Samsung’s new Flip board takes presentations to the next level

Samsung’s new Flip board takes presentations to the next level

Walk into any office and you’ll inevitably encounter that mainstay of group meetings and office huddles – the whiteboard – that has been in use for time immemorial. While it’s hard to improve on a classic, Samsung has rolled out an upgrade to the age-old whiteboard that’s the proverbial equivalent of a modern day jet compared to the Wright Brother’s Kitty Hawk. Enter the aptly named Flip flip chart display.

Showcased at CES 2018, the Flip WM55H  is a 55-inch UHD touchscreen on rollers that lets you do everything a flip chart can do – draw stuff, notes and whatnot – and dials it up to eleven. The digital display allows up to four different users jotting away onscreen at the same time with their fingers or with a provided stylus. Deleting typos and erroneous doodles is done by simply swiping your palm onscreen.

The board saves up to 20 pages worth of scribbles onscreen on an integrated 8GB storage drive that can then be piped over wirelessly to other participants via Wi-Fi to PCs, phones, tablets and the like and vice versa. This effectively allows users to see what’s being mirrored onscreen on the board which allows for quite a few creative options if you need to show a presentation to more people than just what the average boardroom will hold. Expositions can go beyond what you draw onscreen and you can potentially insert images, video clips and whatnot to make for a content rich presentation.

Running under the hood is Samsung’s own Tizen 3.0 OS that powers their Smart TVs which ought to make it relatively easy to navigate and the display itself can be rotated at will to either a portrait or landscape orientation as needed.

Content can also be saved to a flash drive or another source. More importantly, it locks everything down tight with passwords so only the right people get to see what you’ve scrawled. The Flip is slated to arrive soon in the U.S and Europe though local availability and price haven’t been finalised as yet.

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