The Westworld experience is coming to Malaysia!

The Westworld experience is coming to Malaysia!

Westworld season 2 is about to arrive in Malaysia soon at the same time as its US debut on April 23 at 9.00AM in the morning on HBO (Astro Channel 411/ HD 431) where everything teased in the trailer will be gradually revealed over the course of the season. If you can’t wait, you can enjoy the experience in the flesh, so to speak,  as HBO Asia and Astro will be bringing in a Westworld experience event to Malaysia!

The experiential event will take place at the Blue Concourse at the Sunway Pyramid mall from 18 to 29 April 2018 and will have a ton of Westworld-themed activities including a virtual reality experience shipped straight from the States.

You’ll be greeted by a white suited host much like any regular visitor wordpress to Westworld. From there, you’ll don a set of VR goggles and then get to choose how your experience plays out by choosing whether you wear a black hat or white hat, your outfit and your weapon of choice. You can then embark on a range of short activities in a series of minigames including plinking away at a shooting range or a showdown with another host.

Visitors to the Westworld experience event can also other activities aside from the VR experience like a photobooth, a ring toss game and more. The Westworld VR experience  is free to play and is open to all visitors from Monday to Thursday and exclusively for pre-registered Astro subscribers from Friday to Sunday. For more details swing by

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