Samsung’s new slim NW700+ soundbar packs a built-in subwoofer and more

Samsung’s new slim NW700+ soundbar packs a built-in subwoofer and more

As CES 2018 rolls around, Samsung will showcase their latest AV offerings which usually involves their QLED TVs as well as other associated kit. While all eyes are on their tellies, the first offering they’ve unveiled is their new NW700+ soundbar.

The NW700+ soundbar is a rectangular shaped offering that’s specifically designed to perch in an unobtrusive manner under a wall-mounted TV. As you’d likely surmise, it’s wall mountable as well and has a slim, flat profile to mesh with Samsung’s slim QLED TVs. The NW700+ is 41% shallower than its immediate predecessor the MS650 Sound+ at 53.5mm thin. Belying its slim dimensions the NW700+ manages to cram in a subwoofer into the chassis so you can ditch the usual boxy external subwoofers.

Of note is the inclusion of distortion-cancelling tech from their labs in Valencia, California which dynamically predicts distortion on account of speaker movement and adjusting to eliminate it The soundbar also incorporates three sound modes that include Standard Mode, a Surround Mode to generate a modicum of virtual surround sound and a nifty Smart Mode that adjusts volume and surround sound effects based on what content you’re enjoying.

The NW700+ offers wi-fi streaming and wireless connectivity to Samsung TVs of recent vintage though other details, including prices and availability in Malaysia are unavailable as yet.


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