Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher drops by Ghost Recon Wildlands

Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher drops by Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you’ve been hankering for an appearance featuring everyone’s favourite steely-eyed spook, you’re in luck as the eponymous Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell series will be making an appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands as part of their Special Operation 1 update on the PC , Xbox One and PS4 .

As part of the Special Operation 1 update, there will be a mission featuring Sam Fisher that will be a permanent addition to the game and will have you working side by side with him in a night time infiltration mission that can be played solo or with up to four other players in co-op.

The plot is classic Splinter Cell fare as a rogue CIA agent attempts to make off with secrets from Langley and sell them to the Cartel. Naturally, letting those secrets go isn’t an option which is where Fisher enters the picture. Of note is that they’ve gotten his voice actor Michael Ironside to handle the voice acting, which should please longtime fans.
If you complete the mission before May 16, you can get a series of in-game rewards including Sam Fisher’s iconic green-hued sonar goggles and more.

The update for Ghost Recon Wildlands also adds in a new PVP character classes dubbed the Echelon Agent that has access to many of the same high tech toys that he does as well as new gear for your other agents including a Karambit and the SC4000 prototype rifle.

The Echelon class is available for those with the Year 2 pass or you can pony up and acquire it with Prestige points. Other new features with the update include a new Sabotage mode that comes with five unique maps. For more details on the update for Ghost Recon Wildlands swing by Ubisoft’s page here.


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