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Sony’s latest ultra fast full-frame mirrorless camera is a photographer’s delight

Sony’s latest ultra fast full-frame mirrorless camera is a photographer’s delight

Sony’s next-gen camera dubbed the α9 has just arrived in Malaysia and has, crammed within its modestly sized casing some of the most powerful tech that has ever come out of their R&D labs. To date, the Sony α9 has the distinction of possessing the world’s first full-frame stacked 35mm CMOS sensor which clocks in at 24.2-MP resolution.

The host of tech it packs under the hood enables it to perform what would have in ways that would have been considered daunting for most current day DSLRs. At full tilt with the shutter release hammered down, the α9 is able to capture snaps at 20fps at up to 362 JPEGS or 241 RAW snaps at a time along with luscious 4K video. What is truly impressive is that it does this in an absolutely whisper silent manner without a single peep nor with any shaking whatsoever at speeds of up to 1/32,000 seconds.

Shots are absolutely judder free too on account of 5-axis in-body image stabilisation and the α9 ensures shots are crisp even if the subject is moving fast on account of a whopping 693 point focal plane phase detection autofocus points that cover almost 93% of the frame. The word: it’s blazing fast.

Shots and video are framed via the rear tiltable display or via 3,686k dot quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder which sports a Zeiss T coating to minimise reflections. Bearing in mind the needs of professional photographers, the α9 has added endurance as it supports what they call a Z battery that has about double the capacity of existing W-class batteries as well as dual SD media card slots that support UHS-II cards.

In shots of ice hockey players and ice skaters prancing about at high speed at a recent media launch, the α9 was terrifyingly powerful and impressive though it has a price tag to match. The body of the α9 retails for RM21,799 and that’s not counting the lenses so if you’re keen you’d best start saving up now. In the meantime, feel free to ogle shots that we took with the α9. Several were cropped for clarity and focus but are otherwise untampered with.


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