Thousand Hands mobile app offers a helping hand on demand

Thousand Hands mobile app offers a helping hand on demand

Finding a talented tradesman that can help you out of a pickle like a busted air conditioner, a wonky fridge or stuck plumbing on short notice is a hazard fraught proposition. Most users usually opt for word of mouth and by and large, it works most of the time until Murphy’s Law strikes and your preferred tradesman is out of town or unavailable which is a problem . And even when they do come a-calling, you may not necessarily get the preferred ‘buddy’ rate. Enter the Thousand Hands app that was officially launched at the Malaysia IT Fair yesterday at Midvalley Megamall.

Thousand Hands stage launch

Essentially, Thousands Hands is a free downloadable app that acts as an online services marketplace. Providers that offer services be it companies or individual skilled tradesmen can list the services they offer online ranging from skilled trades like wordpress  plumbing, house painting and electrical services all the way to more mundane tasks like delivery men, someone to wait in a queue for you or a shopping assistant.

People who need a job done simply fire up the app and then list what services they need along with what price range they are willing to pay to have it done. Once the post is up, interested service providers can bid on to take on the service. The customer who commissioned the job can then pick and choose based on the list of service providers who have pitched for the job. Payment is handled by e-Wallet by Boost which is owned by Axiata Digital and the app takes a small cut of the transaction. The Thousand Hands app is free to download and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. For more details swing by


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