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Samsung’s latest microwave oven has a setting to cook Malaysian rendang!

Samsung’s latest microwave oven has a setting to cook Malaysian rendang!

Granted, the lads in the office are certainly a few steps short of the likes of Gordon Ramsay much less whatever mum can whip up in the kitchen and have barely gotten past fried eggs and instant noodles on the culinary competency scale but Samsung’s latest all-in-one microwave may just make home meals vastly more appealing (and edible).

With the touch of a button, Samsung’s latest microwave oven is able to cook up a selection of traditional Malaysian favourites via preprogrammed menu options and it is even able to tackle such nightmarishly challenging Malaysian favourites like chicken or beef rendang! Once you’ve prepared the chook or bovine along with all the  necessary ingredients, you bung it into a casserole, press ‘Malaysia Menu 1’ on the screen and voila! Tasty bachelor dining that isn’t a pizza or a Subway. Other interesting Malaysia Menu options include ‘Salted Vegetables & Beef Tenderloin’ (Menu no. 7),  Grilled Mackerel (Menu no. 2), Hot Chocolate Cake (Menu no. 14) so it ought to cover everything from entrees to dessert.

The new range of microwave ovens also sport their new ‘Slim Fry’ mode that helps fry stuff with minimal oil while the Healthy Steam function helps to prepare steamed grub in a jiffy. The new range of Samsung microwave ovens also have what they call Hot Blast tech so that food remains juicy and moist on the inside while having a crispy, crunchy skin on the outside. Samsung’s new range of microwave ovens retail from between RM299 to RM1,499. For more details swing by

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