Be Unbeaten competition rewards ten lucky winners spanking new Galaxy S10 phones

Be Unbeaten competition rewards ten lucky winners spanking new Galaxy S10 phones

If you took a course in meteorology, the last few days would have paid off handsomely as Samsung Malaysia announced their grand Be Unbeaten campaign that took things to whole new heights in a literal fashion in more ways than one. On top of holding their campaign at the highest resort in Malaysia, they launched ten Galaxy S10 phones into the air and asked the public to predict where they would land – ten lucky and skilled winners did so and walked away with a Galaxy S10.

Mr Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics said,”One purpose of this Be Unbeaten campaign was to show the world what the Galaxy S10 is capable of, especially in terms of taking pro-grade photos. Beautiful images of the earth have been taken with the phones and it goes to show that the outstanding camera on the Galaxy S10 can capture and record just about any stunt, even up in space! But the bigger picture we wanted to achieve was to inspire people to realise that they are capable of doing what seems like the impossible. For one, these winners were able to pinpoint the S10 units’ landing spots with unreal accuracy. Congratulations to our winners, we believe that your new smartphone will take you to greater heights and help you do what you can’t!

Picture 1 - Winner Ang Li Ern

The winners who were conferred their prize at the Samsung Galaxy S10 roadshow at Midvalley Megamall were ecstatic. “This is my first time ever hearing about this sort of contest. After finding out about it through Jenn Chia’s Instagram story, I spent about 4 hours trying to pinpoint the right landing location using Google Maps,” said Ang Li Ern, one of the ten winners.

Another winner Arisha binti Mohd Adnan , said  “I never expected to be one of the winners, so you can imagine my excitement right now. Ever since its launch, I really wanted to be an owner of the new Galaxy S10, which is why I took part in this contest. It took me a couple of hours to come up with my final answer via Google Maps, and I did it on the last day of the contest!”. To find out more about the epic Be Unbeaten campaign, swing by

Picture 2 - Winner Arisha binti Mohd Adnan

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