YES lauded for best 4G LTE speed and availability in Malaysia by OpenSignal

YES lauded for best 4G LTE speed and availability in Malaysia by OpenSignal

The YES YTL 4G network has grown by leaps and bounds since it launched in Malaysia in 2010 though they’ve scored a notable hat trick coming into 2018 as they have just been recognised by OpenSignal, a renowned independent authority for testing mobile network performance, to have  the fastest overall network speed with the best 4G network ability in Malaysia.

From left: Mr Wing K Lee, CEO and Mr. Ali Tabassi, COO of YTL Communications

In a series of tests that were shared in OpenSignal’s report, YTL Communications’ 4G mobile brand enjoyed significantly better connectivity with Yes subscribers able to connect to a 4G LTE signal 93.2% of the time which exceeds Malaysia’s other main telco operators by a significant margin and its nearest competitor by 13%.

For overall download speeds, YES exceeded other Malaysia service providers in terms of average download speed which also exceeded the global average 4G LTE download speed of 16.6Mbps at an impressive 19.3Mbps. The fact that YES’ mobile plans which eschew time-based usage buckets for data and which encourage greater data utilisation in subscribers makes it quite an achievement.

OpenSignal’s testing methodology includes over a billion data points culled from 75,288 real world smartphone users in Malaysia to ensure an unbiased and independent network quality benchmark.

At YES, we strive to give our customers an amazing experience at all times, whether they are surfing at world-class 4G LTE speed, or making crystal clear VoLTE calls. For our network to be recognised by OpenSignal is a testimony to our vision and hard work towards building Malaysia’s largest all-4G network to bring about a better Internet for all.  This acknowledgement is not only rewarding for us, but also comes at a fitting time as Malaysians are increasingly relying on mobile Internet to live, work learn and play. Availability of 4G signal and fast download speed will be the key differentiators going forward,” said Mr. Wing K Lee, CEO of YTL Communications.

The download speeds of the Yes 4G network demonstrated on a Samsung Galaxy Note8 which offered a blazing fast 125.06Mbps download speed and 13.09Mbps upload speeds and a ping of 17MS.

To date, YES is Malaysia’s largest all-4G, all-IP network and has invested significantly in their infrastructure with 5,000 base stations and 85% population coverage nationwide and counting. YES has also won a number of other accolades including ‘Most Innovative Voice Service’ from Telecom Asia Awards 2017, for being the first in Malaysia to provide nationwide VoLTE. To get an up-close look at the report in its entirety, you can swing by

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