Samsung’s Joy of Prosperity promotion offers home appliances deals aplenty

Samsung’s Joy of Prosperity promotion offers home appliances deals aplenty

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and with it comes the usual deluge of spring cleaning to welcome in the new year. Rather than having to put your nose to the grindstone and run through all those chores, Samsung has rolled out a selection of  smart home appliances to address the top three things you have to do ensure a prosperous new year and awesome bargains too via their Joy of Prosperity campaign.

Each of Samsung’s examples of home kit aim to give you a tech-enhanced edge to make all that house work an absolute doddle and if you hustle, you can take advantage of their Joy of Prosperity Campaign that runs from now until 28 February 2018 where you can buy some of the aforementioned examples of top-shelf home kit and score freebies and discounts in the bargain too. If you’re keen to check out every deal in detail, you can download their catalogue here.



New Year, New Clothes (and Curtains too)

When Chinese New Year rolls around, you need a new pair of duds and, if you’re staying in a home of any size, a good wash for all the house linen. Yes, that includes the curtains too. Unless you have plenty of time (and several buckets of detergent and hopefully a sunny day, or two) on your hands, you’re going to have to wash them all yourself.

Fortunately, Samsung’s FlexWash washing machine (RM8,499) integrates two washers so you can get everything done and sorted in-house without having to waste time at a laundromat.  The FlexWash front-loader also has a couple of extra tricks up its sleeve. For starters, a port in front lets you toss in the odd extra item or two in the wash without having to restart the whole thing again. It also has their EcoBubble tech generates suds for a deeper, cleaner wash.

If you’re one to avoid the vagaries of the weather, you can opt for their Front Load Washer/Dryer (RM6,299) that lets you wash your loads and dry them too. The Samsung Front Load Washer/Dryer also has AirWash tech that helps dry clothes effectively be it rain or shine.  If you snag the Samsung FlexWash or Front Load Washer/Dryer, they’ll even throw in the POWERstick vacuum on the house along with a pillow/blanket combo to snooze in between chores!


Powering through the New Year with a Clean House

Granted, everyone wants to power through a year at full speed with nary an obstacle in the way. First things first though, you have to make sure your own place doesn’t have obstacles, dirt and whatnot underfoot which is where Samsung’s POWERstick vacuum cleaner (RM859) comes in to the picture. It’s a hand hoover but has a beefed up motor for better suction and a brush that helps pick up all manner of crud off the floor. The best part is that it has a built-in battery for 40 minutes of hoovering so you can target spots away from the mains.

Of course if you’re the one to take a hands-off approach on things you can opt for the Samsung’s POWERbot robot vacuum (from RM2,799) that intelligently maps your home layout, cleans dust and dirt off the floor on its own and remembers its route so it can clean it better. If you buy either the POWERbot robot vacuum or POWERstick on its own, they’ll throw in a free umbrella and blanket/pillow combo on the house worth RM89 too.


Ringing in the New Year with a View to Remember

The Chinese New Year of yesteryear was once filled with enough firecrackers to light up half of town in a furious exploding crimson cascade of red confetti. Those days are long gone but you can still live it up with the next best thing that’s just as, if not even louder, and without your neighbours complaining either as you can bung in their wireless Sound+ Soundbar HW-MS550 (RM1,599 but RM1,099 with any Samsung TV) to (metaphorically) bring the house down. This longish, rectangular affair crams in a built-in wide-range tweeter and an array of drivers to give up vividly authentic virtual surround sound.

Naturally, all that sound will need visuals that will do it justice which is where their range of curved QLED TVs(from RM22,999) come into the picture. The curved aspect offers an exceptional immersive experience and their Quantum dot tech ensures colours are luscious and lifelike onscreen. If you score their top-shelf 75-inch QLED TV during the promotion period, you’ll also get, throw in on the house, a stonkingly good Ogawa wellness set that consists of a hand massager, foot massager and massage chair worth RM13,096 too throw in on the house. Quite a deal, that.

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