Samsung’s latest home appliances aim to make life a lot easier

Samsung’s latest home appliances aim to make life a lot easier

Home appliances may look like a cut and dried affair that have a glacial pace of technological innovation but Samsung’s latest line-up of home appliances happen to ramp things up a notch as they feature immensely practical features optimised for use in Malaysia that not only help to save time but make life quite a bit easier too. Individually, they’re rather spiffy pieces of kit but used en masse, they’re able to shave off loads of time and save you cash too.

Addwash washing machine

In terms of washing machines, Samsung’s front-load washer dubbed the AddWash has a handy port up front that lets you throw in small items of clothing even in the middle of a wash cycle without having to reboot the whole machine and start from scratch. It also sports their Eco Bubble tech that creates an ultra fine spray of bubbles from the detergent you use for more robust cleaning. There’s also an Activ Dualwash top loading washing machine that has a nifty looking top tray which has an integrated water jet to allow you to pre-treat and handwash more challengingly stained clothing by hand before you toss it in the machine itself. The best part? It’s at waist height so you needn’t have to bend over to get the job done.

If you’re needing something to keep your floors clean, they have a robot POWERbot vacuum cleaner that can quite capably map your home layout and keep it dust free on its own so you can focus on other more important stuff like catching up on some shuteye. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, you can take a gander at their CycloneForce vacuum that has an Anti-tangle turbine that helps effectively address long threads, hair or other things that can potentially jam it.

Samsung even has a couple of solutions that help to address Malaysia’s inveterately temperamental weather that veers from blazing hot to the occasional smog-laden mess. Their own take on an air purifier incorporates smart sensors that automatically monitor real time air quality and adjusts itself as needed with a direct digital readout so you can see the amount of dust particles and contaminants in the immediate area of your home. Their somewhat wordily appellated Inverter Triangle 8-Pole Air-Conditioner has a bunch of tech that cools a room faster and cheaper too as it wastes less juice on account on an energy-efficient digital inverter whilst their built-in filter has an antibacterial coating that’s easy to remove for cleaning.

In the kitchen, Samsung also has a rather novel Hotblast Smart Oven that also has two exceptional abilities that help to save on space and time. It’s able to fry stuff without needing buckets of oil via their Slim Fry tech and it’s also able to steam food too with a customised glass container. Better yet, it also has a ceramic coated interior that’s darned easy to clean too that’s able to repel the vast majority of bacteria that can cause a potential upset. You can check out how all these Samsung home appliances can save you time and effort on

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