The honor View 10 is the best gaming smartphone you can buy. Here’s why

The honor View 10 is the best gaming smartphone you can buy. Here’s why

Mention mobile smartphone gaming to someone and you’ll most like conjure up mental images of a host of casual games that involve simple match-three puzzlers. The best games available like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Mobile Combat Versus are much more engrossing than that though they also require significant hardware for you to enjoy at their full potential. Unfortunately, they also happen to cost a significant wad of cash though there is an alternative that costs half of what the leading flagship phones cost today without any compromise in performance. Enter the honor View 10.

When it first debuted earlier this year, it retailed at a very reasonable RM2,099. Just recently, it has been repriced lower to a mind bogglingly low RM1,899. For your money, you’re getting a smartphone with specifications that match the best of today’s top-tier phones.

The honor View 10 has a huge 5.99-inch display, a Kirin 970 processor and a unique Game Suite mode to ensure a superb gaming experience

The honor View 10 has a huge 5.99-inch display, a Kirin 970 processor and a unique Game Suite mode to ensure a superb gaming experience

For RM1,899, you’re getting specifications that match and even surpass this year’s flagship phones in the honor View 10. That’s not all. The honor View 10 has also been recognised as the official phone for a number of leading games that include Final Fantasy: Awakening, Mobile Combat Versus and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Not only will these games run better, faster and smoother on the View 10, the substantial hardware on the phone makes running almost any other game currently available a superb experience.

When playing Player Unknown Battleground, one of the most demanding games in the market today, the honor View 10 is able to offer exceptionally smooth gameplay at high settings along with almost any other game currently on the Google Play store.

In fact, it was even used as the official gaming device for the recently concluded honor Mobile Combat Versus International Series 2018 tournament in Paris, France, which is quite an achievement indeed. While it has a tempting price tag, amazing hardware and official recognition, there’s more under the hood of what makes the honor View 10 one of the best gaming and affordable phones that money can buy. Here’s why:

Gaming options aplenty on the honor View 10

Depending on your tastes there’s something for everyone these days on the Google Play store that you can play on the honor View 10. Looking for an immersive RPG with seriously good writing? You can’t get better than Planescape: Torment or Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. Need an intensive first person shooter that tests your trigger finger and your keen eye? Modern Combat Versus or Hitman: Sniper are right up your alley.

Seeking a healthy dose of action and team-based gaming? MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or PUBG Mobile just the thing to get your adrenaline flowing. Need something a bit more relaxed? Clash Royale and Final Fantasy: Awakening may just be more your speed. There’s enough breadth and depth on the Google Play store now that you won’t be left wanting for games.

That huge 5.99-inch FHD+ display on the View 10

It goes without saying that the bigger and sharper the display on your phone, the better the gaming experience. Most games are played landscape style and feature a control scheme that has you parking your thumbs on the left side for movement and the right side for special abilities or attacks much like FPS Modern Combat Versus and MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A bigger screen means you get to see more of the battlefield minus what your digits are covering.

honor View 10 with Mobile Legends

As a rule of thumb (pardon the pun), you ought to be aiming for a display that’s at least 5-inches and up and at least Full HD resolution for optimum results.

Some phones have the size you need but not the resolution with many budget phones coming with 5-inch screens and up but 720P or lower resolution displays. It’s still playable, mind, but you will see less detail onscreen and it makes for a far less enjoyable gaming experience.

The highest end flagship phones serendipitously come with displays that are larger than 5-inches and many even come with sharper than Full HD resolution. Offerings like the honor View 10 are ideal for gaming as it has a 5.99-inch touchscreen with a rectangular 18:9 aspect ratio and a better than Full HD resolution at 2,160 x 1080 pixels.

With a screen this large and crisp, the honor View 10 offers better situational awareness and a decisive edge especially if you’re playing the aforementioned multiplayer games like Mobile Legends.

Honor View 10: Powerful Kirin 970 processor, generous storage and more

When wordpress you’re shopping for an Android phone intended for gaming, you’ll want to spring out for the best specifications in your prospective phone that you can afford. In general, this means getting a good processor and as much RAM and storage as possible.

The nuances of how all this hardware interact to offer a better gaming experience are outside of the scope of this article but suffice to say, you get what you pay for and the higher the specifications of your Android phone, the better, faster and smoother your gaming experience will be.

The less time spent on the loading screen and the smoother your gameplay, the higher your win ratio will naturally be. The more storage you have, the more games you can store on your phone. Of course, a good internet or wifi connection is also a given.

Fortunately, the honor View 10 comes with an impressive array of specifications worthy of any flagship phone. For a price tag that’s significantly lower than many mainstream flagships at RM1,899, the View 10 has a top-shelf Kirin 970 octacore processor that has a built-in neural processing unit (NPU) , a whopping 6GB RAM and 128GB of expandable storage.  

That’s not even counting the rear dual camera array that integrates a 16-MP f/1.8 colour camera with a 20-MP mono camera too. All this hardware can match and in several cases even surpass some of the leading phones in the market today.

Huge battery for hours of gaming

Perhaps the most important feature in an Android gaming phone is its endurance when you’re racking up wins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or another game.

The act of gaming on a phone is a demanding one that drains battery life faster than water evaporating in a desert as it requires the processor to often go at it full tilt while the display gets a workout as it has to constantly refresh the graphics onscreen.

Needless to say, the more battery life you have in terms of milliampere hours (mAh), the better. Fortunately, the honor View 10 is armed for bear with a huge 3,750mAh battery that allows for an impressive 5.5 hours of gaming, 23 hours of 3G talk time or about 21 hours of 4G web browsing.

Even better, the honor View 10 enjoys 5V/4.5A honor SuperCharge tech to let you charge up the battery even when it’s dry in just a couple of hours so you can immediately get back into the game.

The honor View 10’s decisive edge – intuitive A.I

Having impressive specifications are just one part of the equation for an ideal gaming phone. Many of the latest Android gaming phones one-up the competition by unique gaming-optimised modes that enhance performance and temporarily remove interruptions to your gaming.

The honor View 10 is one such phone. Its Kirin 970 octacore processor is currently one of the most powerful mobile processors in the market. Where it stands out from the norm is the inclusion of a special integrated module dubbed Neural-network Processing Unit (NPU) that has a dedicated A.I that helps to perform a number of tasks on your phone.

Its biggest party trick is impressive object recognition via the View 10’s cameras, enabling the phone to optimise the right settings to take the best quality images depending on what you’re shooting at be it a fast-moving sports scene or even a food shot.

The View 10’s A.I has a more practical function though as it works in the background to anticipate and preempt the user by allocating resources and optimise both memory and battery usage towards important tasks. This means that the phone will run as fast and as smooth as the day you’ve got it.

This impressive hardware works in tandem with the View 10’s Game Suite mode that lets you directly tweak settings to maximise performance or extend battery life as the situation demands.

Most important of all, it also ensures incoming calls or an inadvertently pressed button doesn’t interrupt your win streak. The end result is a power-packed gaming phone that won’t let you down when you need it the most and which has enough endurance to match you every step of the way.

honor View 10 – Performance meets Value

The honor View 10 is a rare example of a smartphone that blends top-tier specifications ideal for gaming combined with an RM1,899 price tag that makes it one of the most affordable flagship phones in the market.

The end result is a power-packed gaming phone that won’t let you down when you need it the most and which has enough endurance to match you every step of the way. The honor View 10 is available at authorised retailers nationwide and online too at

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