Western Digital debuts My Cloud Home, Sandisk iXpand Base and a humongous 400GB microSD card

Western Digital debuts My Cloud Home, Sandisk iXpand Base and a humongous 400GB microSD card

Western Digital wants to innovate the way people use and enjoy content on their devices to new heights as they’ve launched an innovative array of storage media across the range in the form of their My Cloud Home, the SanDisk iXpand Base and the massive 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHD-I card in Malaysia.

Resembling a chunky paperback novel, the sixth generation incarnation of their My Cloud Home is a personal cloud storage solution that lets users plonk all their data – pics, movies, files and more – into one central place and share it with friends and family in a beguilingly easy fashion. The My Cloud Home plugs into your Wi-Fi router and after setting up your account, you’re able to automatically back up content on your phone and pipe it to any other device as you so desire.  The My Cloud Home ships in 2TB (RM739), 3TB (RM839), 4TB (RM1,059), 6TB (RM1,459) and 8TB (RM1,799) capacities and works with both Mac and Windows platforms alike.

The SanDisk iXpand Base is about the shape of a cuboid hockey puck that works to both backup and charge your iPhone. The iXpand Base comes in capacities up to 256GB and has a pass-through Lightning cable so you can hook up your iPhone and charge it with 15W of power. At the same time, it also backs up your photos, videos and content on the phone with minimal intervention on your part. The iXpand Base is available nationwide at Apple Premium reseller stores, 11street, Lazada and Shopee at RM369 for the 64GB variant, RM529 for the 128GB variant and RM899 for the 256GB variant.

The smallest offering showcased today, the 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDCX UHD-I card is, to date, the card with the world’s highest storage capacity currently in production and can massively augment the storage capacity of any phone or slate you put it in. Read and write speeds are respectably snappy at 100MB/s which works out to 1,200 pictures tranferred in a minute with the card’s A1 rating ensuring that apps also load in a similarly swift fashion. The card can be acquired from 11street, Lazada and Shopee from December onwards for RM1,499. For more details on Western Digital’s new products swing by www.wdc.com and www.sandisk.com

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