Waze tells you when to start your drive this coming holiday season

Waze tells you when to start your drive this coming holiday season

It’s that time of year again when everyone  has to brave the jam on our highways to make it back home in time for Christmas and the New Year. Unless you go inordinately early or incredibly late, odds are you’ll have to tough it out with everyone else in a bumper to bumper crawl back to wherever you call home. Fortunately, Waze is able to save you the effort as they’ve just released a schedule of the best times to travel in Malaysia ahead of the coming holiday season.

Rather than relying on guesswork and an Ouija board, Waze has a vast database to crunch the numbers on to find out the best times with the least traffic to travel in Malaysia for the coming holiday season. In this case, they’ve used the statistics from 2016 for this years predictions and they’re rather interesting indeed. You can check out the table below for the details.

According to Waze, traffic conditions will go downhill on Friday 22 December between 1PM and 3PM and will be the worst day to travel. Waze has also predicted the top 5 states that will see a spike in traffic during the year-end holiday period so that you can adjust your timing accordingly. Interestingly enough, Malacca is predicted to see a 1.3x increase in traffic followed by Perak, Kuala Terengganu and Sarawak which will see 1.2x more than normal traffic.

Rather than having to constantly refer to the table, you can optionally use Waze’s Planned Drive function that will help you get a route planned up that avoids the aforementioned peak times to get you home.

Here’s how to access it in Waze:

1) Tap the Menu .
2) Tap on the Planned tab.
3) Tap the plan icon to add a drive.
4) Search for your destination in the Search bar .
5) Choose the time and date at which you’d like to arrive to your destination and then tap Save.
6) Once you’ve set a future drive, you’ll see it appear in the Menu panel under Planned. You can also choose a more convenient route and avoid high traffic areas.

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