red button has to offer on their phones and notebooks with rather ardent interest. 

Jon Day from YouTube

Jon Day, CMO for YouTube Malaysia sharing insights on YouTube viewing habits in Malaysia

To gain a fair slice of Malaysian demographics, the commissioned study was conducted across a sample size of 1,000 respondents, with equal representation across genders and across 14 states in Malaysia with a gamut of internet usage appetites from low to high.

YouTube Malaysia demographics

Rather than age, the study for YouTube in Malaysia divided respondents into 4 different life stages – Young Professionals which comprise of bachelors and bachelorettes, Young Couples, Parents with Young Children and Parents with Older Children. As you’d likely surmise video consumption patterns and what you watch change as you advance along in life with later life stages viewing considerably more how-to and self-learning videos. What remains consistent across all life stages though is entertainment consumption though it tends to vary based on each individual.

In the study, 70% of respondents regardless of their stage in life used YouTube every day. That means rain or shine, most Malaysians would press that little red button with the arrow on it. Oddly enough, 79% of fathers and 63% of mothers also use YouTube everyday.

While you’d reckon that there’d be a rural and urban divide, that isn’t as much of a case with  73% of urban users and 54% of rural users tune in daily to YouTube in Malaysia, which is quite an impressive figure. Out of the survey, almost 80% of respondents, that’s 4-in-5 consider YouTube as their first port of call when looking for videos of any sort. Pretty interesting figures that prove Malaysians are a pretty tech savvy lot indeed.

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